Saturday, August 4, 2012


If you want to know the substantive truth about what is in someone's heart, you measure their acts and not their words.

I am not saying there was no fraud in this election.  There certainly was.  The fact that both Yolanda Begum and Michael Cowen are promoting abuse and fraud against senior citizens to get the political result they want does not mean Erin Garcia's campaign did not also break the law.

Here is how I know Mike Cowen's concerns are bullshit and politically motivated.  I have had private communications from both Mike Cowen and Erin Garcia through facebook.  I will not repeat what either said in terms of the lawsuit.  I asked both if I could get a copy of the lawsuit so my readers can make up their own mind.  Mike Cowen refused, and Erin Garcia told me that as of the time of my request she had not been served.

Mike Cowen wants to  control what people know.  How is this not playing people in the same way he accuses Erin Garcia?  In substance it is the same thing.  Mike had no problem calling in a paid convicted drunk who for a fee has helped to defraud BISD out of $14.3 million  dollars and for a fee tried to help defraud Brownsville of over $2 million dollars for a bogus airline run by a convicted felon.  No one who knows the facts will ever associate  the word Integrity with Yolanda Begum or Mike Cowen.

Mike claims he is doing this for Brownsville - really? where was Mike when his dad paid politiqueras for votes?  Where was Mike when Yolanda took the law into her own hands and removed Erin Garcia's sign.  Where was Mike when Yolanda Begum abused the seniors by refusing to call the police and report they were being held against their will?  No, Mike blames law enforcement for the mess.  Hey Mike, if your client cares more about posting her propaganda on the internet than calling the police, she is the con artist and the one failing the people, not law enforcement. 

They cannot investigate a crime Yolanda refused to report at the moment these seniors were telling their story.  Reporting it days later is tantamount to reporting it after the criminal has fled the state.  What she did was taint the evidence, and like any incompetent mother left the child to suffer in the hot van while she went into the mall to buy shoes.

My issue is protecting the voters and in particular the seniors against further abuse.  I do not doubt in the hands of the AG parties from both campaigns will be charged with criminal conduct.  This is why Mike Cowen has all the excuses in the world for not pursuing the criminal charge side to stop these abuses.


Mike Cowen seems to think two wrongs make a right.  But then he was raised by Ralph Cowen who paid politiqueras to influence the outcome of his own political race.  This is not about the people, or the integrity of the process - it is about which corrupt side did not win.

I have read the lawsuit, the van issue is the most interesting issue. I personally believe if the law is applied properly both sides will lose votes. When you read the lawsuit it is clear Mr. Cowen has never filed one of these before. It is also clear he has not carefully read the election code, or maybe he has and does not want to open the door to his client having votes voided. The number one issue which could void countless votes is even not alleged. Further, under this method no one has to inquire about the voters thought process. This is my main concern. The voters should not be victimized a second time.

ON THE MENTAL HEALTH ISSUE: - shame on Michael Cowen and Yolanda Begum for being spineless cowards in going after people based on appearance. Further this is yet another area where Cowen either chose to ignore the law, or simply did not care. Unless there is a court order declaring someone mentally ill he has nothing. It is a violation of federal law for the centers to disclose any health issues related to the residents. This means he can only know this if he has checked Cameron County for mental health orders for everyone who voted by van or mail ballot. We all know he has not. So why make so an outrageous allegation other than for shock value?

Texas Constitution Art VI § 1 provides in part that the following people are not allowed to vote

2) persons who have been determined mentally incompetent by a court, subject to such exceptions as the Legislature may make; and

Texas Election Code § 11.002

11.002. QUALIFIED VOTER. In this code, "qualified voter" means a person who: (1) is 18 years of age or older; (2) is a United States citizen; (3) has not been determined mentally incompetent by a final judgment of a court;

The allegation of mental illness was a cheap shot by a desperate party and lawyer. It should be met with sanctions so as to send a clear message Yolanda Begum’s ignorance does not form a basis to void a person’s ballot.

I do not doubt both sides broke many laws in this election, which is why I have pushed so hard to bring in the Texas AG who prosecuted the case of Carlos Medrano in Dallas. The remedy is to put the wrongdoers in jail, and not to further abuse the voters who have already suffered so much at the hands of far too many politicians and their politiqueras.


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I will not publish comments which go to the internal spats in the Begum family. It has nothing to do with why I reopened the BV

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Welcome back.

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Welcome back... you were missed...


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Bobby, I appreciate your honest comments on your blog and the fact that I know you have researched your comments.

Erin H. Garcia