Monday, May 28, 2012


I am so happy that the taking down of the signs is about to begin.

My predictions on the race is - Maria de Ford will be in a run-off - with whom - I do not know.  Cameron county has a large number of retired females and they tend to vote for female candidates.  I would normally say this would pretty much only guarantee either Erin Garcia or Yolanda Begum in the run-off, but there are so many men in the race it is any one's guess.

Sheriff Lucio has a good chance of winning out right - if he does not I expect he will have well over 40% of the vote.

The Congressional race is any one's guess - I predict one man one woman in the run-off.  The male spot is going between Ramiro Garza or Filemon Vela.  Villalobos and Troiani have long been out of the race.  Monday Troiani's campaign was reduced to taping torn pieces of paper to mailboxes asking for votes.

Sylvia Benevides will win for two reasons - the advantage with the female voters, and the fact her opponent did not run a campaign

I predict Arturo Nelson will win with no problem.  Veronica Farias ran one of the most vile campaigns I have ever seen.  And not that reality or actual knowledge of the law matters to Veronica Farias, an expunged criminal record does not bar me from using press reports or archived files I have on her in a political ad.  She is either mindbogglingly ignorant of the law of so unethical she has lost all sense of reality.  For the record I did not run the ad, but from my personal files I could have documented everything in the ad.  The expungment of a criminal record does not include the files of private citizens.

I have no idea who will win in the Cornejo-Lopez/Rubane match up.  Almost every lawyer I know has a very low opinion of Cornejo-Lopez.  In Cameron county she has the Latina name going for her, but a lot of people do have her associated with Limas and Rosenthal - so who knows.

I was lucky in that I got to vote in the JP race and constable race.  I voted for Avila for constable and Covarrubias for JP.  Avila should at least be in the run-off.  As to Covarrubias, I do not know. There are too many men in the race to impact the split in female voters for Garcia and Begum.


Anonymous said...

Who is Sylvia Benevides? Is she on the ballot?

BobbyWC said...

Sorry should say Sophia Benavides

nice catch - and thanks for being nice about it

Bobby WC

Anonymous said...

People make mistakes in misreading or printing information in corresponding with you. I saw your mistake but I was never inclined to call you a moron. Thank you for noticing that people can be nice. You can be nice to your readers also. Not everybody is out to make you look like a jerk. Perhaps in some cases some individuals do deserve to be call names but not all of the time.

BobbyWC said...

I always go out of my way to say thank you to people who note my mistakes such as you did - it is important that people know I do not mind being correct -

This issue as you noted is the manner of the correction

I know the effect distractions have so I am very difficult with the people who try and use the mistakes as a way to paint a distriction

again - thanks for being helpful

Bobby WC