Tuesday, May 1, 2012


The BV for now is out of stories related to BISD. I am not developing any story at this time. If a source comes forward with a credible story related to BISD the BV will post it.

I want to be clear to my readers.  There is no organized opposition to the current BISD majority.  There are isolated people feeding me information.  But I can assure you, there is no organized opposition.

Nearly 2 months ago, I was assured a huge public education campaign would occur within 2 weeks.  The goal was to handout some 10-20 thousand 3x5 cards directing people to a web page with the truth about BISD.  The idea was abandoned as fast as it was created.  I was also assured certain lawsuits would be filed.  Nothing - absolutely nothing. 

My advice to my readers is - move on.  The current majority will go to at least 6 come November.  If Minerva Peña runs for reelection she will be resoundly defeated by a candidate placed by the corrupt 4.   Minerva has made it known to everyone who will listen, she fully intends to run even if it means the corrupt 4 are guaranteed their continued majority.   No vale la pena Peña cares about no one but herself.

Concerning DA Villalobos - he will not be acting.  He is demanding a signed criminal complaint.  That will not happen.  When I agreed to prepare the complaint I was being conned into believing that a massive public information campaign would occur.  It was a lie.  I was assured a lawsuit to remove Presas-Garcia and Escobedo had been prepared with a plaintiff on board.  It was a lie.  I was assured Presas-Garcia was about to be sued for professional misconduct as a realtor.  It was a lie.  The victim had allegedly signed off on the lawsuit.  Months later nothing - absolutely nothing.

If people want to know just how scared the former trustees are - just ask Rick Zayas and Ruben Cortez how it is DA Villalobos is demanding someone sign a criminal complaint against Carlos Quintanilla for felony perjury, and neither will even though they control the original depositions which form the evidence and they were the victims of the felony perjury.

We can assume both of these former trustees did nothing wrong as trustees.  The fact of the matter is Defenbaugh in his BS audit found zero evidence of wrongdoing by Zayas or Cortez.  And for the record no judge or jury has ever found any allegation against them to be truthful.  But as former trustees who are being blamed for the mess by the current trustees, we can assume neither has enough self respect to come to the plate and lead or even defend themselves. 

If either of these men loved Brownsville, which they do not, they would be leading the battle against the corrupt 4.  They are not.  They sit like cowards allowing their names to justify the nightmare at BISD, while failing to defend Brownsville.  Through their own inaction and incompetence, they have written a legacy  for themselves which will forever be associated with  corruption.



Anonymous said...

I agree with you 100%. My father gave me his name and a chance at a good education and if anyone tried to sully that legacy, I would fight them tooth and nail. I had to do it before and would again for my children's sake.
They are all selfish, self serving cowards.

Anonymous said...

We share your frustration. However, there are people still actively pursuing some type of remedy on several fronts, including the $4's corrupt acts. When you hit a brick wall over and over again, you tend to get a headache and just want to make it all go away. Some of these things take time and strategy and document gathering. We are not attorneys so everything is a learning process and twice as time consuming. All your hard work is most appreciated and many many of the documents you have posted are being used in the battle. Your work has not been in vain for us and we thank you from the bottom of our hearts. Perhaps some have abandoned the cause but we have not. We hope that you will not abandon us. Thanks again and God bless. Hope we can get you some info soon!

Anonymous said...

I agree with you. I share your frustration 100% too.It is incredible that Zayas and Cortez can go on as if nothing had happened. They are such COWARDS! To this day, I still don't understand why Zayas has not done the rest of the deposition if my friend Mary Rey has been available ALL OF THIS TIME. Mary put her life and her family's life on the line, and for what? So that these cowards back down? We do not want you to abandone this cause, as we are NOT abandoning it either.

Anonymous said...

Ditto to the 4:37PM

Anonymous said...

It pisses the shit out of me to see how some people are not moving a finger to try and better our beloved district, all the while the leechees have continued sucking all the $$$$ out of BISD tit....of course their time is becoming shorter

Anonymous said...

I agree with the May 2 4:37PM