Monday, June 4, 2012


I am down to 2 credible sources.  Given this reality there may not be anything else to report on BISD.  On the side against the corrupt 4 there is a major schism.  It is such that I have confirmed at least one person is playing both sides - and he is doing it for money - legal money.

There is another person who appears ready to switch sides.  What people do not understand is the anti-corrupt 4 group in not united beyond wanting the corrupt 4 gone.  Each group has their own agenda.  One group - which is where the treachery is - just wants to make sure the new board come November sees  contracts their way.  The BV will not be helping them.

Another group is really motivated by simply punishing the corrupt 4 for what they have done.  This is an honorable group and where my last 2 reliable sources remain.  Within these two groups some are gunning for Jimmy Haynes and others are running cover for him.  This is not how you win battles.

There is a third group who believe they can change the culture of corruption at BISD.   Silly children at play.  So long as BISD has  a Board of Trustees contract rigging and corruption will prevail.  BISD needs the TEA to take  control  for a good 10 years to clean out all of the trash.

The BV will not help any of these groups.  I respect group 2, but for reasons I explain below the BV is not really helping group 2.

Group one consists of liars and idiots.  I have complete portfolios on each person within the group.   I know who they are and what they have done in the past.  People in group three have been feeding me information for over a year on the members of group one.  There have been times when people in group 1 have been feeding me bullshit and I have done everything humanly possible to not just laugh in their face.

Now among the corrupt 4, I have a secondary source who has told me a board member has met with an attorney to create a defense of plausible deniability.  The reality is an idiot can claim having been played by Escobedo and Michel.  This is what I am being told has been done.  When the moment is right this board member will defend herself by telling the FBI, in advance of any direct action by the FBI, that she was played.  It will work. 


I will not be party to helping a new group take control for control of the contracts.  I have been lied to so many times about any day now lawsuits will be filed or that a city wide campaign will be started to educate the people of Brownsville about the truth at BISD.  It is all lies.  I will not be played anymore.

I will not do any more research.  I will not report anything more on BISD.

Group one consists of some of the biggest morons I have ever met.  We do not want them running BISD.  They really believe any day now the FBI is going to arrest everyone - not going to happen.  Best case scenario is in early 2013, the FBI may request service of some subpoenas.  At this point we are then looking at 3 years before indictments.

The new owners of the Herald will not run the story.  They have to keep Daniel Cavasos around for at least a year before they can  dump him.   He is the Herald's operation.  It will take a year to find and train a replacement. is a web page created months ago along with a PAC.  The promise of this is why I kept the BV going.  It was all lies.  The web page and PAC were abandoned as fast as they were created.  It was all a con to keep me working on the BV.  I truly hate blogging - I get no joy from it whatsoever.

My closest friends have convinced me that the BV is actually an obstacle to exposing BISD.  So long as I write for these morons (meaning group one) they will never act on any of their promises.  Plus all of the treachery on both sides simply turns my stomach.

The forces behind need to get off their worthless asses and start publishing, because the BV will not.  Maybe come December, after the election, these idiots will realize you cannot start an education campaign in December for a November election.  These people are actually that stupid.

So in the future if you want to know what is happening at BISD you need to go to

As you can see they reserved it at godaddy and then abandoned it.

Months ago I was told the money would be raised for 20,000 post cards to be placed on windshields directing Brownsville to the web page and the truth.  It was one big con job to keep me working.

I am going back to something I actually find rewarding - helping adults pass their GED's and helping BISD students with their studies. 

My first day in the dorms at UTEP in August 1976, a man with a black fraternity knocked on my door.  He sold me a poster with a very, very humble black man sitting under a tree saying, "If I cannot do great things in a big way, I can do them in a small way."  I think one of the most honorable jobs on the planet is educating children and adults in need of a GED.  If I can help a hand full of adults to get their GED every year, it will change a lot of lives.  The BV changes nothing.

So sometime Wednesday morning my readers will see a message saying only authorized people have access to the BV.  There is too much information for me to just delete the web page.  People I trust have been told about this in advance.  They will have access to the archives at will.

Do not count on ever working.  The people behind it are not use to doing business in an advocacy fashion.  They have always been back door people who simply are lost when they have to do something in an upfront manner. 

I am sorry if I mislead anyone the BV would continue - I was lied to - the BV has no purpose.  Unless a community group comes along with loyalty to none of the past or current players, November will see just another group of selfish people run as trustees with no intend of fixing anything. 

The BV will not be party to such a treachery on the people of Brownsville

It is time to go back to work helping people to get their GED's.


Anonymous said...

I respect your decision, sir. I've enjoyed reading your blog immensely. You informed on stories no one else dared report and kept your readers in the know. Thank you for turning on a light in a dark room. Now the roaches will scatter. Hopefully the exterminators will clean house.

Anonymous said...

Sad day. You have been a great source of information and help to those who are battling the injustice done to them. How can we be on the list of those who will still have access to the past stories and documents? We need this as our individual fight is not yet finished and has a long way to go. I do hope you will reconsider your decision. We need you!

BobbyWC said...

I'm not sad - I'm about to dig some more trenches before the het of the day.

The only sad will be if you do not take to the streets and act. You have missed a key point - people need to act and stop looking to the BV

Act - defend yourself - take to the streets - we both know that will not happen - people will just lie down and take it and then ask why no one did anything - wrong question - why did you not do anything?

Bobby WC

Anonymous said...

If you can't beat them....? What now, Bobby! You gave us so much info that made us think you knew for a fact that the "bad boys were finally going to get caught." Now what? It seems like I was watching Murder, She Wrote and left with an ending for me to figure out. Wow! Adios!

BobbyWC said...

Stop watching TV - take to the streets and fight - if you will not fight then stop complaining

Bobby WC

Erasmo Castro said...

Bobby, it is my sincere hope that you do not abandon what you do... keep fighting the good fight... keep doing research man and keep posting documents...


Anonymous said...

You have given plenty and owe us nothing. I've enjoyed your journalistic efforts, fully appreciating your dedication to facts, and have actually considered information from your blog when voting. But even voting is usless at this point. It's hard to figure out who is the bigger problem, the voters who are easily fooled into voting for crooks or those residents who don't vote at all.
Thanks, Bobby.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for all of your contributions to this community. Obviously, there are only a few people that truly care. The rest are self-serving. It almost seems like the only way things can change, is to change the people in this community.

Anonymous said...

I'm sad for me but happy for you because stress is not good for you.

Wish you everything that is beautiful in this life.

God bless you and keep you out of harm's way always.



BobbyWC said...

Actually Bingo is fun - it's weird because I am the most silent person in the place - I even bought a seat cushion - metal chairs are hard - it is about embrasing getting older and enjoying it -

There is no stress - I am about utility - my entire life is about utility - there is no utility in the BV -

the primary cause for the problems in Brownsville, BISD, and the entire country is - everyone wants to watch from the sidelines while doing nothing.

No one and I mean no one will organize - the so called forces who oppose the corrupt 4 will never raise a penny to start an education campaign - no one will give to them - to a person they are too tainted - they will not use their own money because their job is to live off of other people's money

It is a matter of honesty - it is dishonest for me to allow anyone to believe BISD can be fixed. That is not how I work -

but actually there is no stress - life does not get to me that way - I have too intricate of an understanding of politics and society to ever take anything personal. It is politics - it is really never personal except for people who live to settle scores and reduce themselves to petty attacks and distractions.

Brownsville will be Brownsville 100 years from now. Valley Regional Airport will bring about the end of Brownsville's airport

All of the major airlines have made in clear they cannot afford all of these commuter services. Our city commission thinks they are kidding. Sooner than later Brownsville will have no commercial flights. That battle has been lost.

Industry will never come to Brownsville because he have no education base and no water policy. Without a sound water policy no major industry would ever invest in Brownsville.

Our mayor and a handful of other poorly educated people seek to build Brownsville on wages made with tips in the service industry. While, developing downtown is a good thing, it will never bring good jobs - they will always be tip based service industry jobs.

If you want to know what Brownsville's leaders think about education - consider this - Brownsville has no major bookstore.

Brownsville has no restaurants with food worth eating. I actually went into BiG Daddy's the other day and the waiter had to be told to put ice in my ice tea - had to be called back to the table to bring me a straw - had to be called back to the table to bring me a fork and knife so I could eat my meal - had to be called back to the table to bring me a napkin - this is Brownsville and always will be Brownsville

I stay because it is cheaper for me to live here and fly to NY or San Fran for a long weekend than to pay the rent charged in the big cities - so I get the best of all worlds. I also love Boca Chica beach - great fishing and great camping

Sad for the people of Brownsville who do not even know good Mexican food.

Bobby WC

Anonymous said...

Do you think that is why the cost of living is lower her? Because few want to live here?

BobbyWC said...

First, I want to be clear about something - people want to live here - the weather is beyond amazing. The gulf - fishing, camping - wildlife

The great adventure of Mexico will return soon - the war collapsed in Columbia and tourism is thriving again

What makes people upset is they see this most amazing place to live which they love, and then they see how generation after generation does nothing to make it better.

Think about this, our mayor does not know industry requires a water policy if we intend to recruit big industry. He actually believes developing service industry jobs downtown is the answer.

Now to be fair, if downtown had a nice cafe area where I could sit outside while eating I would be there all of the time - but that will not bring us good paying jobs. It will just make my life more enjoyable.

So while it is true the cost of living was a big factor which brought me to Brownsville (8 years ago I had been travelling to Brownsville monthly anyway for several years) without the weather, gulf, and proximity to Brownsville I never would have come.

It is so sad that Brownsville will not move forward until someone, with money comes to live here, who has not been poisoned with this idea of never moving forward or that big dreams are foolish, runs for mayor and wins and forces Brownsville forward. They must be a Peter the Great who literally said he would move Russia forward even if it meant pulling the men foward by their beards.

Bobby WC

Anonymous said...

Man please keep reporting on this. Slowly, the corruption within BISD is being exposed and I bet some so-called Admins in the BISD are scared shit because sooner or later they will be exposed and some don't want there name in the BV! Trust me word on the street is some are hooked on the BV all day on their smart phones, hiding in their offices just waiting for their pay check each month.

Please Bobby keep it going....otherwise we will all get the Brownsville Cheezmeh BISD crap that is totally for the corrupt and their own peeps getting contracts!

BobbyWC said...

No - you need to start a web page and educate Brownsville - you need to raise the money to tell people about your web page - people sitting back and doing nothing helps no one - BISD employees will get what they deserve through their silence and unwillingness to raise the money to inform the public about the truth

Bobby WC

Anonymous said...

No one will know anything about the wrong doings without you! I understand your frustration but I do hope you will reconsider. How can we be on the list? If we have something and documents where do we go now? Thank you for all you have done. We will miss you!

Anonymous said...

What is needed is for the crooks to be brought to justice. That will not happen because they know how to cover their asses.
Remember, laws were written by lawyers and are then interpreted by lawyers.
Lord have mercy on our souls. Where is Dago Barrera when we need him?