Wednesday, November 28, 2012


I always say, I understand why people leave the Democratic Party, but then I am at a loss why they then become Republicans. This post is not about defining and debating the nanny state. We must understand the difference between programs which lead to sustainability or programs which are developmental, versus programs which strip people of self worth and create a mentality of dependency. The latter group does not include people who for whatever reason need permanent public assistance.

For years I have discussed the Plantation Politics of the Democratic Party.  For some 50 years they have bought the LRGV through nanny state policies, as opposed to encouraging people to invest in themselves.  This is the number one cause for why Brownsville cannot move forward.  With rare exception, our leaders fail to understand self investment, as opposed to standing on a street corner begging for federal and state assistance.

Last week I discussed how SA mayor Julian Castro spoke at the London School of Economics on the issue of municipal growth.  His key point was, cities need to invest in themselves.  There is no one on the Brownsville City Commission who understands this, save Melissa Zamora - but she is a minority voice up against Tony Martinez and his visionless quest to nowhere. 


Nothing less than the resignation of the entire Texas Southmost College is needed if we are to move TSC forward.  To a person they sit on the board and wait for something to happen.  TSC is about to enter a new and exciting future.  Where is the board? - dead silent.  TSTC is moving forward with robotics training, and TSC is moving forward with nothing.  "Oh, look at us, we fought UT and won"  No, you won the battle. but lost the war  and in fact, I am no longer sure they won the battle.

Texas government by its design is limited government.  Our elected leaders use this reality as an excuse to not lead.  Power is both direct and inherent.  Nothing in the model of Jacksonian Government prohibits our elected leaders from being cheerleaders. This is their inherent power.

This concept was lost on President Obama during his first term.  The professional lobbyist are powerless against the voice of the people.  This is why President Obama is taking his message related to the fiscal cliff to the people.  This is why the Republicans are attacking him for going back to the campaign trail.  The Republicans fear the people.   The Republicans absolutely fear President Obama using his inherent powers to rally the people.  The Republicans have the advantage with the 2014, US Senate elections, and they do not want to lose that advantage by further alienating the people.


What is the vision the TSC Trustees have for TSC and its students?  No one knows.  Education is key to success.  In today's world we need more job training programs at the community college level.  Not everyone is made for the university.  And given the number of ignorant people currently graduating college, I am not sure teaching the social sciences any longer has any purpose. 

A competent TSC board would be out and about with community meetings educating the parents and students about the future.  With TSTC moving forward at a fast pace, I am not sure Brownsville students will have any reason to even attend TSC.   I no longer recommend anyone attend TSC.  I push two options - if they want medical training I send them to the military.  If they want any other type training I send them to TSTC.

Can anyone tell me anything the TSC board has done to encourage students to attend TSC?  Nothing.

The TSC board is like most of Brownsville's elected officials.  They sit and wait for the government to  take action.  They fail to understand they must lead.  In part you lead by getting out into the community and convince the people why your vision is the proper vision.  This they cannot do because their only vision is to sit around like every other nanny state victim and wait for more government help.


Within 4 years all 3of these will be a reality in Cameron County.  All three will be in Harlingen.  Brownsville will get nothing.  Medical schools cannot exist without a VA hospital or community hospital or both.  The VA hospital and community hospital is where the doctors get their practical training.  The move for a VA hospital has been stymied because of a lack of a medical school in the LRGV.  The VA is dependent on doctors in training to treat veterans.  They simply cannot afford real doctors. 

Along with the VA hospital will come a county community hospital which will be  funded in part through higher property taxes.  It is coming people, and you cannot stop it.  This is a sin qua non to getting a medical school.

Harlingen's leaders had the vision years ago to see this future.  This is why the medical school, VA hospital and community hospital will all be in Harlingen.  Harlingen's leaders were cheerleaders for Harlingen.  Brownsville's leaders fly to Washington and beg for chump change to build more bars downtown. 

When you combine the above with TSTC one must question, do we even need TSC?  In a few short years the answer may be no.  Personally, I am close to calling for an end to TSC and Brownsville joining the TSTC community.  Duplication of programs which serve no one but the trustees' egos are a waste of taxpayers resources, and not in the best interests of the students. 

I personally believe it is time for TSC to sell off most of its resources to UT, while creating a satellite campus for TSTC.  But this will not happen because the TSC trustees care more about their egos than what is best for our students and the region.

Nothing on the table at this time indicates TSC is moving forward.  Their independence is around the corner and the board has yet to define a vision for TSC.  They wait for the nanny state to do it for them.  The idea of being cheerleaders for TSC eludes them.

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