Wednesday, August 15, 2012


A source is telling me Erin Garcia was finally served on Tuesday after her return from vacation.  This means possibly another week before an answer is filed.  This further means the earliest for a pretrial hearing would be next week, or even the week after.  This now puts the trial set for an early September date.  Erin Garcia will not be heard complaining about the delay in the trial date  Like I said, when I did defense in an Election Contest case, I filed an answer for my client the day she was sued.  The case was well under way within 24 hours.

As a public servant you have a duty to confront these allegations head on.  Erin Garcia and her counsel have chosen not to confront the allegations head on.  Now, Mike Cowen cannot complain because he is getting extra time to develop the case.  It is sad the people are never served when politicians use the flaws in the law to their advantage, whether in the election itself or in court.


Anonymous said...

Many inferences can be drawn from the fact that you are getting zero to an extremely few comments on your site. Maybe you should go back to the shit that is BISD.

BobbyWC said...

You infer all you want, but my num bers are nearly 100% recovered. I have no interest in BISD. I did notice that yesterday several school districts had yesterday as teh deadline to have your name placed on the ballot.

No, when the election contest or any criminal proceedings are done - the BV will be done