Monday, May 14, 2012


If I am feeling blue nothing perks me up faster than a good project.  After I voted at the Central Library, I went to HomoDepot (inside Dallas joke) and bought what I needed for 40 feet of underground drainage pipe.  While the digging will not be fun, the designing was a lot of fun. Putting the project together will also be fun.  I will do the digging in the early am as soon as the sun comes up. (Early to bed early to rise makes a man healthy and wise.)

I love standing in the isles at Home Depot designing a project in my head.  About every 5 feet I will place a T with a screw on cap.  The cap will stick out of the ground so that when I know we will have heavy rain I  can take off the cap and the water will drain out of the backyard and into the front of the house.  Gravity will move the water down hill from the back yard.  each end of the pipe will have a glued on cap.

The previous owners told me the yard did not have any flooding problems.  Well, I moved in last year on June 29, and 30.  The two days a tropical depression dropped a lot of rain on Brownsville.  I had a good 4-6 inches of water on the east side of my back yard.  I will be ready this year.

I always feel sorry for people who never learned how to organize and do an outside or construction project.  I cannot wait for the fall when I build a shed.  Now that will be fun. 

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