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Florida Congressional Race and recount

California's 7th Congressional District sees change in win for Republican to Democrat with votes still being counted.

"CA-7: This one is over, and longtime congressman Dan Lungren (R) lost his re-election race. Lungren hasn’t conceded, but what had been a close race of less than 200 votes has now ballooned to a lead of more than 5,700 votes for Democratic challenger Ami Beri. There are still about 39,000 votes left to count in Sacramento County, but only a fraction of them pertain to this race."


The self loathing Mexican Americans who blame Mexico and border culture for how things work in Cameron county need to be sent packing to a good KKK camp where they belong.  There is nothing unique in how things work in Cameron county.  Corruption and incompetence is a part of American politics.  It exists in every state and every county.  It is time we call these self loathing Mexican Americans what they are - the worst kind of racists who think by trying to pass as an honest Anglo, Anglos will not notice they are brown.  I am a mutt and proud as can be to be of a mixture of several ethic groups and cultures.    I am a shaken, not stirred kind of guy.


Anyone who knows me knows, I always look to who a person is based on their actions today, not yesterday.  I believe in redemption.  I believe in facts.  But when you see a common thread of deceit among certain people you begin to ask, do they have other things in common?  In this case Mary Helen Flores also has a history of drinking and getting out of hand.  Normally, I would consider this a needless distraction and not newsworthy.  But given how people with drinking problems do tend to deceive and lie on a regular basis her past is relevant to the discussion.

People can say what they want about me, but how about instead challenging my rendition of the facts with counter facts supported by evidence.  They cannot because facts do not serve their corrupt agenda.


After coming out of the elections office where I went for facts, I ran into judge Cascos.  He and I do not agree on several things, but he is always very nice and professional with me.  He and I are on different pages when it comes to the issue of educating the people as to the truth,  I get the sense he believes it has gotten way to complex to simply explain in a press conference.  I think he is wrong.  I believe a simple 2 paragraph press release can be issued explaining all over the US provisional and military ballots are counted the week after the election.  I believe it can be explained how the ballot process works and how the ballots are preserved.

This is what I learned at the elections office.  When a poll is closed an inventory of the ballots is established.  Every ballot has a serial number on it.  The elections office knows exactly which ballots were used.  This is how they know a ballot is valid even after it is located days after the election. It is validated through the serial number The records either show the ballot was issued on election day or it was not.  This is all 100% verifiable.  There is zero evidence by anyone that any ballot was counted which was not issued and completed on election day. 

On the black bag issue, Texas law mandates that certain type ballots be placed in bags, the color of the bag is not designated by law, but Cameron county uses black bags.  The process is defined by law.  The lies being put out by Mary Helen Flores of CAVA and Juan Montoya ignore the law which mandates this process.  There is no evidence at this time the law was ignored.  This does not mean things will not change once the lawyers get involved.  If a procedure was not followed, then I agree the bag of ballots may not be trustworthy.  I have discussed the chain of custody issue.  If procedure was not followed, then I will be the first to agree we have a problem.  It will not surprise me if a problem is identified, but to date it has not been.

But for now, no evidence has come forward showing the law as outlined by the election code was not followed.  When they can cite the law and variance from the law, then we have a major problem.  But given the closeness of the election, I remain a strong supporter of a free recount.  Texas law does not allow for this.  But the law is wrong - the election belongs to the people and the people need to have confidence in the system.

What Mary Helen Flores and Juan Montoya truly have in common is a disregard for facts and integrity.  They are both prepared to defame and destroy anyone who does not participate in their con jobs on the people.  I would relate this back to the personality type of people who have a history of drinking problems.  My first x so to speak was a lot more tolerable when he drank.  Being sober almost made deceit a mandate of his life. In those 2 years I learned a lot about alcohol and  deceit.

When I was at the court house an elected official approached me and asked if I heard about the alleged petition to give Mary Helen Flores the job of elections administrator.  I said no I had not heard of it.  I then asked this person if she had a chance to give Flores the job would she, and she said - "not even when pigs fly.  Everyone knows who she is and her bought and paid for corrupt agenda."


BobbyWC said...

Comment rejected - I have never hid the fact I voted for Cascos twice - it was really an anti Hinojosa vote - but on balance he does not embarassed the county and has helped to lead us through difficult times - there is no need for nasty comments - he has not been a bad county judge. he has served with honor and dignity

But I will say yes an argument can be made he does not want to educate the people about the truth because the endless claims of corruption hurt the Democrats not the Republicans - if this is in fact why he is saying nothing - I am cool with it - politics is politics - albeit it hurts the county's image

Cascos has to move on to a new elective or appointive office. Julian Castro is going to see a huge Latino Democratic vote in Cameron County - with Julian Castro at the head of the ticket for governor no Republican can win in Cameron county unless the Democrats run someone like Sofia Benavides or her like - or John Wood - or Ernie Hernandez - the Democrats need to look for a highly qualified latina to run and the Republicans will be sent packing

Anonymous said...

Who do you think would be a good latina candidate?

BobbyWC said...

Another comment rejected - hate speech does not get published on the BV - what the poster wants my readers to know is there are no black bags for ballots - period - they do not exist - my source is a supervisor within the elections office - so I have the Gill-Martinez people saying they saw the black bags - the elections office verified the black bags and when they are used, but this nasty poster wants all my readers to know they do not exist and that I am full of shit - I can only report what the elections office is telling me which at least as to the existence of the black bags is the same as the Gill-Martinez people are saying

Bobby WC