Monday, November 12, 2012


As we all now know, Linda Gill-Martinez yelled conspiracy to stop the counting of military ballots.  The deadline for military ballots to be received in Texas is today.  See below link.  My prediction is the uncounted provisional ballots will favor Gill-Martinez, and the uncounted military ballots will favor Chirinos.

More interesting is the below article generated by a Texas military person - his ballot was lost - at least for a period of time.  Military personnel are claiming their ballots are not reaching the county officials responsible for processing the ballots. 

On this Veterans Day it is beyond sad the politicos are not up in arms over this issue.  We have con artists like Linda Gill-Martinez yelling conspiracy because Roger Ortiz wants to count the ballots, and no politicians demanding every ballot sent by a military person be counted.  Let's face it people, this holiday is a joke.

In the above article a reader posted a great idea.  Why can these military personnel simply not be allowed to vote on their post and then have the  results transferred to the correct county officials.  We are in age of instant communition.  Our military has the best technology available to man.  It is time we use that technology to protect all military personnel's right  to vote.

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