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People ask me all of the time why I am not part of the Brownsville PFLAG group - my answer is simple - my generation did their part for the civil  rights battle, and now it is time for a younger generation to lead.  I believe in the permanent purge - in a more clinical way - not the old Soviet way.  The old guard which hangs on trying to tell the new generation what to do, or how we did it, is sad.  All great battles are won by the polity and not any one person or group.

Whatever problems Brownsville, Cameron county, Texas or the nation faces, in the end the solutions must come from a benevolent strong leadership with the backing of the polity.    Policy cannot come from the people.  The people are not qualified to make policy.  Really, the people are qualified to make complex decisions which will impact the world economy?

Until the people choose to change how we do things, nothing will change.  The initial change for a benevolent strong leader must come from the people.  But once that decision is made, the people must then sit back and allow the benevolent leader to lead.  This nonsense of changing their mind as fast as Texas weather does not work.

My final word is, take care of your families and stop trying to control one another with your sense of morality, or with deception and lies.  Until the people decide to take up the battle instead of waiting on someone else, nothing will change.  But once you choose a benevolent strong leader stop whining and allow him/her to lead.

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First, sometime Friday - maybe midnight - the BV is going down.  Anyone who wants anything in its archives better get it now.  I will not give anyone access to the archives - save law enforcement.  I do not care if it is BISD, JP, Congress, President - regardless of who wins - nothing will change.  If you vote in any of these elections in fact you are voting for the institutional corruption which has destroyed our democracy - More below - but first - Evidence of Reality


I researched Linda Salazar's campaign finance reports for evidence of how much money rental property owners give to her campaign.  I  wanted to know if the apartment complexes are getting special treatment based on the money being donated to her campaign.  On that issue I found nothing - but on the above I found a lot.

Remember Linda Salazar had no opponent.  She garnered 146 mail ballots, which was more than any other JP candidate in Cameron county.  Every major law firm in Cameron county gave her money.  Why?  According to Begum's Walkers Amadeo Rodriguez is guilty as sin of election fraud.  Who did Linda Salazar pay as her campaign worker - Amadeo Rodriguez.  Cowen, Begum, and Villarreal knew what they were doing when they gave money to Linda Salazar.  You see they only object to the hiring of politiqueras by Erin Garcia, but not by the JP's they like.  It is all bullshit, by a bunch of bullshit lawyers playing on the emotions of the people.

I am investigating Linda Salazar at many levels.  I will keep my investigation going until I can prove politiqueras are getting special favors from Linda Salazar in exchange for harvesting mail ballots.

Linda Salazar is so ignorant that on Tuesday she refused to allow me to exit the court house through a side door.  Even Ruben Peña tried to help me on the issue.  Linda Salazar was no - hell no.  After the Begum hearing we had to leave through the back because we could not go back through the court from the judges chambers.   Because of pulmonary hypertension and obstructive pulmonary disease I cannot use stairs.  Because Linda Salazar would not allow me to exist through the side with her and her staff, I had to climb the stairs to the second floor.  By the time I got home I was sick and ended up in bed until after 5 p.m.

You will not see this in the Herald because nothing is ever newsworthy to the Herald.  Federal Judge Garcia in San Antonio took up Don's motion to compel the SOS to accept his petition for access to the ballot for the 34th Congressional District.  It was a motion to compel the SOS to comply with the Amended Court Order of March 19, 2012.  At page 10, ¶ bb, the order clearly set the deadline for August 30, 2012, for Independents after a run off.  Judge Garcia knew he could not deny the Motion on the merits, so like a spineless coward he entered a notation into the official record - "denied as moot." If we had the capacity for justice, which we do not, Judge Garcia would be brought up for impeachment.

Again, there is no greater threat to our democracy than the judiciary.  Texas by federal law cannot change the election code without DOJ preclearance.  In the case of federal judge Garcia and the SOS that is exactly what they did.  The election code clearly states that the deadline is 30 days after the run off.  This cannot be changed without DOJ preclearance and then  only by the legislature. 

Violation of the Votings Rights Act is never moot.  The law mandates an injunction against any said violations.  Judge Garcia knew that had he followed the law it would have embarrassed the SOS and he was unprepared to do that.  Think about it, if Don's argument was wrong, why not just deny it on the merits.

At this point a three judge federal panel in Washington DC can enjoin the Texas Congressional election based on the violation.  It will not happen because no law firm would even consider taking the case for less than a $250,000 retainer.  The sad part is, Cameron County has not one attorney willing to do it pro bono.  These lawyers are so bad, they cannot even see how such a case would define their career. 


If you vote in November you are the  reason for the endless corruption in our system.  Nothing will change until the Democrats in Austin realize that the LRGV will not vote until we are taken seriously.  When the state Democratic Party elected Gilberto Hinojosa as its chair it sent a very clear message to the LRGV - "you do not matter."  We do matter.  If you want to see the LRGV get the attention it deserves - boycott the November election.  Not one vote - and you watch how fast the Democrats panic.

We want reform.  We want honest elections.  We want the state Democratic Party to demand the resignation of the SOS.  We want real laws which punish candidates and their operatives who abuse senior citizens by stealing their mail ballots.

I will work with just about any group willing to call for a full fledged boycott of the November election.  There is no negotiating.  We simply do not vote.  Come January then we can negotiate what it will  take for us to not boycott the mid-term and governor elections  come November 2014.


The judge was very nice.  There was a problem with space so the initial hearing was done in chambers.  The judge made it clear it was a public hearing so anyone who was willing to stand was welcome in the judge's chambers. 

Myself and Emma Trevino-Perez with the Herald covered the hearing in chambers.  The judge asked that Emma and I make note to the public that both sides were being represented pro bono.  It was not an order - just a suggestion.

Both sides agreed that the case had to be completed including appeal before the printing of the ballots.  As I have noted before the deadline for mailing the military ballots is September 22, 2012.  With a 2 week lead to print the ballots, the court found there was no time to complete the trial and appeal.  Based on the undisputed evidence, the court found it had no choice but to dismiss the case  for want of jurisdiction- the case had basically become moot.


The judge after making his intent to dismiss the case, on jurisdictional grounds, not merit, tried to find a way to keep part of the case alive so that the community could hear the testimony.  Even after the hearing he mentioned to the attorneys that these matters need to be made public.


In the hands of the right people,  criminal charges may still be forthcoming.   The problem with the criminal charges in cases like this (remember I have defended and won a criminal case on such charges) is the DA will not call as a witness anyone who has memory problems, or problems with confusion.  It is not an issue of not wanting to prosecute - it is an issue of not calling a witness who is not 100 certain about their testimony.  In the case I did the DA called no witnesses for this very reason.  The judge had seniors brought into court against their will - yea that did not work out too well for the judge.

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I guess between the Resaca and the number of pools in the area these Whisling ducks love to spend several months near my back yard. They seem to live in large numbers on the roof of the house behind me. In the morning feathers abound in my pool. I do not mind. I love watching this ducks at night as they gather. I am glad they are back. If you missed weekened updates - scroll down.

Today we may see the beginning of the Begum v Hernandez trial. I do not doubt we will be horrified by the conduct of the candidates and lawyers on both sides. The seniors are caught in the middle of a system which invites voter fraud. This for sure will be proven, again.  But the candidates and their lawyers are not happy that the seniors have been abused once, they are to be abused again. If the evidence is there, then the election will be overturned.  The judge cannot order a new election, although provided by the rules. Under the time constraints there is no time for a new election. Check back later in the day for an update. If the hearing/trial breaks for lunch, I will try and post. I am not sure what will happen today. The clerk's note says a hearing. There is no reference to a trial. Who knows - what ever the judge told the lawyers is all that will matter.
From the above rabbi concerning a proposed ban on sucking blood from the penis of 8 day old boys.

"Rabbi David Niederman, executive director of the United Jewish Organization of Williamsburg, said no one will comply with the law, even if it’s passed.

Read more:

This practice is not common among Jews - it has been rejected by modern orthodox Jews and non orthodox Jews.  This is a practice done by a small minority of Orthodox Jews.  I do not want people thinking this is a Jewish practice.

What shocks me about this story is, NYC is more bothered by the STD issue and not the rabbi sucking on the infant's penis.  Second, rather than deal with the obvious NYC chose to defer to the rabbinical court.  Could you imagine if the same story appeared about the Islam practice of circumcision.  The Republican Party would be all over it.  As a county we would be demanding criminal prosecution.

I do not care what your religion is - in all religions there are radical elements who seek to hide behind their faith to justify human rights abuses, ignorance, and bigotry.  I would hope all religions can join  forces and see this practice for what it is, sexual abuse of 8 day old baby boys.

"During the ritual, called metzitzah b'peh, a mohel removes the foreskin and uses his mouth to stop the bleeding. At least 11 New York infants are thought to have contracted herpes from the practice, two of whom died and two of whom have irreversible brain damage, according to the New York City Department of Health and Mental Hygiene."

This story is important at so many levels.  Sharia law, commonly associated with Islam, was not new.  Many of its most horrible laws are also found in the Old Testament.  And before the in Sumerian law, which forms a major part of the Old Testament.

"Health department investigations of newborns with the herpes virus from 2000 to 2011 have shown that 11 infants contracted the herpes virus when mohels, or ritual circumcisers, placed their mouths directly on the child’s circumcision wound to draw blood away from the circumcision cut, according to a statement from the department. Ten of the infants were hospitalized, at least two developed brain damage and two babies died."

Read more:

"controversial, is metzitzah b'peh, (alt. mezizah), or oral suction,[13][14] where the mohel sucks blood from the circumcision wound, on the baby's penis"

"Because of the risk of infection, some rabbinical authorities have ruled that the traditional practice of direct contact should be replaced by using a glass tube between the wound and the mohel's mouth, so there is no direct oral contact. The Rabbinical Council of America, the largest group of Modern Orthodox rabbis, endorses this method."

NY defers to rabbinical court - OMG -

"The practice of metzitzah b'peh was alleged to pose a serious risk in the transfer of herpes from mohelim to eight Israeli infants, one of whom suffered brain damage.[17][24] When three New York City infants contracted herpes after metzizah b'peh by one mohel and one of them died, New York authorities took out a restraining order against the mohel requiring use of a sterile glass tube, or pipette.[20][25] However, the mohel's attorney argued that the New York Department of Health had not supplied conclusive medical evidence linking his client with the disease.[25][26] In September 2005, the city withdrew the restraining order and turned the matter over to a rabbinical court.[27"


One problem, he does lie and already published his endorsement of Presas-Garcia, Sylvia Bowman, Arg Miller, and Linda Gil.

Yesterday, after posting his challenge that no one can outsmart him, he deleted it.  There is a reason.  He was talking about how Eramsos Castro is convinced Quintanilla is endorsing Powers, Barbosa, Chirinos, and Peña, and I am convinced Quintanilla is endorsing, Presas-Garcia, Sylvia Bowman, Arg Miller, and Linda Gil.
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2 days ago – Who can out fox Quintanilla More, Erasmos Castro or Bobby Wightman Cervantes Both Fighting about who Quintanilla is backing in BISD
Apparently, Ted Parker or Pat Lehmann must have read him the right act after his post, so he deleted it.  If he has not endorsed anyone - what is the out-fox issue?  If he does not care about BISD, why can he not stop talking about it.
Below is a message from Erasmos Castro to me verifying Linda Gill was part of the PAC which brought us the BISD mess and that she has been talking to Carlos Quintanilla on the phone.
"I knew of the connection... Linda and I spoke about it before she decided to run, literally last year.. He screwed over her kids when they worked the "get rid of Zayas campaign"... Truth be told she told me he contacted her last week, which she told me about... CQ is the scum of the earth, and I'm believing she has nothing to do with him... I'll call her in a bit to see if CQ has been in communication since last week"

Linda, if you are not part of CQ conspiracy to destroy our children, then why did you go along with Erasmos 'lies about Powers, Peña, Chirinos, and Barbosa?  Answer:  You are still a con artist who does not give a crap about BISD or its children.
"Quintanilla posted pathetic gross lies about myself and other on this page, has ripped off BISD and gave us Cati Presas... he is now setting up Chirinos, Barbosa, Powers and Mine in a slate to make sure he continues to control BISD."
Linda Gill and Erasmos Castro both know it is all lies, and that she is in fact working with Carlos Quintanilla.  So why  deceive Brownsville?
Before I go on, I want to say, I think it would be a mistake for the candidates to make Carlos Quintanilla an issue. They should keep his name out of it.  It will only  create a needless distraction. This is such a clean election on the issue of who will and will not refile the $14.3 million lawsuit against Healthsmart, nothing else needs to be discussed.
I will not lead my readers to believe any of the candidates care about this children.  They do not.  This election is about controlling contracts and not the children.  The children are screwed until we have a system wherein Board Members cannot hire or fire superintendents.  This needs to be done at the Region One level.  Until then my advice to all parents is, home school your children.  Today more and more professionals are homeschooling their children.  They work in groups and bring to the table their individual skills.  Just something for you to consider if you want your children to have a  fighting chance at an education.  It is for this reason I refuse to endorse anyone in this election or vote in this election.  I defy anyone to show where I have said a nice word about Otis Powers, Minerva Peña, Barbosa or Chirinos.  I will not because there is nothing nice to say.
Las Comadres de Brownsville - This organization is not happy that a convicted felon has co opted the name of their Brownsville Chapter.  They are a 501c3 and are concerned that it could impact their status if ads with their name appear in the Brownsville Herald or elsewhere.  I have been informed by their organization the matter is now in the hands of their attorney.  We shall see if the Brownsville Herald decides to print Quintanilla's  ads and compromise the 501c3 status of this honorable group.
Argie my dear - the Texas Ethics Commission has 2 years to investigate complaints.  Get yourself a really good lawyer - you have no idea what you are about to get hit with.  You will be amazed about just how much evidence we have on you, Luci Goosey Longoria, and Carlos Quintanilla.  Enrique Escobedo and Ben Neece have now both been  sanctioned based on my complaints.  You are next - in your case though it could lead to criminal charges.  Also you could be sued for copyright infringement on the name Las Comadres de Brownsville.
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1 day ago – ... me and my family that reduce my mortgage from $398,000 to $200,000. ... As to whether I can or cannot write on carebrownsville 's blog as ..."

Carlito has changed his mind so many times as to whether his home has been foreclosed on it is hard to know what his current story is.  He claims he is going to sue the mortgage holder for disclosing a confidential settlement agree.  The above is important because the original post before being deleted is now in the hands of the lawyers representing the mortgage company.  I personally do not believe they offered to sell his house back to him for $200,000.  But he posted it to the internet.  To the extent there is a confidential settlement agreement this would be a black and white breach of the agreement.  Hey, Carlito - Tim Fleet and his lawyer have your original post.

No where to the best of my knowledge has Tim Fleet and or his lawyers discussed the settlement agreement outside of what is in the public record.  The foreclosure of Quintanilla's home is a public record.  Tim Fleet's company owns the house. He is free to sell the home.  If a developer or any other possible buyer seeks information he is free to tell them the former owner has 60 days to try and secure a mortgage before it is officially put on the market.

Carlito thinks this was a good deal - not - most mortgage companies give former home owners 3-6  months to get out - pobre Carlito got a mere 2 months.  Tim Fleet understood that by getting Carlito so sign a 60 day deal, it prevents him from filing a new lawsuit at the end of 60 days to stop the eviction.

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I do not know where you can even buy B & M products. But growing up Sunday was hot dogs and B &  M baked beans and B & M brown bread with raisins. Times change - tonight was a pork roast marinated in an orange ginger sauce, German fried potatoes, and cold beets.  Times change -

OH I FORGOT, As I am going to bed, I am having my dessert - homemade from scratch German chocolate cake with coconut pecan icing - and a large glass of vanilla light soy milk.