Saturday, May 12, 2012


The community now needs to get behind TSC President Lily Tercero. She is the expert and not the trustees. While I do not expect the trustees to rubber stamp President Tercero's policies, I do expect great deference.

On a side note, Hasse and Uresti learned a hard lesson - you cannot count on the bogus 2300 alleged followers of Erasmo Castro to turn out for you.  I would say about now Erin Garcia and No Más Masso are rethinking their strategy.

The real good news is, we now have a board which understands you do not hire the same instructors who already fail our students.  Hasse and Uresti's support  for hiring the same instructors who already failed out students spoke to just how little they knew about the needs and concerns of the TSC students.

It is time to build a  first rate community college with new instructors and new administrators.


Anonymous said...

Bobby, I am more than certain that I am misreading the intent of your story, for I do not think that you are insinuating the we need to hire professors who will just "give" a passing grade. Our children need teachers who demand that they do their own work, no plagerism, no cheating, not paying people to do their research for them. When I attended TSC we had teachers like Frances Eacho, Ruby Wooldridge, Col. Edward Backus, Nell Wayne Bennett, and Barbara Warburton to name a few. They did not allow us to slack off and they had high expectations for us. We need teachers like them and not like some I had when at UTB working on my 3rd masters and have the "teachers" assign chapter to each one of us to present in front of the class while the teachers sat at the back of the room and slept or graded papers. Students need to be held accountable, but it is sad that state testing restricts the amount of time a teacher can spend on teaching the skills that will prepare them for college work. I am on my soap box now, so I better conclude this before I put my big foot in my big mouth, but please correct me if I read your story incorrectly.

BobbyWC said...

If you look to my open letter to Dr. Tercero I spoke about my teaching and testing techniques - I only gave essay exams with a comprehensive essay final. This would hardly be an easy path - the key is the instructors need to understand they need to teach more than their subject matter - they need to teach these students how to learn at a university level. This is a key difference between teaching at a community college and university.

I can tell you taking the time to teach them how to learn in a university environment does not take away from the instruction. My students were ready for a comprehensive final which included 2 essays.

I remember my first semester teaching and my boss complaining I had too many A's. I gave him my students' exams and told him "you tell me who does not get an A." He told me he had instructors who could not pass my final. The grades remained the same.

If you really want to teach these students you can - but teaching from the book and using multiple choice exams is not teaching.

Pretending the students are ready to learn when they are not is not teaching.

You accept the students with their limitations and teach - teach the hell out of them. You never give them the excuse they cannot do it.

My students went on to be doctors, lawyers, engneers and even judges. I can tell you many started without knowing how to take notes or form a sentence.

Bobby WC

BobbyWC said...

You should also know my comment is also based on having worked with many students attending UTB/TSC. The instruction was terrible. There effectively was none. In one writing class my student under Joe Colunga not once during the entire semester received a paper back with corrections - not once.

I attended math classes where the instuction was incomprehensible - the computer lab was a complete joke - zero instruction - they used a textbook which appeared translated from Chinese - Microsoft told me manyt of the test question were bad because they asked things the programs could not do and in some cased the textbook was just wrong.

I have no problem with TSC firing the instructors who did not fail their students.

What I do not accept is this nonsense that because BISD failed to prepare the students that it is now okay for TSC instructors to just say "not my problem."

Wrong - I faced very unprepared students at Houston Community College more than 20 years ago. I taught them the subject matter while teaching them how to learn - how to take notes - how to outline essay questions so they could treat them as a series of short answers. By the end of each semester I had them writing well written essays answering complex

Anonymous said...

Brownsville Cheezmeh failed to elect even one of their candidates. In a low turnout election where it should have been easy. I question whether they sent out even one walker or made one phone call as promised?? How do you lose an election with low turnout if they indeed had the committed political force they claim to have??? Cheezmeh asks chingo$$ from the candidates for political 'campaign work'. I wonder who is stupid enough to give them money now!!!

Congrats you called this one

Anonymous said...

If only! Why is it so hard for some teachers to understand the correct way to teach children? They love to work when they understand what they are to do and what the expectations are. I hate to say it, but some have no professional pride. I remember getting an F in my second "theme" that I wrote for Mrs. Nell Wayne Bennett because I had a comma splice. Ask me if I ever got another comma splice correction. Oh, and she returned every paper the next time we met with all sorts of recommendations, including corrections in RED. Now they ask the teacher not to use Red because it will deflate the child's ego. BS! Yes, I had one professor, Dr. George Thompson, who gave us a 3 hour essay questions test and returned each test with corrections and praises. We waited to read his comments, and we all made A's with him because we understood what he had taught us and were able to use the information in our answers. We did not memorize; we learned.
Congratulations on your accomplishments and I know how you feel, for I also had students who are now top-notch productive citizens - one was even a first assistant to Nancy Pelosi. (I am referring only to her responsibilities, not politics.)

Anonymous said...

The completion rate at UTB/TSC is about the same as other Texas Community Colleges because UTSC has the same admissions standard: none.

Students also are poorer here and must work as well as prepare for classwes...and, frankly, if they didn't do well in high school, they don't do well in college. The reason that it is noticed at UTSC is that they got in and failed. Anywhere else they wouldn't even be in the statistic.

When TSC becomes just TSC it will inherit all those unprepared students and the completion rate will actually fall. UT will simply exclude the riskier students and so its completion rate will rise.

But this doesn't mean either of them are doing any better. It means only that the students are sorted with the same results in different places.

No simple answers to poor student performance here, but it includes economics, poor quality schools, parents who don't take enough interest, and too little of everything.

Good luck Trustees. You've got a hill to climb.

BobbyWC said...

if Dr. Tercero does her job and only hires people who will teach based on the limitations of our students the completion rate will go up and the students will eventually succeed at a university.

Only time will tell

Thanks for the commment

Bobby WC