Sunday, June 3, 2012


Univision wants to interview pro Boca Chica residents.

Laura cavazos from Univision is looking to interview folks about the issue. If you're interested, can you call her at 956 429 2525?

There are two separate issues here.  One is to preserve Boca Chica regardless of economic development and one is to save it from SpaceX.  SpaceX and its supporters have reached the point that they cannot be trusted.  No matter what the liars say on their side thousands of people in Brownsville use and care for Boca Chica. 

I am the first to say far too many residents trash the beach.   But it is not all from the visitors.  It has been well documented that the oil rigs and cruise ships dump trash into the gulf.  This trash washes up on our beach.

On line Petition to stop SpaceX at Boca Chica


I am willing to help, but will not lead - a community based group to do a clean-up at Boca Chica which has as its focus the cleaning of Boca Chica and highlighting of its beauty and environmental diversity.  It would need to be nonpolitical.  It must be a group which can have sponsors, but not organized by any group looking for self-promotion.  The group must have one purpose - Preserve Boca Chica.

If people want to have an organizational meeting for Preserve Boca Chica, I am willing to coordinate it, but others will lead.  You can post your name, email, and phone number as an anony post and I will then compile the data.  In a week or so I will email everyone on the list as to a time and date for an organizational meeting.  if someone wants to propose a meeting place have at it.

Again this has to come from the people - if the people will not lead then nothing can come of this.


A business man known in the blogosphere post to the Herald lies about our efforts.  Such unethical conduct is not going to help SpaceX.  We are not  a bunch of loud locals and we are not opposing SpaceX for publicity.  We care for Boca Chica and do not want it destroyed by SpaceX and those easily impressed with shiny objects. The next time this business person posts lies about who we are and our motivations I will go after him and his business.  He has since taken down his posts.

If you support SpaceX make your argument on the merits.  I do understand no one who supports SpaceX can make their argument on the merits because SpaceX is refusing to answer any direct questions.  This should put everyone on notice SpaceX is not playing fair.

SpaceX will be a successful company and make money.  But we do not need another company dependent of corporate welfare from the taxpayers playing the people of Cameron county and Brownsville.

SpaceX refuses to answer any questions.  SpaceX supporters cannot answer any questions because there are no answers at this time.

Unresolved issues:  Environment; security; beach access; real jobs (NASA's initial command center for launch is in Florida, but then the main command center is in Houston - Clear Lake - pay attention people - SpaceX is not going to have its main command center with top paying jobs in Brownsville - they are going to develop it in a city with major universities and resources. - the jobs for Brownsville are limited - in fact I would submit all of the high paying jobs will go to laid off NASA employees - Brownsville will get the janitorial jobs)- SpaceX has promised nothing - it is playing Brownsville against two other possible locations to see which community will put up the most taxpayer money for their corporation with profits going to their shareholders and not Brownsville.

Until SpaceX actually agrees to answer questions it is fair to say all it wants from Brownsville is a bunch local politicians and activists easily impressed with shiny objects.  It blows my mind anyone with even a limited education could possibly support SpaceX on Boca Chica when SpaceX has refused to answer any of the key questions related to the project.

SpaceX is like the pot dealer in highschool - the first couple of times is free - once you are hooked you then learn the consequences of your actions.  SpaceX is just feeding the easily impressed locals enough to get their support and then when it is too late to change course SpaceX will hit them with the truth.

SpaceX is in for a battle in Brownsville which will put its corporate welfare business dealings on the front page.


Anonymous said...

Hi Bobby.

There is also an Petition online. Do you know where?

BobbyWC said...


I posted it at the Herald -


I posted it at the Herald> They ran the story without the link.

This group is asking for more than I am - I am 100% against Boca Chica - but the port area might be viable after an environmental study

But this still leaves the issue or real jobs here and not elsewhere and for the local jobs how many will go to laid off NASA workers and how many to locals.

There is also the issue of security - they cannot fix the security issues at Boca Chica -

The facility will be fenced - this will have an impact on the movement of wildlife - there will also have to be a secure area outside the fences area

Who will be responsible for clearing Boca Chica of people on the day of launch

Do Judge Cascos, Mayor Martinez support arresting campers who refuse to leave? Who is going to be charged with this task?

Who will be in charge of security in the gulf area itself?

These people asked no questions.

The port area is a lot more viable of a location. I am not saying I support the port area - but I am a lot more open to discussion.

Bobby WC

they ran the story but did not put the link to the petition.

Anonymous said...

Hey the BISD website down and why?

BobbyWC said...

It's up for me

Anonymous said...

boca chica's a large place. miles and miles.. so an 8 acre fenced site is going to be the end of wildlife? the owner could fence it today if he wanted to. it's private property in the middle of a NWR. where are his rights?

BobbyWC said...

You are correct about the rights of the land owners - but if you are going to quote me how about not lying

"this will have an impact on the movement of wildlife."

A private land owner is not going to go through the expense of a fence which creates the kind of security SpaceX will need - such a fence would have a lot greater inpact on wildlife than a regular ranchers fence - which is quite frequently designed to accomodate wildlife.

But nice try

Bottom line is - Boca Chica cannot be closed to the public to benefit a private company - this was a con job from day one - Brownsville was nothing more than a ploy to get the other two locations to outbid Brownsville

Bobby WC