Friday, August 31, 2012


Below is from my June 4, 2012, post related to BISD nothing has changed.

"I will not be party to helping a new group take control for control of the contracts. I have been lied to so many times about any day now lawsuits will be filed or that a city wide campaign will be started to educate the people of Brownsville about the truth at BISD. It is all lies. I will not be played anymore."

"The BV will not be party to such a treachery on the people of Brownsville"

Nothing has changed.  The BV is up because of the election contest.  BISD has become an issue because I need to keep my readers busy while I wait on information related to the election contest.  Hopefully, it will be over with come Friday.  If it is, the BV will be down.  No one will be authorized to review the archives. 


Everyone says the children, the children - none of the candidates even seem to know children attend BISD.  It is 100% about controlling the money and contracts.

Whether the current board stays in office or a new board is elected, nothing in  terms of the children will change.  They are not even on the agenda.

Someone tried to post a comment alleging I am endorsing one side or the other.  See my comment above - I am not. 

I have done nothing but trash Otis Powers - how in god's name is that an  endorsement.  I stand by my name for Peña - no vale la pena Peña.  All current BISD Board members are worthless and could not care a rats ass about the children.

This endless tit for tat is not helping the children.  You have not read a  nice thing written by me about Barbosa or Chirinos in terms of their views on children. In fact the Barbosa/Presas-Garcia race is a 20 year old feud between Pat Lehmann and Butch Barbosa.  It has nothing to do with the children.

So please, anyone who claims I have endorsed them is lying.   

"The BV will not be party to such a treachery on the people of Brownsville"


The government cannot balance the budget without drastic tax increases on everyone and drastic cuts in the budget. Both would tank the world economy. Europe is on the verge of economic collapse - Ireland, Spain, Portugal and Greece are broke.

You cannot take a trillion dollars out the US economy and expect all to be well.  It will destroy the US economy.  Millionaires can afford to pay more taxes.  I have never bought the line of $250,000.  It may sound like a lot but in many states it is basically a middle income wage.

We cannot continue to borrow - we cannot tax - we cannot do the type budget cuts needed.  I do not  care who wins - nothing will change - the deficit will continue to grow at record rates. 

The problem is, both parties are looking at the same old remedies.  Neither Party is willing to admit our old system has failed.  It is time to deal with this reality.  The only thing left to raise revenue is for governments to go into business.  The first step is to stop giving away natural resources for pennies on the dollar.  It is time the American people own the oil wells and mines on federal lands.  It is time the profits go to fund the government and balance the budget.

Brownsville other than a lack of insight, could own a major import export company by picking up on the Pan Am model.  It could turn into a major source of revenue to fund the city.  I can assure you there is no one in city government who has a  clue about what I just said.  They want a new terminal at  the airport because of a capacity problem.  But they remain clueless that Boca Chica Blvd is well past capacity.  The airport needs to be moved to 511, with a new 12,000 runway.



Anonymous said...

This comment is about the children, but more about the idiocy in the administrators that claim to know what they are doing.

I have two children attending Hanna. They came home complaining that they had no place to sit down to eat at lunch time. Being the first day of school, I told them ti give them a few days for things to settle down. Not! It turns out that these so called professionals scheduled a single lunch period for the 3200 kids with only about a thousand seats for them to sit at! Are principals this dumb or do they even care about the children? This really baffles me!

BobbyWC said...

something is not right here - there is more to this - call the school - I do not believe they could even feed that many kinds in such a short period of time - also I do not see how it holds that many kids - so call teh school - you are not getting teh full story from your kids

Anonymous said...

I did call, they went to block scheduling and allowed for one lunch period. The numbers are correct.

Anonymous said...

2700 Students and 40+ minutes to eat. Make no sense. My kid is there too.

Anonymous said...

Please tell parents to call the principals and/or the superintendent about the lunch schedules. I called the Food Service Dept. and spoke to a very kind supervisor who said they have nothing to do with how classes are scheduled. They asked that parents contact the school administration.

Anonymous said...

Yep, it is true. The Smart Administration Staff at Hanna scheduled in one 45 minute lunch period for almost 3000. Do they care if you child eats. I THINK NOT!!! Can we really believe that the Administrator at Hanna knows what she is doing. HECK NO!!! What Fool believes you can feed more than 1,000 students in 45 minutes. Maybe 1,000 students leave campus to eat and the other 1,000 just do not eat. Oh Yeah I forgot, the FOOLS at Hanna believe they can feed almost 3,000 in 45 minutes. Not even the surrounding resturants can handle those students in 45 minutes. One Lunch Hour will work for Hanna's student body. LOL, LOL, LOL, LOL, YEAH RIGHT!!! In Your DREAMS!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

I am not sure, although I think that all of the high schools have essentially the same schedule as Hanna, and do have a shorter lunch period than last year. Suffice to say that it is difficult to feed 3000+ students in 45 minutes, and yes some of the students may not have eaten lunch. Although before you start calling people fools, call the school and see if you can get permission to come down to the school and see how lunch is handled at Hanna High School. It is not a perfect system right now, and changes are being made to accommodate the students that want to have lunch at school. If you really think that you have a better idea then contact the school and volunteer to be on the SBDM, parents or community members are always welcome.

Anonymous said...

Better idea! Yes, you screwed up and now your blaming the community for not being more involved. There are only 800 seats available for the children to sit down and eat. How can you expect that the children are going to enjoy eating standing up. You cannot run that school with one lunch period, if you think it's going to get better, it is not. The only logistical solution is to have more than one lunch period. Even if you close down the gym and put tables and chairs in there, you are not going to solve the problem. You have to put food in their hands which you can't and if they take 45 minutes to get through the lines, when are they going to eat it? One of the big problems with educators is that many lack common sense and they never get of their asses to vote!