Monday, June 4, 2012


I am down to 2 credible sources.  Given this reality there may not be anything else to report on BISD.  On the side against the corrupt 4 there is a major schism.  It is such that I have confirmed at least one person is playing both sides - and he is doing it for money - legal money.

There is another person who appears ready to switch sides.  What people do not understand is the anti-corrupt 4 group in not united beyond wanting the corrupt 4 gone.  Each group has their own agenda.  One group - which is where the treachery is - just wants to make sure the new board come November sees  contracts their way.  The BV will not be helping them.

Another group is really motivated by simply punishing the corrupt 4 for what they have done.  This is an honorable group and where my last 2 reliable sources remain.  Within these two groups some are gunning for Jimmy Haynes and others are running cover for him.  This is not how you win battles.

There is a third group who believe they can change the culture of corruption at BISD.   Silly children at play.  So long as BISD has  a Board of Trustees contract rigging and corruption will prevail.  BISD needs the TEA to take  control  for a good 10 years to clean out all of the trash.

The BV will not help any of these groups.  I respect group 2, but for reasons I explain below the BV is not really helping group 2.

Group one consists of liars and idiots.  I have complete portfolios on each person within the group.   I know who they are and what they have done in the past.  People in group three have been feeding me information for over a year on the members of group one.  There have been times when people in group 1 have been feeding me bullshit and I have done everything humanly possible to not just laugh in their face.

Now among the corrupt 4, I have a secondary source who has told me a board member has met with an attorney to create a defense of plausible deniability.  The reality is an idiot can claim having been played by Escobedo and Michel.  This is what I am being told has been done.  When the moment is right this board member will defend herself by telling the FBI, in advance of any direct action by the FBI, that she was played.  It will work. 


I will not be party to helping a new group take control for control of the contracts.  I have been lied to so many times about any day now lawsuits will be filed or that a city wide campaign will be started to educate the people of Brownsville about the truth at BISD.  It is all lies.  I will not be played anymore.

I will not do any more research.  I will not report anything more on BISD.

Group one consists of some of the biggest morons I have ever met.  We do not want them running BISD.  They really believe any day now the FBI is going to arrest everyone - not going to happen.  Best case scenario is in early 2013, the FBI may request service of some subpoenas.  At this point we are then looking at 3 years before indictments.

The new owners of the Herald will not run the story.  They have to keep Daniel Cavasos around for at least a year before they can  dump him.   He is the Herald's operation.  It will take a year to find and train a replacement. is a web page created months ago along with a PAC.  The promise of this is why I kept the BV going.  It was all lies.  The web page and PAC were abandoned as fast as they were created.  It was all a con to keep me working on the BV.  I truly hate blogging - I get no joy from it whatsoever.

My closest friends have convinced me that the BV is actually an obstacle to exposing BISD.  So long as I write for these morons (meaning group one) they will never act on any of their promises.  Plus all of the treachery on both sides simply turns my stomach.

The forces behind need to get off their worthless asses and start publishing, because the BV will not.  Maybe come December, after the election, these idiots will realize you cannot start an education campaign in December for a November election.  These people are actually that stupid.

So in the future if you want to know what is happening at BISD you need to go to

As you can see they reserved it at godaddy and then abandoned it.

Months ago I was told the money would be raised for 20,000 post cards to be placed on windshields directing Brownsville to the web page and the truth.  It was one big con job to keep me working.

I am going back to something I actually find rewarding - helping adults pass their GED's and helping BISD students with their studies. 

My first day in the dorms at UTEP in August 1976, a man with a black fraternity knocked on my door.  He sold me a poster with a very, very humble black man sitting under a tree saying, "If I cannot do great things in a big way, I can do them in a small way."  I think one of the most honorable jobs on the planet is educating children and adults in need of a GED.  If I can help a hand full of adults to get their GED every year, it will change a lot of lives.  The BV changes nothing.

So sometime Wednesday morning my readers will see a message saying only authorized people have access to the BV.  There is too much information for me to just delete the web page.  People I trust have been told about this in advance.  They will have access to the archives at will.

Do not count on ever working.  The people behind it are not use to doing business in an advocacy fashion.  They have always been back door people who simply are lost when they have to do something in an upfront manner. 

I am sorry if I mislead anyone the BV would continue - I was lied to - the BV has no purpose.  Unless a community group comes along with loyalty to none of the past or current players, November will see just another group of selfish people run as trustees with no intend of fixing anything. 

The BV will not be party to such a treachery on the people of Brownsville

It is time to go back to work helping people to get their GED's.


I chose this picture because it shows how the second $500 game is played. You have to fill in the entire card. You begin with 2 wild numbers. Tonight they were 5 and 7. This meant before the game started you marked any number which ended in a 5 or 7. So for 4 numbers I was down to just number 26. Not winning is fine. But during the first $500 game I stayed forever waiting for 74. I never get down to one number - so the idea I got down to one number on both $500 games really pissed me off. I would rather just not get down to one number at all.



Below are the police narratives.

There is a second summary page for each report which I am not publishing.  They contain addresses and phone numbers.  It would serve no purpose for me to publish such information.

In these reports are possible charges.  I say possible charges because I have no evidence the DA intends to take the charges.

The possible charge against Jimmy Haynes is Assault "A" x 2;

The possible charge against Troy Whittemore and his whife is Assault Class "C"

First, I want to clear up some facts.  I have now confirmed that Jimmy Haynes did not flee the scene immediately after the alleged assault.  Credible eye witnesses clearly state he went back into Carinos - I can assume to maybe pay his bill.

The police officer who took the allegation from the Whittemores states that because Haynes left the scene before the police got there they consider Haynes to have fled the scene.  Personally, I think fled may be overstated now that I know for sure after the alleged incident Haynes first went back into Carinos before leaving.  He nonetheless left the scene before the police arrived.

The second police report shows that Haynes left Carinos and went to the police station to give his side of the story.

The narrative in Haynes cases shows why you never talk to the police without an attorney, once you know you are possibly going to be charged with a crime.

Haynes admits he had every reason to be mad at Troy Whittemore.  This is important because given the fact he was the only one with a reason to be mad, it only makes sense he then instigated the incident.

I will leave my comments here.  My readers can read the reports and make up their own mind.

In the end though, both will be fired - but not because of this incident.  BISD will use this event to fire both over Jimmy Haynes going to the FBI and a belief that Troy Whittemore has been my source.  Until the night of the incident I had never heard of Troy Whittenmore.  The FBI has met with my source.

Sunday, June 3, 2012


[SIDE NOTE - Just to be clear - I would not endorse Jerry McHale as an ass wipe - I am shocked I have to respond to his endless lies, but apparently there are still people who read his smut and are unaware he himself admits it is all fiction. - all comments on this issue have been  rejected.  You cannot yell at me for something I  did not do.]

SpaceX has top of the line lawyers.  They know Texas law.  SpaceX used Brownsville as a tool to force other cities to outbid Brownsville.  Because of Article I Section 33 of the Texas Constitution, SpaceX would lose 3-5 years in Texas Courts before it could even move forward.  This includes the real possibility that SpaceX could lose 3-5 years in court, only to learn it cannot move forward at Boca Chica.  Article I Section 33 of the Texas Bill of Rights guarantees the people access to the beach.

Sec. 33. ACCESS AND USE OF PUBLIC BEACHES. (a) In this section, "public beach" means a state-owned beach bordering on the seaward shore of the Gulf of Mexico, extending from mean low tide to the landward boundary of state-owned submerged land, and any larger area extending from the line of mean low tide to the line of vegetation bordering on the Gulf of Mexico to which the public has acquired a right of use or easement to or over the area by prescription or dedication or has established and retained a right by virtue of continuous right in the public under Texas common law.
(b) The public, individually and collectively, has an unrestricted right to use and a right of ingress to and egress from a public beach. The right granted by this subsection is dedicated as a permanent easement in favor of the public.
(c) The legislature may enact laws to protect the right of the public to access and use a public beach and to protect the public beach easement from interference and encroachments.
(d) This section does not create a private right of enforcement.

Sec. 29 is key to enforcement of Sec 33.  The Texas Supreme Court in the City of Beaumont case made any violation of the Texas Bill of Rights a legal nullity, as if it never happened.

Sec. 29. PROVISIONS OF BILL OF RIGHTS EXCEPTED FROM POWERS OF GOVERNMENT; TO FOREVER REMAIN INVIOLATE. To guard against transgressions of the high powers herein delegated, we declare that everything in this "Bill of Rights" is excepted out of the general powers of government, and shall forever remain inviolate, and all laws contrary thereto, or to the following provisions, shall be void.

In the interest of full disclosure, just last month the federal court of appeals held part of the Texas Open Beaches Act unconstitutional as it relates to private land owners.  This does not impact the case of SpaceX.

Sec. 61.014. DENIAL OF ACCESS BY POSTING. (a) As used in this section, "public beach" means the area extending from the line of mean low tide of the Gulf of Mexico to the line of vegetation bordering on the Gulf of Mexico, or to a line 200 feet inland from the line of mean low tide, whichever is nearer the line of mean low tide, if the public has acquired a right of use or easement to or over the area by prescription, dedication, or has retained a right by virtue of continuous right in the public.

(b) No person may display or cause to be displayed on or adjacent to any public beach any sign, marker, or warning, or make or cause to be made any written or oral communication which states that the public beach is private property or represent in any other manner that the public does not have the right of access to the public beach as guaranteed by this subchapter.

Now, how the law gets enforced is unclear.  The law basically provides for enforcement by state or district/county attorneys.  This seems highly unlikely if they are the ones authorizing shutting down the public access.

The City of Beaumont case seems to create a right to seek a  declaration that any violation of the Act or Texas Constitution is a legal nullity.  In fact what it does say is, it is self executing - so a lawsuit would not be to enforce the Article I Section 33, but Article I Section 29 instead.


SpaceX lawyers know the law.  They know any agreement which provides for shutting down Boca Chica on launch days would immediately end up in court.  They know their entire project would be held up 3-5 years only to learn they could never move forward.

Brownsville was never more than a ploy to get the other two cities to out bid Brownsville.



Univision wants to interview pro Boca Chica residents.

Laura cavazos from Univision is looking to interview folks about the issue. If you're interested, can you call her at 956 429 2525?

There are two separate issues here.  One is to preserve Boca Chica regardless of economic development and one is to save it from SpaceX.  SpaceX and its supporters have reached the point that they cannot be trusted.  No matter what the liars say on their side thousands of people in Brownsville use and care for Boca Chica. 

I am the first to say far too many residents trash the beach.   But it is not all from the visitors.  It has been well documented that the oil rigs and cruise ships dump trash into the gulf.  This trash washes up on our beach.

On line Petition to stop SpaceX at Boca Chica


I am willing to help, but will not lead - a community based group to do a clean-up at Boca Chica which has as its focus the cleaning of Boca Chica and highlighting of its beauty and environmental diversity.  It would need to be nonpolitical.  It must be a group which can have sponsors, but not organized by any group looking for self-promotion.  The group must have one purpose - Preserve Boca Chica.

If people want to have an organizational meeting for Preserve Boca Chica, I am willing to coordinate it, but others will lead.  You can post your name, email, and phone number as an anony post and I will then compile the data.  In a week or so I will email everyone on the list as to a time and date for an organizational meeting.  if someone wants to propose a meeting place have at it.

Again this has to come from the people - if the people will not lead then nothing can come of this.


A business man known in the blogosphere post to the Herald lies about our efforts.  Such unethical conduct is not going to help SpaceX.  We are not  a bunch of loud locals and we are not opposing SpaceX for publicity.  We care for Boca Chica and do not want it destroyed by SpaceX and those easily impressed with shiny objects. The next time this business person posts lies about who we are and our motivations I will go after him and his business.  He has since taken down his posts.

If you support SpaceX make your argument on the merits.  I do understand no one who supports SpaceX can make their argument on the merits because SpaceX is refusing to answer any direct questions.  This should put everyone on notice SpaceX is not playing fair.

SpaceX will be a successful company and make money.  But we do not need another company dependent of corporate welfare from the taxpayers playing the people of Cameron county and Brownsville.

SpaceX refuses to answer any questions.  SpaceX supporters cannot answer any questions because there are no answers at this time.

Unresolved issues:  Environment; security; beach access; real jobs (NASA's initial command center for launch is in Florida, but then the main command center is in Houston - Clear Lake - pay attention people - SpaceX is not going to have its main command center with top paying jobs in Brownsville - they are going to develop it in a city with major universities and resources. - the jobs for Brownsville are limited - in fact I would submit all of the high paying jobs will go to laid off NASA employees - Brownsville will get the janitorial jobs)- SpaceX has promised nothing - it is playing Brownsville against two other possible locations to see which community will put up the most taxpayer money for their corporation with profits going to their shareholders and not Brownsville.

Until SpaceX actually agrees to answer questions it is fair to say all it wants from Brownsville is a bunch local politicians and activists easily impressed with shiny objects.  It blows my mind anyone with even a limited education could possibly support SpaceX on Boca Chica when SpaceX has refused to answer any of the key questions related to the project.

SpaceX is like the pot dealer in highschool - the first couple of times is free - once you are hooked you then learn the consequences of your actions.  SpaceX is just feeding the easily impressed locals enough to get their support and then when it is too late to change course SpaceX will hit them with the truth.

SpaceX is in for a battle in Brownsville which will put its corporate welfare business dealings on the front page.

Saturday, June 2, 2012


Well, like I said, I was busy yesterday.  I got to the BPD records office about 3:20 or so.  The sign on the door said closed at 12:30 today.  I will check again Monday.

Hey, but cool patch  - "Crossroads of the Hemisphere" If only we had elected officials who could understand the economic value of being the crossroads of the hemisphere - like a 12,000 ft runway so that Brownsville could control all air cargo in the LRGV.   But nonetheless, a very, very cool patch

Friday, June 1, 2012


I am hoping to get the police reports today, but today is a busy day so I may not post them until tonight or tomorrow. The BISD Board (meaning the corrupt 4)  with the aid of the most unethical and corrupt Arturo Michel of Thompson Horton, during an executive session put it to Joe Colunga and Rolando Aguilar that if they do not sign off on the settlement for Antonio Juarez that BISD would sue them to recover the $50,000 deductible.  Arturo Michel having the IQ of a complete and total moron actually sent out a letter to Joe Colunga, Rolando Aguilar, Rick Zayas, and Ruben Cortez demanding the $50,000.

So you understand the level of delusional thought process used by Arturo Michel, he is already on record on camera stating BISD must cover the attorneys fees of Trustees when sued for actions as trustees.  We all remember when Catallac Cata asked that Arturo put same on the record on camera.  But here is the deal, this dumber than shit unethical lawyer will put anything into writing so long as the corrupt 4 are willing to pay for it.

Side Note:  Every time I say someone is dumber than shit I get a demand letter from Peter Zavaletta and Ed Stapleton demanding that I pay their client "SHIT" 1 trillion dollars in damages for defamation.  I must say it takes a pair for a lawyer to admit they represent shit. 

Several weeks ago Enrique Escobedo put on the agenda the removal of Thompson Horton as counsel for BISD.  Mind you, for a year and a half BISD has been with interim counsel.  Why?  Apparently after Escobedo put on the agenda the replacement of Thompson Horton, Arturo and Enrique must have made up in the bedroom.  The issue was removed from the agenda.  The question is, what perverted thing did Arturo have to do to keep the contract as interim counsel for BISD.

It is my understanding the $50,000 demand letter on the trustees has been turned over to law enforcement.  Here is a scoop for the corrupt 4.  I could be in a coma and still out lawyer Arturo Michel.  I already beat BISD in one open records request.  Now, we will go round two.

Sometime in the next 2 weeks I will do an open records request for the recording of the executive session wherein the threat over the $50,000 in attorneys fees was made to Colunga and Aguilar.  Just because Arturo Michel says something is subject to executive session does not make it so.  The AG will review the tape, the demand letter on the trustees and the Brownsville Housing Authority's million dollar contract to Jaime Escobedo - as given to Jaime by Antonio Juarez, Art Rendon, and Pat Lehmann.  The AG will then decide if all the evidence when put together requires release of the tape, or referral of the matter for a criminal investigation.

Hey, Enrique - it is way too late for you to distance yourself from Arturo Michel - He boinked you so hard, his DNA will forever remain in your rectum.  You are so, so screwed.