Sunday, August 12, 2012


Judge Bañales really needs to set a status hearing to set deadlines for  discovery and trial date - discovery is typically only 10 days in an election contest this short on time.  Judge Bañales hands are tied until Erin Garcia files an answer.  Hopefully her attorney will file an appearance today so the case can get started.  It does not serve the interest of the people if Erin Garcia uses the process to run the clock out.

If anything happens during the day I will update the BV.  For now I am trying to get someone to go to the Stapleton/Rosenthal hearing.  It should be a bloodbath, unless one of the two blink before the hearing.  I am really looking forward to how Stapleton intends to explain his contract with the consulate.  Imagine this, VBMC enters a contract with a lawyer to send all accident cases to one lawyer.  The lawyer then goes to court and argues you must hire him because of his contract with VBMC.  If this is not Stapleton's argument, why did he put it in his affidavit? 

Newsflash Eddie  Boy - the 13th Amendment abolished servitude.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for your blog. I'm sure a lot of people missed it during your hiatus.

Anonymous said...

Great having you back. The idea of "No Sacred Cows" is the basis of good journalism.
Not that I agree with everything you post, but I like that you don't distract from issues with childish, vulgar comments from readers.
Keep the light on, Bobby! It's dark out here.