Thursday, September 6, 2012


People ask me all of the time why I am not part of the Brownsville PFLAG group - my answer is simple - my generation did their part for the civil  rights battle, and now it is time for a younger generation to lead.  I believe in the permanent purge - in a more clinical way - not the old Soviet way.  The old guard which hangs on trying to tell the new generation what to do, or how we did it, is sad.  All great battles are won by the polity and not any one person or group.

Whatever problems Brownsville, Cameron county, Texas or the nation faces, in the end the solutions must come from a benevolent strong leadership with the backing of the polity.    Policy cannot come from the people.  The people are not qualified to make policy.  Really, the people are qualified to make complex decisions which will impact the world economy?

Until the people choose to change how we do things, nothing will change.  The initial change for a benevolent strong leader must come from the people.  But once that decision is made, the people must then sit back and allow the benevolent leader to lead.  This nonsense of changing their mind as fast as Texas weather does not work.

My final word is, take care of your families and stop trying to control one another with your sense of morality, or with deception and lies.  Until the people decide to take up the battle instead of waiting on someone else, nothing will change.  But once you choose a benevolent strong leader stop whining and allow him/her to lead.

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