Thursday, August 9, 2012


There is still no answer on file from Erin Garcia.  Her father did note in the Herald that the family had vacation planned this week.  But an answer and pretrial motions should still be on file.  Judge Banales needs to call a pretrial conference to get things going.  In my view a reasonable mind could allege intentional delay to run out the clock.  I am not saying this is what is happening - I am saying a reasonable mind could allege it.  Running out  the clock is only fair in sports.


I hear all this nonsense about not voting Democrat if Erin Garcia wins the election contest.  This is wrong and evidence that the anti Erin Garcia people do not  care one bit about the real problem.  If you really want to fix the problems in Cameron county you call for a Basta Boycott of the November elections so long as Gilberto Hinojosa is the Democratic Party Chair, an Eddie Lucio III fails to introduce a law making meaningful changes to the election code to end the harvesting of mail ballots and the use of politiqueras in harvesting voters in vans.

I would certainly support any group which had the two above  conditions as the center piece of their boycott.  The  reality for me is, unless these two demands are met, I will not vote for any Democrat period - come November.

So how about it all you anti Erin Garcia people - join the Basta Boycott and help put pressure on Eddie Lucio III and the Texas Democratic Party.

Trust me - if a Basta Party PAC were to form and be able to prove a meaningful membership, it will make it to the front page of the Dallas Morning News.  The State Democratic Party would finally be forced to address its years of support for Plantation Politics against the people of the LRGV.

Let's stop the nonsense and get serious -



Anonymous said...

I'm okay with boycotting elections. I have done it myself. I did it because I had no confidence that Roger Ortiz would even count my vote. However, I'm having trouble with the idea of not voting because Hinojosa is the party chair. Sometimes people win that you know are the wrong people for the job but isn't that one of the pitfalls of democracy? Hell, if the wrong person winning an election was enough to keep me from voting I would not have cast a ballot since Nixon.

BobbyWC said...

Hey, hey, hey - nixon was my man - he won the cold war and his welfare reform is what Clinton eventually had passed.

Nixon's downfall was over a campaign incident which is common practice today- somehow I think professional hackers are now helping both parties.

On the issue of Hinojosa I generally agree you cannot make the decision of a boycott based on the election of one person - but in this case - given what he has done to the LRGV and the decision of the state to ignore his crimes against the LRGV I think a message through a boycott is in order

Bobby WC