Friday, November 30, 2012

UPDATE:  The city has now posted the larger package provided to the commissioners.  Starting on page 9 we see a lease proposing renting space to Filamon Vela.  See

There is no reference to a rate.  So what we know for sure is, it was all lies that Tony Martinez had already signed a lease.  We will not learn the terms of the lease until after the negotiations.  I know it is crazy of me, but I will form an opinion after I know all of the facts - not lies.

Brownsville will not be the first city to provide space to a congressman.  The theory is if the congressman makes his main field office in Brownsville, it will give our elected officials better access to him.  His official schedule (meaning Congress in session) will have him in Washington only 126 days in 2013.  The remainder of the days have him in his district, travelling on official business, or in Washington doing committee work (during this time Congress will not be in session).

Brownsville is  free to say no.  And then Filamon Vela can rent space in Harlingen's city hall for his main office.  Depending on a variety of variables each congressman receives about $250,000 to $275,000 a year for rent and office management.  Employee salaries and benefits are separate.  Vela's district is very large in terms of space.  Cities and communities will be offering him discounted space just so they can have an office in their  community.

But like I said, Brownsville is  free to say no - we don't want it.



Consultation with attorney regarding real estate matters including potential Lease of City

property pursuant to Sections 551.071 and 551.072, of the Texas Government Code. (John E.

Chosy – Assistant City Attorney – 15 min)"

I have no idea what the matter concerns, but considering all the nonsense on the internet about secret leases and renovations, this part of Tuesday's  city commission meeting seems newsworthy.


Anonymous said...

Is it not to the city's advantage to rent space to the congressman? By doing so they will increase the demand for office in the building. Who would not want to have their office next to a congressman?

For sure, I would want my office right next to his.

BobbyWC said...

The city brings in a small fortune in federal grants an federal money - the potential payoff to the city is enormous - but people who celebrate their ignorance as a birth right never seem to understand such simply things

Bobby WC