Thursday, November 29, 2012


My regular readers know I have not been very kind about Chinese food in Brownsville. I was very surprised to see this place had Mongolian pork. It was awesome. The wonton soup is also very good. The egg rolls were not very good - one bite was enough. They were beef.  I never had beef egg rolls before.  The service was excellent. My friend said everything he tried was very good.

We did the buffet not realizing they had a regular menu.  Next time I will order from the menu.  They have a lot of my favorite pork dishes.  If the other pork dishes are as good as the Mongolian pork, I will be eating there on a regular basis.

I give this place a very high recommendation for Chinese food.  My friend tried the craw fish and frog legs.  It was a first for him.  He liked them.  The menu is similar but  different than the other buffets in town. 

Once I got hooked on the Mongolian pork I never  tried anything else.

They are located in the Walmart shopping center on Boca Chica.


Anonymous said...

It supprises me they would not use ground pork in the egg rolls. It's cheaper and if anybody has any experience with chinese ownership, it's all about stretching the dollar. I'll email you a recipe for a stuffed shrimp (Rangoon) that will blow your mind! I was taught first hand by a retired chinese restaurant owner from St. Louis, Ms.

BobbyWC said...

in Brownsville this was the first time I saw a pork dish on the buffet - one owner told me there are a lot of Chinese muslims in the area and that this is why they do not use pork - but her the pork was amazing - I actually prefer a good veggi egg roll - although a place in dallas make the shrimp egg roll with the tail sticking out - they are very good - I love eating shrimp tails - most people find it odd - but they taste awesome

bobby WC

Anonymous said...

Food was okay, not great!

BobbyWC said...

the reason I like your comment is, it goes to taste - I hate when people say NY pizza is the best - it is - but maybe not to everyone - we all have different taste buds - and likes and dislikes - I only tried three things - the egg roll I did not like - but the mongolian beef and wonton soup were awesome

But people need to rememer we do not all have the same taste buds and likes and dislikes

Thanks for the comment

Bobby WC