Thursday, August 30, 2012


After he swears under oath about renting from Mama Perez at 312 St. Charles, at minute 2 Mary Rey, the owner of the home calls him a liar.

Instead of playing games, Carlito - just say it "My home was never foreclosed on."  Yea you just will not say it, because as my emails prove, Tim Fleet and I did talk via email exactly as I said.

This is not even a challenge - nothing Ted Parker does will get Carlito to shut up - nothing - again this is not even a challenge.

Oh, I learned today, Powers, Barbosa, Pena, and Chirinos will not be raising the Healthsmart or Ted Parker issue.  They do not believe he is backing anyone this time around.  They do not want anyone talking about the refiling of the lawsuit out of fear Ted Parker will intervene in the election.  Now you know the name of the four complete idiots who are unaware the cat is already out of the bag, and the stench of Ted Parker is already all over this election.


Apaprently the bad check is from a 2011, case.  There was an insufficient bond issue.  A new bond for $1,500 was approved, after his arrest.


Anonymous said...

Bobby, You have always backed up your commentary with documentation and this is what makes the Brownsville Voice unique and a fovorite. Today you wrote that Powers, Barbosa, Chirinos, and Pena do not wish to revisit the Healthsmart/Parker issue. Have you spoken to any of these candidates directly, or is this just rumor?

BobbyWC said...

ZI spoke with someone close to the campaigns- I am hoping through pressure to get them to act. I was I was old this by someone close to the campaigns.

The thing is I cannot find any evidence these 4 are even running a campaign - when are they going to start - December?

Anonymous said...

I do not know who you spoke to, but I can assure you that the wheels are in motion, albeit not as fast as many would like. Patience is a virtue. These four are greasing the wheels. You will be made proud for all your efforts.

BobbyWC said...

I will be as happy as humanly possible if I am wrong - thanks for the comments

Anonymous said...

"I am hoping through pressure to get them to act". Since you singled out these four, it sure sounds like an endorsement. If it is not an endorsement, it is definitely a statement warning voters of the alternative (sitting majority) and continuing discord. Thanks for keeping Brownsville informed.

BobbyWC said...

You do not need to endorse somneone when the other choice is 4 people who stand with the BISD corruption, Ted parker and Carlos Quintanilla

No one doubts that Cata, Arg, Linda, and Sylvia are all running to keep things the same. Like I said - if want things to stay the same vote for them - if you want change vote for Powers, barbosa, Chirinos, and Pena.

All I am doing is painting a picture - every reader needs to decide for themselves

I have no need to endorse anyone and will not, and next week the BV will go down after the Election Contest is over.

In fact I am expecting to leave for China and Tibet for 3 weeks - I will not even be in the country leading up to the election.

Like I said - neither side is particularly appealing - I have been clear about this - all I have done is paint a picture - everyone must decide for themselves based on the facts.

Bobby WC

BobbyWC said...

Another thing on endorsements - I made clear I was not going to be party to anyone using BISD for their personal gain.

In all likelihood I will not even vote. I will be out of the country all of early voting, and in all likelihood be in NY on election day. My flight to Bejing is through Newark - I expect to hold over for a week in NY for a family matter.

I actually do not feel bad one bit about not voting in this election.

Bobby WC

Anonymous said...

Thanks Bobby for all you have done for us; however, I do think you should vote, every vote counts. It sounds like you have a wonderful trip ahead of you - may you go with God's blessings but please don't go without casting YOUR vote. Some are left behind trying to win this uphill battle.

BobbyWC said...

This battle belongs to Brownsville - brownsville must vote - each side must work their voters - I am looking forward to my 6 days in Tibet which will include Buddist mediation training -

I will not be here for early voting, and in all likelihood be in NY for election day -

Brownsville needs to decide what is best for Brownsville - it is time Brownsville take a stand one way or the other and end this endless battle between the same people over and over again- it is beyond boring

Anonymous said...

Thank you for all that you do! Don't worry about voting, around here we can vote twice if we know the right people. We got you covered. Lol!

Anonymous said...

I missed my court date and showed up on the wrong date. It was resolved it had nothing to do with a new check and thanks for giving me the information on Tim Fleet and his in house counsel. I am sure that you will be looking with great detail on what my next step will be. Enjoy Tibet and much respect to the Dali Lama a great man, maybe you will learn something from him.

Carlos Quintanilla.

BobbyWC said...

actually no, I will not be interested in your next step - so long as you stayed out of Brownsville you were not discussed - you chose to reenter the discussion.

I have no worries for Tim Fleet - the foreclosure is a public record - all of the fly frontera documents are public records - you cannot sue someone for discussion that which is in the public record

BobbyWC said...

carlito you lack of knowledge is amazing - the Dali Lama has not been in Tibet since 1959 - why would I respect a man who abandoned his people for a life or privilege in the West? - this man knows nothing about the sacrifices of the great monks of Tibet - he would not last a week living the true life of a Dali Lama - his actions have only brought needless oppression on the people of Tibet -

there is nothing the Dali Lama has to teach anyone except how to use his heritage to con people -

Now I get why you like him