Monday, June 4, 2012


I chose this picture because it shows how the second $500 game is played. You have to fill in the entire card. You begin with 2 wild numbers. Tonight they were 5 and 7. This meant before the game started you marked any number which ended in a 5 or 7. So for 4 numbers I was down to just number 26. Not winning is fine. But during the first $500 game I stayed forever waiting for 74. I never get down to one number - so the idea I got down to one number on both $500 games really pissed me off. I would rather just not get down to one number at all.



Anonymous said...

This is a funny post! Thanks!

Anonymous said...

Legal gambling in a state that has not legalized it? What is the difference between the bingo, the Sweepstake Casinos that have grown in Brownsville and the "illegal" casinos. Both are paying money out to their customers. Still, these casinos give you a better chance at winning because you are playing individual numbers against one machine and not against 2 or 3hundred people. Legalize gambling or get them all out!