Thursday, November 15, 2012


On Wednesday night BISD heard from the producer of a film which will highlight BISD's chess success.  The cost to BISD will be zero.  In fact the production company will be making a donation to the BISD chess program.   BISD will be profiled for its success in  chess.

Here is my issue - the chess program proves you can challenge children and they will take the challenge.  Why does BISD refuse to do the same in the classroom?  Instruction at BISD is a perfunctory exercise.  They teach to the lowest standards.

I know there are a lot of great teachers.  But all too often I hear  from teachers who spew the same whine - "I spend most of every period on classroom management - when do I have time to teach."  The source of this problem is two  fold - an administration not backing up the teachers on classroom discipline, and two, teachers who have given up.

BISD children can excel.  The reason parents are turning to alternative schools is because administrators are doing their job on discipline and teachers have not given up.  

Until BISD cleans house of bad administrators and teachers who have given up, nothing will change. This is sad because the children in the chess program have proven there are no limits to what they can and want to learn.

Here is a wonderful NYTimes article on BISD.

Monday the BV will deal with the future of the Healthsmart lawsuit.

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