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"But, don't fall for that strategy," cautions one insider. "The Hernandez's don't concern themselves as much with the primary as with the run-off. They will come with their gun's a'blazing in the July 31 runoff. That's their modus operandi."

This is the lie Yolanda Begum had posted yesterday by her henchman, Jim Barton, against Erin Garcia.  Now let's test the lie to reality and facts.

In the mayor's race wherein Ahumada beat Ernie Hernandez, Ernie Hernandez did in fact run a large mail ballot campaign in round one.  Once again Jimbo Barton proves there is no lie or deception he will not tell or run to protect the dishonest and vile Yolanda Begum.

"Former mayor Henry Gonzalez had 346 mail-in votes, followed by Hernandez with 230, Ahumada with 154 and Arroyo with 61."

Now Jim will say what he said is not a lie, because he did not say it - he was just quoting a liar. Now there is a standard for ethics.

Jim claims a poll watcher told him Cookie Covarrubias had the most mail ballots in addition to providing the names of the politiqueras who signed the ballots.  I took Jim at his "word" and called for an investigation based on what he said and no one else.  He then deletes the post thinking he can hide the evidence and then attacks me with distractions which have nothing to do with the story.  Why?  he is running cover for the dishonorable vile and pure evil Yolanda Begum. 

Had Erin Garcia not entered the race no one would have given Yolanda Begum the time of day.  She is not qualified at any level.

At no time does he present any evidence that anyone knew anything to indicate Cookie Covarrubias would use politiqueras, which for the record has not been proven - although I believe it based on what I now know.  I endorsed Cookie based on qualification and Jim Barton cannot refute this so he uses distractions and lies.

In fact he now claims the allegations were not by a poll watcher (so you lied  for effect Jim?) but just a rumor - a rumor which turned out to be 100%  correct and could only have been made by a poll watcher.  The investigation will move forward not withstanding Jim's boorish recanting of his original claims.  Only Jim and those he drinks with believe his explanation.

Every day the BV  rejects outrageous claims against Jim and his wife, Montoya, Erasmos Castro and Jerry McHale - why? because they are all distractions.  Unfortunately when Jim cannot refute claims made against him he jumps to the distraction and then allows for any false or defamatory statement any one wants to post in support of his distraction.  This is boorish,  It is unethical.  But like he said - you cannot get blood  from a turnip so he is not concerned with being sued.  This is a very, very dangerous form of ethics.  In reality it means he has no ethics.

Yolanda Begum is in for the fight of her life if she fails to denounce Jim's conduct and the vile conduct of her supporters.  She cannot fight this campaign on the merits so she has turned to vile evil people to fight dirty in her name.  Yolanda Begum is one very dishonorable person and has no standing to speak ill of the Hernandez family.  Birds of a feather are not entitled to speak ill of one another


Linda Salazar did not pay the politiqueras to work the mail ballots.  They do it for free.  Sometimes they do it for free without any prodding by any candidate.  The politiqueras sometimes work the campaigns based on promises by the candidates, and sometimes they work the campaigns as a gamble as to which candidate will help them earn money on the side.

Four years ago I documented a  conversation I had with Sheriff Omar Lucio at Coyote Canyon (back when the food was eatable).  I asked him about the politiqueras and he told me there is no need to pay them.  He told me they work his race, the DA's race and the JP races for favors.  It is about tickets.

I will bet the farm that if someone were to pull a list of the number of tickets dismissed or reduced in Linda Salazar's court it would shock people.  The key is to see which ones were done without a hearing and simply dismissed sua sponte by Linda Salazar.  According to Omar Lucio the politiqueras bring him the tickets and he has them dismissed.  The same for the JP courts and the DA.  The accused wrongdoers then pay the politiqueras for getting the ticket dismissed or criminal charges dropped or reduced.

I documented this four years ago.  No group came forward to act.  The people at the court house know how it works.

The mess continues because people celebrate their ignorance and lies.

Such as Jim Barton has changed his story and has attacked me for having relied on his original story, CAVA has made it clear it will not support an investigation against the poll watcher.  Why?  We all know why?  It will expose Yolanda Begum. 

CAVA is a con origination using the tragedy of the harvesting of the mail ballots to help Ruben Peña settle a personal score against the Hernandez family.  I agree 100% Ernie stole the election from Ruben.  This I do not dispute - but when CAVA refuses to back an investigation against a poll watcher who clearly broke the law honorable people ask why.  The answer is - to expose the truth about Yolanda's poll watcher could help Erin Garcia and in the realm of settling this personal score for Ruben Peña anything which could help Erin Garcia is to be ignored - even if it means CAVA supporting illegal conduct.


BobbyWC said...

It blows my mind how many times I say I will not allow for comments which degrade Mexico - you know dude if you think what is happening in Brownsville does not happen in prestine white Republican communities all over the US you live in a cave - you need to get out - or you need to admit you are a bigot -

Bobby WC

Anonymous said...

Bobby this is the first time I see your blog, and it really blows my mind how crazy and or misinformed you are, I guess freedom of speech is for everybody, no matter how crazy. lol

BobbyWC said...

Now instead of playing the con job game hwo about being specific - you cannot and will not be specific.

When I attacked Erin Garcia's campaign for making an issue of Yolanda's accent her operatives stopped it

Yolanda's operatives continue to call her relatives whores, dismissing adopted children as less important - calling Erin garcia the most vile horrible names imaginable and Yolanda has refused to stop it

Do you really believe everyone following the blogs are going to just forget what has been written in her name because you post some non-specific claim with no proof?

You are delusional - my readers know your type and dismiss everything you say - they know a con job distraction when they read it

You did not help Yolanda - you only verified she will continue with lies and distractions.

Bobby WC

Anonymous said...

What is your take on politicians and their aides taking people to early vote in exchange for let's say cofee?

BobbyWC said...

I have no idea if it is legal or not - but assuming it is legal the real problem is the voter who sells their vote for coffee

bobby WC