Monday, August 20, 2012


Normally, Hollywood types having health problems bore me and I hate they are considered newsworthy. But this case is different.

My long terms readers know that every August 1st, I discuss women and heart disease. My mother died of a heart attack on August 1, 1977. Three things strike me about this story.

First, she needed to go to google before taking an aspirin.  Last week at bingo I was blown away to learn that not one of the senior citizens knew the importance of aspirin in controlling strokes and heart attacks.  How is this possible.  If you have chest pains pop a baby aspirin.

Second, she did not immediately go to the doctor.

Third, here is a woman worth millions, and she either never bothered to have a cardio work up as she approached 50, or she did and the tests proved fruitless.  In my family I  can tell you the stress test with nuclear dye is worthless.  We now have three documented cases where the test is negative and within 24 hours there is a problem.  One sister actually died within 24 hours of a normal stress test.

To all my female readers - take control of your heart.  If you have insurance demand the proper testing.  When the doctor tells you are imagining things - find a different doctor.  Now unfortunately, acid reflux is a false alarm all too often.  Before I pop a nitrate I always drink a glass of soy milk along with  taking 4 Gaviscon.  If the chest pain goes away, I know it was gas.  If it does not I pop the nitrate.  I maybe pop 2 nitrates a year for possible angina.  It is a precautionary thing.

Baby aspirin is cheap - you should take one every day.  You should have some in your glove compartment, purse, brief case - you name it.  You never know when you or someone else may need it.


Anonymous said...

Thanks Bobby, good info for us women. Again THANKS!

Anonymous said...

Great advice! Aspirin is a good blood thinner. People need to be cautious with it if they are experiencing any bleeding especially internal.

BobbyWC said...

You are correct, and thanks for extending the discussion in a positive and informative way