Thursday, August 23, 2012


Life has taught me people hate when I deal in reality. BISD is hopeless. No one is running worth voting for. Yes, Presas-Garcia needs to go. But multiple sources have told me that neither Don Clupper nor Butch Barbosa will pull out.  The Herald will never print the truth.  The Herald will not accept ads which tell the truth.  Presas-Garcia can win in a  three way with 34%.   Any candidate who tells you they are the only hope suffers from delusions of grandeur.  No one is the only hope.

Some people may think that Otis Powers has an easy win.  Really?  He lost to an illiterate moron who was in bankruptcy when she beat him.  Arg Miller could easily win this one.

It is way too late to try and educate the people.  Had Otis Powers kept his promise about SAVE BISD, the settlement never would have happened.  The people of Brownsville would have known the truth and the majority never would have spent $1.5 million on settlement. At this point I put 100% of the blame for the settlement on Otis Powers.  While we can all agree he is a better option than Arg Miller, so what? - he remains only interested in this election for his own gains.


None of the blogs have expressed outrage.  With Yolanda Begum and CAVA backing Arg Miller, no blog will be expressing outrage.  Cheezmeh gets an A+ for multiple posts to try and raise outrage, but the reality is only a handful of people expressed outrage.

You cannot win battles based on what the voices in your head are telling you.  The people in Brownsville have no idea what is happening.  It is too late to educate them.  You can thank Otis Powers and his lies about SAVEBISD for that.


Several weeks ago several friends came to Brownsville to convince me to help with a business they want to create in Brownsville.  I said no - hell no.  I knew I was going to win the discussion when one of them said "you've got to be kidding me, they still have not fixed Iowa?"  "Yep"  I said " - our city commission is filled with morons.  They have no idea the message Iowa sends to prospective investors"

I took them to SPI to stay for a couple of days.  They could not believe how bad the hotel service was.  They could not be believe how bad the food was at every restaurant.  Even a family member of mine who had been here several weeks earlier could not believe how down hill the restaurants have gone.  Oh, and do not stay at La Copa - I did not know customer service could be that bad.

What was the business deal?  The investment was going to be about $500 - $600 thousand for a full service gym - including pool, racquetball, basketball, and steam room, TV lounge  and porters with coffee in the locker rooms.  Next door was going to be an after work cocktail lounge with appetizers and then a piano bar later in the evening.  Finally we were going to put in a soup and salad bar next door.  We know from experience in other cities this type combination will bring in high  dollar clientele.

When they left, they agreed with me - Brownsville is not the place.  I think the disaster which is Iowa  convinced them Brownsville's leadership opposes moving forward.  In the next couple of months we will look at a location in NW San Antonio.


BobbyWC said...

Comment rejected - you can say what you need to say without going to insults - I agree - in my opinion Mary Rey lied in her deposition when she said she did not know about the ads - only people with an adversion to the truth believe her - she continues to play both sides - she is as trustworthy as Carlos Quintanilla -how anyone can mention Arg Miller and not mention her love affair with Carlos Quintanilla is mindnumbing.

Put in the end - no matter what happens the children will lose - so like I said - let it go -

Bobby WC

Anonymous said...

iowa? what about emery watts? or amelia earhart drive? these streets represent the new exit to the airport ever since paid parking was implemented... They are unlighted, overgrown and surrounded by abandoned buildings. there is no adequate signage directing you out of the airport. it is downright frightening at night to a local. i can only imagine what a tourist thinks. they should terminate minnesota drive at norton drive coming from the south to keep all the locals from cutting through the airport. they should invest in some proper lighting and try to create a proper exit with overhead signs...and they should reconstruct iowa as a divided boulevard. it's almost as if any of our commissioners have never flown to any other cities to see what an airport is supposed to look like.

Anonymous said...

We need new leaders, you are correct. Heaven only knows when we will have them.

BobbyWC said...

I see no time in the near future good people running for public office. I'm a huge advocate of free speech - like I've said many times, we need more blogs - but with that said - we also need an educated electorate who refuses to read the blogs which post insulting bogus allegations against elected officials or people who are running. It is a very difficult job being a moderator - you want to allow for speech, but you do not want to encourage the type speech which seeks to deceive the people or which needlessly insults public officials. Satire is important - I have used it at times in ways which has offended people - there is no bright line on any of this

But why would anyone who cares about their privacy or family run for public office when Brownsville has the type blogs it has - trust me people get hurt - family members get hurt - people have just decided best to not get involved.

Politics has always been nasty - but today it is just down right vile

Bobby WC