Saturday, May 19, 2012


I want to take off the table a nonsense argument - SpaceX is going to pay off local politicians.  This company is on the leading edge of a new industry which will certainly turn into a trillion dollar industry sooner than later.  The industry right now is highly competitive.  SpaceX is not the only dog in this fight.  They are reputable and will have nothing to do with the mordida politics of Brownsville and Cameron county.

The below article has a lot of information about this growth industry.

Any argument SpaceX is not reputable or intends to buy itself into Brownsville is bogus.  But it is true many of the politicians see back door ways to make money.  But just because SpaceX is reputable does not mean they are not out to make money.  In their endeavor to make money they will not care how their space port impacts the people's beach - Boca Chica.

BUT in the end, all of the support for SpaceX near Boca Chica is based on the politics of Shiny Objects.  Judge Cascos and Mayor Martinez did zero due diligence before getting behind this project.  Both were easily impressed with the corporate snake oil sales job of "show them shiny objects and they will buy."  It was incompetence at a level of a country bumpkin to commit to this project before an environmental study was complete and SpaceX provided its solutions to the environmental issues.  With no questions answered, these two country bumpkins, Judge Cascos and Mayor Martinez backed SpaceX.

I am  not 100% against SpaceX.  I am against it going anywhere near Boca Chica beach.  If you read the above article this industry is about to take off.  Once the corporate world realizes they can all put private satellites into space costs will  come down. 

We all know how fast the cost of technology can come down.  If this model works I can easily see 20-30 launches a year.  The more launches the lower the cost of the launch and the satellite.  This is a reality.

I can guarantee my readers that if SpaceX is allowed to locate where it wants Boca Chica will be forever lost to the people.  It may not seem like a lot but closing Boca Chica 20-30 times a year is a lot. 

Some people who do not know better are making a big deal of the problems SpaceX had with its launch on Saturday.  Abort is a routine process in rocket launches.  The reality is, the only known facts tell us SpaceX puts safety first.  This is a good thing.

Rocket launches like the ones SpaceX intends are not the type thing you can do whenever you want to.  Every launch has a window.  If you miss that window it could cost SpaceX millions in losses.  Here is a hard core reality.  If SpaceX gets it way it is highly probable that events scheduled at Boca Chica for months will be cancelled to accommodate a new window based on an aborted launch.

Every community has to move forward.  Technology is the future.  But if SpaceX digs its heals in over the location at Boca Chica, there are other companies who may be more sensitive to the environmental and human needs tied to Boca Chica.  I am not prepared to support any project which means shutting down Boca Chica on a scheduled basis.  In time, if this industry succeeds, we  could easily see Boca Chica closed 20-30 days a year.  I can assure you Judge Cascsos and Mayor Martinez did not even think about this issue.  The two together are so easily impressed with shiny objects that neither can be trusted with a business deal involving Brownsville or Cameron county.


I do believe if land at the port or on the west side of the highway across from the port can be used for the launch pad, the problems tied to Boca Chica will be resolved.  It may not correct all of the problems, but it will be a start.  We will still need to know about the environmental impact.  We cannot accept damage to the nesting of birds.


This new industry will lead to an international treaty on space pollution.   I can just hear the Republican Party's response now to an International Space EPA.  "There they go again, creating more regulations and stifling industry."   Right now we cannot control the space junk already threatening the Space Station.  We cannot control the reentry of failed satellites.  This  entire industry's development is so short sighted it boggles my mind.   But I know how shiny object politics works.  The first time a satellite damages an entire community during reentry the shiny object morons will be the first to say - "why did the government not stop this?"  Answer - because you shiny object morons are easily impressed and never think outside your small - very small square box.


How about Judge Cascos and Mayor Martinez act to bring real jobs to Brownsville by getting behind a 12,000 runway at the airport so that Brownsville becomes the leader in cargo in the LRGV, and funding for TSC to create a program in the use and maintenance of manufacturing robots.  But no Judge Cascos and Mayor Martinez are not happy with commonsense growth which will help sustain permanent growth in Brownsville - they are only happy pushing shiny object projects.



BobbyWC said...

I am not rejecting your post - I am putting it on hold - when someone tells me all of these bad things about and company and then tells me it all can be found on the internet and provides not one link - I reject the comment. Dude - if it is all there then provide the links - why should I reinvent the post and do your homework - it is your claim - just provide the links

Bobby WC

Anonymous said...

Thanks Bobby! We all know those few that will benefit from this. Brownsville is so corrupt....nothing is aimed for the long-run down here....its to make money fast & easy and leave our Community empty handed like always.

Anonymous said...

Malditos PERROS! Why is it that always onnly a few "selected ones" benefit, and the rest go to hell?

BobbyWC said...

No community should just give away everything just for jobs - you seem to have a problem with full disclosure - I realize some people have no appreciation for Boca Chica - but it remains a public beach and the public should be allowed to ask questions - there are numerous companies looking for location to launch pads - Brownsville will get one - it just should not bend over to get it

Bobby WC

Anonymous said...

The local crooks(politicians) were ALL salivating because they were already thinking of ways to line their pockets.
It was a dog and pony show with some using their children to get a foot in the door of more crooks.

Things are not always what they seem but las RATAS already smelled the cheeze.

Blessings to you dear one. :))

Anonymous said...

That is why the corrupt United Brownsville was created. Paying to be allowed to play to have a stake to these endeavours at taxpayer's expense. Note that the people in the Board for United Brownsville do not answer to the taxpayers even though the city, county, school districts pay 25,000.00 annually to play Vegas Politics at Mr. Rustenburg's Vegas House (United Brownsville). United Mordidas institutionalized, just like the PRI in Mexico.

Anonymous said...

I don't know.

What I do know is the picture accompanying the post is hilarious.