Friday, August 31, 2012


"Quintanilla posted pathetic gross lies about myself and other on this page, has ripped off BISD and gave us Cati Presas... he is now setting up Chirinos, Barbosa, Powers and Mine in a slate to make sure he continues to control BISD."

Now we all know this is a bold face lie by Erasmos.  Why?  Well he is mad that Linda Gill, his  friend is friends and on the phone with Carlos Quintanilla.  I get you do not out a friend.  But to bold face lie about who Quintanilla backing so you can help a  friend who is on the phone with Quintanilla is another thing.


Cheezmeh has the potential of being a great page for all of Brownsville.  Its real danger is when idiots like Donald Clupper posts comments telling seniors to not pay their taxes because they cannot be evicted from their home.  I do not have access to posting at Cheezmeh so I asked Erasmos to post my comment warning people to ignore Clupper's advice.  Erasmos refused and just let the bad advice stand.

Being a moderator is no easy task.  But when you decide that you are going to back people like Linda Gill for no better reason than she is your friend while ignoring the fact she has told you she is on the phone with Quintanilla making promises, or Donald Clupper for no better reason than he using your page to promote himself, you change the potential of Cheezmeh. 

People will have strong and differing opinions.  A well moderated page will show that - but a bold face lie is not about strong and differing opinions.

But when you bold face lie and say   he (Quintanilla) is now setting up Chirinos, Barbosa, Powers and Mine in a slate to make sure he continues to control BISD."

you are telling the people of Brownsville to go boink themselves.

I have said nothing about Cheezmeh's essential silence on BISD once he realized his friend (Linda Gill) was in bed with Carlos Quintanilla - I understand the friendship problem - but this Erasmos - do you really believe this has not done major problems to your credibility?

It is all sad because in the hands of a good moderator- who will correct people when they make stupid statements about the law.  Cheezmeh has done good things, and will continue to good things - but I must say when Erasmos posts bold face lies about who Quintanilla is backing, he does a  disservice to all of the people who rely on Cheezmeh.

And for the record, your reasoning for not covering Quintanilla's foreclosure is bogus.  The reports are clear - it had nothing to do with taxes.  This was a pathetic attempt to further run your cover for Ernie.  Carlo's foreclosure was about not paying his mortgage - it had nothing to do with taxes.  It is newsworthy because it shows he needs money.  That is the entire reason he is in Brownsville.

Further, your claims about how the IRS works is 100% wrong.  I have worked with many federal agencies and the IRS has the best employees of any federal agency.  They work hard to work with people.  They have no desire to put businesses out of business.  People who do IRS work know if you want to come out happy with the IRS - just be honest.

If Ernie hired the right people the IRS will waive all interest and penalties and then reduce his bill to somewhere between 50-75% of the original bill. 

The IRS is not some monster you want people to believe they are.  They are hard working people who find honest compromise with everyone who is honest in their dealings with the IRS.  All honest people win when they work with the IRS.


Anonymous said...

Candidares supported by Quintanilla to continue extracting money from our children are: Argelia Miller, Cata Presas, Linda Gill, and Shirley Bowman.

Anonymous said...

What Brownsville Cheezmeh needs is a whole lotta humility. Humble pie. They also need to give credit where credit is due. They spend way too much time taking credit for anything and everything in Brownsville when they should be giving credit to the community. They wouldn't know a thing about what transpires here unless there informants or anonymous people wouldn't submit information. Instead of saying this or that happened "Because of ME", they should be saying "I cannot take credit. This goes to you-the community". The guy is from Austin. I've always been curious as to why he's so into the chisme here and not Austin. Is there an Austin Cheezmeh? Doubt it.

BobbyWC said...

Not to defend Erasmos but a lot of people stay connected to their communities - also is it not his intend to come back when he is done learning to be a preacher

Anonymous said...

Come election time I am going to vote for whom I chose. But my voting is alot in part due to the fact that two family members have served in Iraq and one is currently in Afanganistan. Because of them and the many folks before them that have given their lives I have the FREEDOM to vote. Thank you to those who are and have served. To you guys that are running and not doing it for the right reasons, SHAME on you.

Anonymous said...

Just to clarify, studying Theology does not necessarily mean one is going to be a preacher...