Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Brownsville Plan D Mod ltr _2_


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"This map proposes slight changes to District 1 and 2 but overall maintains the boundaries between District 1 and 2 at Boca Chica Boulevard. District 3 and 4 have some major changes in the boundaries including District 4 taking everything west of Expressway 83 and South of Alton Gloor Boulevard. La Lomita and La Galaxia were added to District 3 because of overpopulation if that area was left in District 4. Under Federal Law the deviation amongst all district must be no more that 10% and this plan would be 9.5%." (Source:  COB Press Release)
The breakdown by district will be as follows:

District 1:  43,748
District 2:  45,183
District 3:  40,968
District 4:  45,124


The great tragedy about the internet is, unlike the printing press which expanded knowledge, the internet has spread ignorance.  While there is no doubt the internet is a great source of knowledge, unfortunately its users prefer fiction, lies, deception, hate and ignorance.  This is so, so sad.

Melissa Zamora is not running for reelection or for District Clerk.  I have known this for some time, but respected her decision to not make it known until she was ready.  This is a sad announcement for Brownsville because she is the only truly independent voice on the COB City Commission.  Yes, she has had missteps - but we cannot all be perfect drunks, misogynist pathological liars, and wannabes who endlessly repeats every one's else lies and defamation.


BobbyWC said...

Really? You think I am going to post through your vulgarities and defamation?

Facts matter because you cannot first break down a problem and then fix it without facts.

When someone runs for public office they open themselves to discussion - but we must also remember that the discussion impacts not only the public figure but also their family.

There are a lot of great people who would serve Brownsville and Cameron county well, but who will not run for public office because they do not want their family to suffer through the lies and defamation.

When people mess up and the facts - not rumors - prove it - then have at it - the discussion is open - but to simply defame people - lie about people - lie about people's ambitions for no better reason than sport makes you pathetic.

The good news is, there are plenty of places in Brownsville to play this game on line - so have at it - but the BV deals in facts not rumors, not hate - not made up facts based on how much I am being paid.

Bobby WC

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Thank you for being a true advocate for Brownsville!

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Bravo Bobby!

Anonymous said...

Well said Bobby!!

Anonymous said...

We need fresh blood. I certainly hope that young man that ran for Congress with all the jobs experience decides to run again for something.