Friday, August 3, 2012


I posted what is below to the Brownsville Herald.  It is in response to the misleading claims of CrossFire ands it support of CAVA which is anything but an independent organization.  You cannot be independent when the person funding your so called reward is the son of the candidate you claim is the victim.  My readers know how I have outlined how CAVA has turned a blind eye to all the claims of wrongdoing by the Begum campaign. Cameron County needs a real CAVA which will take both sides in the campaign to task.

Here is my Herald Post:

Here is the problem. First as to CrossFires point - not totally honest. When Yolanda Begum got caught taking down Erin’s sign, CAVA said no big deal - I do not remember Cross Fire complaining. When Yolanda Begum’s poll watcher got caught illegally releasing information related to early voting, CAVA said - "maybe we need better training of poll watchers." When Yolanda Begum failed to call the police to report the claims of the seniors allegedly being held in vans and instead posted the interviews to the internet, CAVA was dead silent. Any reputable person would have called the police to stop the practice immediately. No, Yolanda Begum used it as a political weapon while ignoring the violated voter.

CAVA claims they are against voter abuse, but yet they stand with Yolanda Begum and her attorney in violating the sanctity of the ballot. If that is not voter abuse, I have no idea what voter abuse is. They also hide from the fact that Alex Begum, Yolanda’s son has put up the money for the so called reward. CAVA is anything but independent.

NO HONEST PERSON IS SAYING A CRIME WAS NOT COMMITTED, but to prove the crime do you violate the victim twice? According to Yolanda Begum and her attorney the answer is yes.

THERE IS A REMEDY which protects the voters and the community - it is called a grand jury referral. Anyone can google the name of Carlos Medrano, Dallas JP. He was removed from office after being convicted of voter fraud. He too used politiqueras. The Dallas DA refused to prosecute.

Every citizen has the right to take any criminal matter directly to the grand jury. If Yolanda Begum cared more about the people than her desire to hold office that is exactly what she would do. In Dallas the Texas Attorney General took the case after the DA refused to prosecute. This worked. Any attorney who understands criminal law cold have this case before a grand jury in 24 hours and the same AG who successfully prosecuted Carlos Medrano.

For anyone interested below is the trial testimony from the Pena/Hernandez trial. The witness testimony starts at page 73.

What you will read is how voters were violated by both sides. Some were tricked into voting a certain way, some had their ballots stolen and some were forced to discuss how they voted even though they did nothing wrong and there were no irregularities with their ballot.

How far do we go in invading the privacy of the ballot to prove election fraud? Over 200 hundred voters will need to be interviewed and their right of privacy violated. If Cameron county voters want to go this far, shame on them.

THE BETTER OPTION IS, do the grand jury referral. Get the full force and effect of the Texas AG investigating 5-10 good examples of criminal conduct and then put the bad people in jail.

I do not want to hear I am defending the fraud. I am not - I am saying lets take the loser out of it and make the victimization of the citizens the issue and then put the criminals in jail. This worked in Dallas and in fact ended up in having the winner removed from office. This is the better option for anyone who truly believes IN stopping voter abuse.


Michael Cowen said...

I tried getting the AG's office involved during early voting. This was the response:

Thanks for your email. Because of the nature of election fraud cases--and to foster confidence that all investigations are both just and impartial--the OAG only investigates election fraud referrals from law enforcement and elections officials.

BobbyWC said...

So what you are saying is, the BPD, the sheriff, and Roger Ortiz have already turned you down?

Have you done the grand jury referral. the grand jury can ask for assistance.

What you prove her Michael is you do not understand the system. Have you contacted the prosecuting attorney in the Carlos Medrano case?

A thousand things to do - and nothing but excuses

Bobby WC

Anonymous said...

YEAH!!!!!! Bobby----no sacred cows!!!!!!

Just tells it like it is .

You,sir, have been missed.

Blessings dear heart.