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I want to make clear, I am not talking about the people, I am talking about the politicos - which means the candidates, office holders, and their lemming supporters. Brownsville is effectively without a mayor. Could you imagine Tony Martinez having the courage to use his role as mayor to do something about the poor state of affairs concerning Brownsville’s lack of an educational infrastructure. If you want to know why San Antonio Mayor Julian Castro will be our next governor read the article below. This is leadership, vision, honor, and integrity. Julian Castro is about community first - something Tony Martinez could never even conceive of.

The politicos of Brownsville and Cameron county are like syphilis on the brain - their sole function is to bring a slow, demented death to their community.


Otis, when I am done with you, you are going to wish you were only Presas-Garcia.

Enrique when you consider making an alliance with this guy, ask him about the 2 meetings he had with the head of the FBI out of San Antonio and all of the documents presented seeking your indictment along with your fag hags, Longoria, Presas-Garcia and Saavedra.

Some months ago, Otis, another man, and I met at Olive Garden in Harlingen. The purpose of the meeting was to discuss setting up something on the internet to educate the people of Brownsville about the truth of the going ons at BISD. Unlike the other bloggers, I admit to the lack of meaningful readership of the blogs. A couple of thousand readers a day is a mere drop in the bucket in a city of 200,000. And of course because I am the only one willing to admit to this, I am the one with an ego problem. From the lips of Ben Neece’s drunk bloggers to the ears of fools.

Out of that meeting came the discussion of a PAC. Otis indicated he was going to speak with the blogger who set up SAVEBISD and get permission to use the name. I think within days the SAVEBISD PAC was created along with a web page reservation and then immediately abandoned. With the exception of a handful of phone calls related to the FBI, that was the last I heard of either of them until the PAC appeared with an ad.

I initially became concerned because it was clear to me this Kimberly person appointed to head the PAC was nothing more than another Mary Rey. She was a name, while others were going to run the show. Until this day I have no idea who the others are. I know the other gentleman who met with Otis and I also removed himself from the process over the lack of action. About 2 weeks ago I confirmed Rick Zayas was a part of the PAC, but any intelligent person should have assumed that. I think it is fair to say their candidates were part of the PAC.

At the Olive Garden meeting, I agreed that I would put together a Power Point presentation for the head of the FBI out of San Antonio. A meeting had already been scheduled. But this was the deal, I had made it clear I was not going to keep the BV going if no action was going to be taken on a mass education of Brownsville.

Unlike the idiots who ran SAVEBISD, I know something about how you educate people. Repetition, repetition, repetition. Each time you tell the story you add a bit more, and eventually the story will click and people will understand. Only someone devoid of any knowledge of education would have ran SAVEBISD the way it was run. So much for saving BISD - idiots who know nothing about how to educate children or adults trying to save BISD

My big issue at the Olive Garden meeting was, I would not help anyone with anything unless we got this web page up and running and at least 10,000 informational cards on windshields directing people to the web page. I offered to provide all of the research - all Otis Powers had to do was raise the money for the informational cards. When we left Olive Garden Otis said within a week he would have the money for 20,000 informational cards directing people to the web page.

I then learned that a decision was made to go with SAVEBISD PAC and web page. While a 3rd party paid for it, I reserved the name on go daddy. This is when I knew the entire thing was bogus and going no where. This Kimberly woman would not even participate enough to set up a proper email for the account. Had I not taken the initiative to reserve the name and basically force Otis to provide a credit card number to pay for it, it would have died. It was at this moment I decided I would not have anything to do with Oitis Powers and SAVEBISD. My goal was not to support any candidate, but to educate Brownsville. I think had the web page been set up it would have brought out better quality candidates for the election.

I then got calls about why I had not completed the Power Point for the FBI. My response was clear - why had the web page not been developed? Where were the informational cards for the windshields? When the second meeting Otis had with the head of the FBI out of San Antonio came, I got another phone call - where is the Power Point? I gave the same answer. I was not going to do the work. I was working for the community, and not for candidates or a PAC.

This had to be a true community effort. It was not - it was about Otis Powers and Rick Zayas wanting to control contracts. It was never about the children and never will be about the children until the TEA takes control.

I remain convinced that Donald Clupper was a plant to save Presas-Garcia - does this mean Butch Barbosa was a good candidate - no, it does not. What the Don fails to understand is, if the FBI has been monitoring Presas-Garcia phone, or emails, they will have the proof and he could find himself being indicted. I am motivated to stay on this story. I will tell you if Butch Barbosa had access to a competent attorney, he could void the election. But this is Brownsville - there are no competent attorneys - just corrupt failures who need the corrupt judges to make a dime.

Here is my warning to Joe Rodriguez and Tom Chavez - in the hands of a competent and ethical lawyer, your case against Defenbaugh is solid - but in the hands of Rick Zayas you will be paying Defenbaugh $1 million dollars. He had a slam dunk against Carlos Quintanilla. Because he could not control the visiting judge the way he claims he can control Ben Euresti, Rick Zayas was at a loss in how to proceed against Carlos Quintanilla. Ben Euresti will be recusing himself in this case, because if asked I will testify about Rick’s comments concerning his ability to control Ben Euresti. Once Rick has to face a visiting judge, his lack of legal acumen will kill the case and you Joe and Tom will be writing a $1 million check to Danny Defenbaugh.

Rick is so out of tune with the reality that this is about the kids, he seems to think my anger is over his unethical conduct as a lawyer towards a friend of mine. But the proof shows it is not. I went to Rick to consult on a case for a friend filed in Linda Salazar’s court. There was a complex issue of law concerning an apartment manager practicing law for a corporation which owns the apartment complex. This is a crime.

Rick told me Linda Salazar was simply not smart enough to understand the issue and it was anyone’s guess what she would do. The details of the entire case was discussed with Rick. Then what happens, Rick’s law firm turns around and represents the corporation. This is what Rick Zayas calls ethical. This is how Rick and his sociopath law partner Luis Hernandez practice law - they cannot do it on the merits so they corrupt the process through unethical judges like Linda Salazar and Ben Euresti.

I ran into Luis Hernandez and asked him how he intended to get around my friend filing a motion to disqualify his law firm since Rick had already consulted on the case, and Luis Hernandez repeated the same thing Rick Zayas said - Linda Salazar is not smart enough to understand the issue so he is not concerned. To make his point he then denied as true and correct copies of documents generated by his own client. Luis Hernandez knows Linda Salazar will protect him. Remember Rick Zayas is business partners with Linda’s son Ruben Cortez. When I confronted Rick about this he told me Luis Hernandez denies all admissions as a matter of practice. He knows the judges will give him a pass and not issue sanctions. This is unethical and only serves to increase the costs of litigation.

I really did not want to tell this back story, but I needed to take control of the narrative. I know how these people work - they will not be allowed to lie as to my motivation. The documents prove my motivation. If I can prove I filed against Linda Salazar before Rick Zayas law firm got involved, then they cannot say I filed against Linda in retaliation for Rick Zayas and Luis Hernandez unethical conduct.

If I can prove I associated those running against Presas-Garcia and her group of 4 with treachery before Rick Zayas’ unethical conduct, then they cannot accuse me of retaliation. I have always been about the children and always will be about the children.

How can I prove my actions herein are not about this case - my complaint against Linda Salazar was filed on August 13th - long before Rick Zayas was consulted in this case. (The complaint deals with Linda Salazar referring pro se plaintiffs to notaries to prepare their lawsuits.) Where is the proof that I was not going to help these unethical people get elected? My last substantive post to the BV before I shut it down.

Otis Powers and Rick Zayas cannot look at this stuff and realize I am talking about the children. Why? They have no awareness a school board is about educating children. To them it is a meat market where you go to make putrid the product for your own benefit - in this case - contracts - More on that tomorrow. The contract which will never be. I was ready to take it to the FBI had the new majority gained control. Had a new majority been formed the FBI would have been able to take down the old and new majority all in one act. This is what would have been best for the children.

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