Friday, August 31, 2012


The complaint is well known to my readers. - see page 16 where original signed complaint starts

The timing could not be better, with the BISD election coming.  The initial complaint involved allegations he converted felony DWI's to misdemeanor DWI's for Juan Montoya, used his office as a judge to lobby Pery Ramirez of Organizacion Choferes Unidos to vote for Escobedo, Longoria, and Saavedra.  See page 16 of complaint of above for original complaint.

I later added retaliation.  They also had for consideration Mary Rey's deposition which tied Ben Neece to the PAC and Carlos Quintanilla.

I cannot say at this time which Canons they found he violated.  It is a Private Sanction.  Eventually their web page will be updated with summaries.  In the Private Sanction summaries they do not name the judge, but they state the facts related to the judge.  When that becomes available hopefully someone will cover it.  Remember come next Friday if the election contest is done, the BV is done.

And for the idiot who will post some dumb comment that I am violating the order by disclosing this - the confidentiality is imposed on the Commission, not me or Ben Neece.


Pery Ramirez on August 24, 2012, was suspended by BISD.  This is a clear black and white violation of her rights.  My source for now is an anony post I got.  I was investigating and have run into walls.  I am trying to learn if she has an attorney.


Anonymous said...

Suspensions are usually with pay while an investigation is being conducte. Most of these do not result in anything but the person being allowed to go back to work.

BobbyWC said...

Now that the bus drivers can show Pery Ramirez was suspended as a form of harasment for signing the affidavit against Ben Neece, I suspect they will be real firm in the votes against Presas-Garcia, Arg Miller, Sylvia Bowman and Linda Gill.

If Pery ramirez were to file a retaliation complaint with the Civil rights Enforcement Commission it could lead to a criminal indictment against Carl Montoya

BobbyWC said...

I will not allow for posts which question Ben Neece's legal skills or speculation as to why and who suspended Pery Ramiriz - If I get the facts I will post them

Anonymous said...

Why does Ben Neece still hold a job at the city? With his alledged assult on his wife and the alledged marijuana found at the residence,and now this! Why is he still a JUstice of the peace?

BobbyWC said...

First, he is not a justice of the peace - he is a municipal judge - second he was cleared of all charges - but if he contract says a condition of that contract is compliance with the rules of professional conduct for judges, the city would now be able to fire him - but they will not - If I know Tony Martinez he will now recommend the municipal building be named after Ben Neece