Tuesday, August 21, 2012


No news on the election contest - sorry.

First of all, I am not endorsing anyone - but in the race with Presas-Garcia, Clupper, and Barbosa, people who might be able to influence either Clupper or Barbosa, need to sit down with these two and force one of them to drop out.  One has to take the message from King Solomon.  If neither drops out both will rightfully be sent packing.  Splitting the anti-Presas-Garcia vote guarantees Presas-Garcia wins.  If neither drops out before the printing of the ballots, then we can fairly say both care more about their egos than  the children.

Here is final summary of Presas-Garcia's bankruptcy.


Her creditors were left with over $17,000 in unpaid debt. I could not imagine owing $17,000 in unsecure debt. Obviously many people have well over $17,000 in secure debt - house, car etc. Secure debt is meaningless in bankruptcy because it is secure - you either make the payments or lose the property.

Here is her original filing.



Based on the information which has been provided to me, no one is running worth voting for.   But someone needs to read Mary Rey the riot act - it is not that I particularly support Otis Powers, but Arg Miller is definitely not an option.  I am waiting to see if CAVA and Yolanda Begum get behind Arg Miller.  She is tied to both.  The day I confronted Yolanda Begum about taking down Erin Garcia's sign Yolanda told me all the accusations against the corrupt 4 were all lies.


The biggest challenge in this election is the Herald will not report the facts.  Where is the story which put BISD in a stage 3 with the TEA?  Where is the story that children who go to Rivera can now ask to be transferred to another high school?  People still do not get it.  Daniel Cavasos will not stop until Brownsville is a city filled with bumbling idiots.  He will never allow for the truth about the criminal conduct of the corrupt 4.

This election is a wash.  It is sad good people were not willing to run.  I have received endless emails and phone calls from people saying the same thing.  How come no one is running?  Trust me I can trash all of the candidates who have announced.  I will not.  We are screwed - plain and simple.  The most anyone can hope for is to send Presas-Garcia packing, and that will not happen unless Clupper or Barbosa drop out.

I  cannot wait for this election contest to be over so I can shut the BV down, again.  BISD can make the most rational person not want to care about anything


BobbyWC said...

Guys , I made the post for informational purposes only - i will not open the door to discussion of the candidates - I only noted that if Presas-garcia is in a 3 way she will win - just information

Anonymous said...

Certainly wish more Bloggers would quit posting comments from readers, especially since 99 % are mean, vulgar and idiotic.
I personally enjoy your take-no-sides efforts on the political discussion front, and it doesn't matter if you shut down once in a while.

Anonymous said...

Yeah Bobby, sure do respect your approach to subjects in your blog. Stay Healthy and Blessed.

Anonymous said...

well, hon, if you don't take sides, you are not for the children either. Who would vote for Cata and Otis?

BobbyWC said...

Since Otis is not running against Cata - not a very good question

Bobby W C

Anonymous said...

Excellent point Bobby!!!!!!!!!!!!!