Wednesday, August 8, 2012


There are two ways to find out about court filings.  You can pay a clerk $5.00 to check for filings, or you can access their public web page.  The public web page as of this morning is not showing an appearance by a lawyer for Erin Garcia.  In cases like this it is always best to file an answer before the person is served.  In the case I did in Dallas, within 24 hours of my client being sued I already had the first of many mandamuses against the judge in the case.  The moron entered a TRO against my client removing her from office before she was even sworn in.  There were two problems with this [1] he was a sitting judge and thereby barred from acting in the case, and [2] the election code expressly bars removing the candidate from office until all appeals have been exhausted.  Hey, but since when does the law matter to judges?

I am also surprised to not see an order appointing a  visiting judge.  It is very well possible Judge Olvera has already appointed a visiting judge, and the clerk has not  entered the order.

As soon as I know something I will post the information to the BV.


I am getting flooded with information about this, that and everything under the sun.  I have no interest in BISD.  You are waisting your time sending me anything.  I will not even finish reading it once I see it relates to BISD.  Further, as to the candidates - stop coming to me to use the BV to promote your candidacy.  It is not going to happen.  I have no interest in BISD, beyond an TEA or federal court take over.


My only interest is the election contest and the fraud which both  sides perpetrated on the voters.  It is very clear to me Mike Cowen cannot control Yolanda Begum and her cyberpolitiqueros.  I know the leadership and business community in Brownsville.  Mike Cowen is killing himself professionally on this one - not because the issue is not important, because it is, but because Begum is driven to keep the lies, deception and defamation going through her cyberpolitiqueros.  Until she denounces them she will be defined by them.

In law, competent lawyers know that although an issue may have merit, some clients are so bad and evil that by representing them you only make matters worse.  Another failed election contest will only make it more difficult for legislative change.  But criminal indictments and convictions could force the state legislature to act. 

Mike would do well to follow my lead and use his resources in not representing Yolanda Begum, but to collect the evidence and force the Texas AG to bring the full force and effect of their office down on the criminal acts which occurred in this election.  The AG needs to carefully look to the campaigns of Yolanda Begum, Erin Garcia, Carlos Masso, Abel Gomez, and Ruben Cortez and maybe others.  I  would also suggest the AG do a forensic audit of Linda Salazar's office to determine how may criminal cases/tickets have been dismissed sua sponte.  On the latter the county should do same.  These sua sponte dismissals are costing the county money.  The Linda Salazar case may actually be the fastest path to putting some politiqueras in jail.  There is a reason the politiqueras worked so many mail ballots for someone without an opponent.  If what Sheriff Lucio told me 4 years ago is true, that reason is the politiqueras get paid by the defendants after the politiquera gets the traffic citations dismissed.

Mike would do well to distance himself from Yolanda Begum and her cyberpolitiqueros and work with real evidence, not the nonsense of the con artist Yolanda Begum and her cyberpolitiqueros, to convince Eddie Lucio III to introduce legislation which fixes  the problems.  This must include making all election related crimes at least a state jail felony.

The constitutional rights of the voters make proving many claims very difficult.  But there will always be a hand full of criminal acts which can be proven.  This lesson was clearly proven in the Carlos Medrano case in Dallas.

People keep on asking me how it is I was able to break the story about the election contest.  I tell everyone the same thing.  Jim Barton told me.  Now, Jim could spend the rest of his life trying to figure out how, and he will not.  Jim is always reliable for compromising Yolanda Begum by providing inside information as to what is going on behind the scenes.  Idiots reads word.  People with strong critical thinking skills read for substance and motivation.  People would be amazed what they could learn when they read for substance and motivation.

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