Sunday, August 19, 2012


As promised I am providing some incite into the Villalobos/Limas mess. 


But, first there are a lot or rumors about a possible settlement with Hector Gonzales. Here is the scoop, if there is a settlement including the Trustees who were sued it has been approved by the FBI. I have been assured that the matter is under a very active investigation. I hate talking about this, but rumors do not help.  It is important things are in context.  It will be a very good thing if people can get citizens to the meeting to protest.

When I put out word that I was about to file a lawsuit against FBI Director Mueller to compel indictments against the corrupt 4, Art Rendon, Ben Neece, Jaime Escobedo, Hector Gonzales, and several others, I was told to wait until after the presidential election. I was told the FBI wants a settlement because the snare will be bigger and the jail times will be longer. It will not matter if ACE insurance consents to settlement because the issue is the back door dealing and the obstruction of justice. If people want to protest - all the better - but be rest assured, if search warrants are not issued by January 2013, such as I sued FBI Director Mueller to investigate and indict Judge Limas and Armando Villalobos, I will be on a plane to Washington DC seeking a similar order as it relates to the BISD mess. In this case I will be including the corrupt 4, Ben Neece, Hector Gonzales, Jaime Escobedo and Art Rendon in the lawsuit and others.

The FBI and TEA are fully aware of the TEA findings against Hector Gonzales.

This is being viewed in the context of all the contract rigging evidence the BV exposed. Anyone who wants those documents can go to the BV and search for rigging - top left hand corner.

Another part of the investigation involves the ongoing complaint against Ben Neece with the Commission on Judicial Conduct. The original complaint begins on page 17.
But the kicker remains the million dollar contract Antonio Juarez, Pat Lehmann, and Art Rendon gave Jaime Escobedo just days before Enrique Escobedo voted to give Art Rendon his job back. Also BISD’s refusal to provide Joe Colunga or the public the true copies of the Rendon settlement remains an issue under investigation.

The documents showing the million dollar contract given to Jaime Escobedo by Rendon, Lehmann, and Juarez, 15 days before Enrique Escobedo voted to reinstate Rendon are below.

On April 6, 2010, Enrique Escobedo voted to keep Art Rendon under contract.

He did this just 15 days after the BHA authority voted a $1,057,156.90, contract to Jaime Escobedo’s company Valley American Contractors. In the attached documents who seconded the motion to approve the contract? Art Rendon. Both Jaime and Enrique Escobedo list 55 Galonsky as a business address.

People let them settle - if my source is correct in asking that I be patient, any settlement will only enlarge the snare of those who will be indicted and died in federal prison. The good news is, not a one of them think they are being watch - they tend to find credible the writings of moronic bloggers who when they cannot refute facts turn to detractions and deception.

On the election, without indictments, their majority will continue. All they need is to win one seat. Presas-Garcia has assured her race will be a three way. The anti Presas-Garcia vote will be split between two candidates thereby insuring her reelection.

I will not accept comments on BISD. I only included this because there seems to be a lot of anger out there. I just want people to know what is going on behind the scenes. I will not discuss BISD with anyone or comment on any of the candidates. I will keep my commitments on this.


If President Obama wins reelection Villalobos along with James Dannenbaum will go to federal prison. Multiple sources have told me Villalobos brags about how the case will be dismissed after the election. He is betting Romney wins thereby allowing Romney to replace the US Attorney for the Southern District with a Republicans hack, You will then have the Republican hack in teh Western District, meaning Robert Pittman, and whomever gets the job for the Southern District agreeing to dismiss all charges.

But if Obama wins, Robert Pittman will be relieved of his duties forthwith and the new US Attorney for the Western District will bring James Dannenbaum into the indictments. This will take down Governor Perry and Senator Cornyn.

My sources are telling me the Obama Administration intends to hit hard on Texas and end the mess created by the Republican Party, which makes Cameron County Democrats look like amateurs. My sources have been telling me that Gilberto Hinojosa will be forced to resign as the Democratic Party Chair.

The Obama Administration sees the collapse of the Republican Party of Texas key to the Democrats taking control of the Senate in 2014/15. They are also determined to insure Governor Perry for his ties to Dannenbaum is so damaged that any Democrat can win the governor’s house. This will posture Texas to be in the hands of the Democrats for redistricting come 2020. If you understand politics, strategizing for 2020 redistricting is well under way.

So here is the deal - if Romney wins, Villalobos walks - if Obama wins, Robert Pittman is removed as the US Attorney for the Western District of Texas and Villalobos, Dannebaum and others go to federal prison.



Anonymous said...


I have no interest in BISD. You are waisting your time sending me anything. I will not even finish reading it once I see it relates to BISD.

hahahaha! I thought I read this in some blog sometime in the immediate past.

BobbyWC said...

True, but like I said before - I have to keep my readers here until this election contest if over - when it is done - I am done - unless there is a criminal case and then I will cover that - it may be I will shut down for 2-4 months and then come back to report on a criminal trial - The BV is such that I can do that - my numbers are nearly back to the all time high -

The blogosphere is a place destroying America - it is not a good thing - there are many great blogs out there - but on balance the internet has created a place where disinformation and deception thrive - it is destroying this country

We cannot fix it - because no matter what I think about it most people who understand free speech such as myself will always stand in defense of more speech

The real problem is the politicians who fail to refute the lies and deception, and the failure of the mainstream press to expose the fraud on the internet - but then of course with the Herald leading the case for fraud ------

Until the people are educated to reject the lies and disinformation and distractions nothing will change. This lesson will never be learned by the people because our education system has collapsed. Brownsville is desperate for more schools like IDEA - if I had the money I would not think twice about donating it for the creation of a school which focuses in on a classical education.

Bobby WC

Anonymous said...

You do not have to defend your blog. To some individuals what a blogger will post is a bunch of lies to others it could be the most trueful statement in the world. Just because you do not see the support from your readers on BISD issues does not mean that people are not reacting to the situation. You are totally correct on your right to freedom of speech and the readers have the right to judge it based on their own rights. If you do not post on BISD it's alright, if you do let the people make their own judgement. People will always be influence by the writing of those who fight for justice.

BobbyWC said...

thanks for a constructive comment - I am fully aware of my impact as to BISD - it actually frustrates me when people stop me in the store or on the rare occassion I am eating out - now that is down right rude - the store is one thing - but coming up to my table and interrupting my meal is just rude.

The issue is so complex - in many ways BISD is not even in the bigger equation in terms of understanding the problem.

We have no independent press, no TV news with intelligent reporters - and no real reaction from the business community.

I am not talking just Brownsville - I am talking the nation and in some ways the world -

the world economy will not recover until the nations realize that the current economic system has out lived its usefulness. We cannot keep on borrowing and we cannot keep on taxing - but if you take a trillion dollars of government spending out of the world economy the world will go into a major depression.

Until we have leaders who understand governments need to go into business so they can use the profits to run the government nothing will change.

BISD is penny corruption - Dallas has corruption which makes Brownsville look like rank amateurs.

the people are so angry with one another based mostly on disinformation a conversation is impossible. People who believe their ignorance will not be changed - when you present them with facts they are not even listening.

We need the business community one local government at a time to come forward in a benevolent way and force honest conversation. I know for a fact Brownsville has Republicans/Democrats/Liberals, Conservatives/Independents who can work together and have a rational conversation. The problem is there is no one with money willing to lead.

So I put my time where I can help one person at a time - tutoring adults for free.

Bobby WC