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AN UPDATE:  I just read Montoya's account of their meeting with Judge Cascos and Roger Ortiz.  It blows my mind how little the truth matters.  From Montoya "she (meaning Flores from CAVA) said that the appointment of the judges had been left to the discretion of Adriana Villarreal, who has a known personal relationship with the siblings of Amadeo Rodriguez Jr."  Flores is a bold face liar.  The election code is clear, the Party Chairs make the appointments.  When I asked Roger about this he verified the Party Chairs make the appointments and in fact that Jared Hockema verified he appointed Linda Castro.  Why is it Flores is so compelled to lie?  I am certain she had no credibility with Cascos.  When I was with Cascos and Ortiz he asked Roger about this claim and Roger explained to Cascos there was no truth to her claims.  The Election code is black and white on this issue. Roger verified he spoke with Jared Hockema, and Jared Hockema verified he made the appointments as provided for by the code.

 This woman is not even smart enough  to check the election code before publishing her lies.  She is a fool if she thinks Cascos is going to do anything more than a perfunctory move of forwarding her demands to the SOS.  This is his job.  But he certainly knows people who deal in reality, meaning the SOS, will ignore her demands.  They are not going to use taxpayer money to do a forensic audit without first being given clear evidence of a problem.  And like I said in my original post below, even today CAVA presented no evidence to support its claims.


Knowing that earlier in the morning Judge Cascos and Roger Ortiz met with Yolanda Begum's cyberpolitiqueros and the fraud organization known as CAVA, I asked Roger again.  Has anyone provided you with a criminal complaint related to the election?  To my amazement he said no.  Think about this, they were given an opportunity to show Judge Cascos and Roger Ortiz their evidence, and they didn't.  But yet Roger Ortiz is guilty of a cover-up.

Why do Yolanda Begum and her henchman lie?  Because the truth and facts do not serve their agenda of corruption  and deception.  Remember how they  accused Roger Ortiz of hiring Linda Castro as an election judge.  A total lie.  Will they post an apology - no they will not.

When I read the lie I immediately checked the election code.  I knew enough that Roger did not hire the Election Judges.  The Election Judges are appointed by the Political Parties.  I also knew enough to know that Roger would not be so stupid as to hire someone so close to the Erin Garcia campaign.

When your only argument against Roger Ortiz is endless lies, we can fairly say you are a con artist.   They were given an opportunity to put on Judge Cascos desk the evidence they have, and what did they produce - nothing.  I have an assurance my criminal complaint will be forwarded to the SOS and the AG who would in all likelihood prosecute the case.

Oh, why did I have a private audience with Judge Cascos and Roger Ortiz?  Because I was able to ask for it.  Why in gods name would anyone who cares about the truth, our community, or the facts agree to meet as equals with Yolanda Begum's cyberpolitqueros or CAVA.  Plus, I was not going to be able to have a frank and honest conversation if the meeting was not private.  The meeting was productive.


Like I posted last night - Roger and I met yesterday.  Something we agreed on was educating the seniors at the target 51 senior centers. 

The goal is, but no guarantee, to make a 15 minute video to be shown at the 51 centers for the purpose of educating the seniors about their mail ballot and how to protect it.  It is my understanding the video will also address being taken to the polls in a van.  It is my understanding a staff member will make arrangements to show the video to both the residents and staff members at the centers.

Another idea Roger is going with is, the campaigns and senior centers will be told that if they pull up in a van within 100 feet of the polling place with campaign material on the outside of the van, the driver and possibly others will be charged accordingly with violation of the election code.  His staff will be trained to insure that if voters are voting from a van that there is no visible campaign material within the van.  If there is the driver and others will be charged under the election code.  This one can be tricky because they will need to make sure the campaign material is not owned by the voter.


I do not see how there is a trial at this point.  I think the clock will run.  When Erin Garcia's attorney files her answer he can and should seek discovery using Interrogatories.  The Interrogatories are simple,  "For each voter whose vote you claim should not count, state the name of the voter and the applicable Election Code provision which voids the ballot."  This is just an example.  I would actually track the language of each allegation in the lawsuit.  Here is the problem, if the court does not shorten the time to respond Begum has 30 days to respond.   By that time the clock has run.  If the court shortens it to 10 days  that puts us several days into September.  Remember in all likelihood we are looking for a deadline of September 7, 2012.

If Michael Cowen does not disclose enough names in the discovery responses to force a change in the result, as a matter of law the judge will have to dismiss the lawsuit.  Michael Cowen is barred from putting on any evidence he does not disclose in properly served discovery.


Even as of this morning, after being afforded an opportunity to deliver over to Judge Cascos and Roger Ortiz all of their evidence of criminal conduct they produced nothing.


Roger Ortiz has assured me that he will deliver to the proper authorities my legislative reforms to help address this problem. 

The problem with Yolanda Begum's cyberpolitiqueros and CAVA is they live in a world of ignorance.  CAVA can have a billion signatures demanding a forensic audit and without direct evidence of a real problem, the SOS will just ignore it.  Judge Cascos is smart enough to forward on the request.  But he is also smart enough to know the lawyers at the SOS will shred the request because a petition drive is not evidence.   Given the fact they have yet to produce one piece of evidence, why would the SOS or AG take them seriously.

These people are actually hurting reform.  I realize the people associated with Yolanda Begum are not the brightest bulbs in the room.  But lawyers and legislators who work on reform know, you cannot seek to change the law based on the rantings of people with a personal bias for the candidate who lost.

I know I have a good chance of getting the Texas Legislature to bar campaigning beginning 3 days before the mail ballots hit at these 51 centers because I deal in facts and reality.  I know how to argue the issue.   The Supreme Court has upheld very limited campaign limits up to 30 days before the election.  I know enough the legislative record needs to justify the bar on campaigning.  The Hernandez/Peña trial transcript provides solid evidence that seniors had their mail ballots stolen.  I know enough to know we must produce the evidence that these seniors are easily manipulated by the campaigns.  The State has a legitimate interest in protecting voters easily manipulated by the campaigns


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