Tuesday, May 1, 2012


I was shocked to learn that Texas in 2010, charged an estimated 300,000 children with misdemeanors.

"In Texas, an estimated 300,000 kids were give misdemeanors in 2010. That number includes children as young as 6."

"The county's police lieutenant defended the decision, adding "putting him into the system can open up avenues perhaps the parents don't have."


Before I hear it - I am not saying charging children with crimes is wrong.  Texas is the perfect example of how it obsesses about abortion to protect unborn children, but once they are born Texas throws them into the gutter to survive on their own.

A major source of the problem is a lack of social workers to help families.  It is true that by putting children into the system they may get help they would not get otherwise.  This is the upside.

Politicians live in their own world.  They have no connection to the real world of neglected children.  Cameron county, Brownsville, and BISD  need to pool resources to hire at least 50 social workers.  Families do not know how to access resources to help them with their children. 

The lack of education in so many parents blows my mind.  Basic simple things I assume everyone knows are unknown to far too many parents in Cameron county and Brownsville. 

The system is designed to fail.  I know a family where all the children are hopelessly emotionally abused and are now becoming abusers.  Child protective services has always been a joke and will not help.  The father is stable and loving but without public assistance cannot keep his children.  He pays  child support and then still buys just about everything they need.  Where would the father even get the money to go to court to get custody of his children.

It is heart breaking to watch these children go down a path which will no doubt take them into the courts as juveniles and adults.  I simply do not understand.  How do we have money to keep  children in jail, but no money to be proactive to keep them out of jail? 

I know so many lost children in Brownsville whose parents have zero parenting skills.  The other day I was in Pollo Loco and was blown away with how much  food was on the floor.  How is it parents do not understand how wrong it is to allow their children to throw food on the floor.  It is not just about sanitation - it is about discipline and  respect.  These kids then go to school and become statistics.  They are simply pushed along in special services until they drop out in high school.  Many of these kids only real problem is poor parenting which has lead to the inability to function in a communal setting.  They are not real special needs children.  What they need is structure.

Until Brownsville, BISD and Cameron county take serious the need for social workers to work with families and try their best  to save one at a time, jail will become the only real option for Brownsville's children.


Anonymous said...

Very sad subject, but excellent article. Having moved to Brownsville a few months ago, I have seen some really really sad things...like kids peddling candies, flowers, jewelry etc. in eating establishments late on school nights. I hope the parents aren't sending them to sell in the bars as well. IF BISD gave a damn about the kids, they could rescue alot of them, or at least get some kind of intervention going before it is too late.

Anonymous said...

Bobby, do you have a total amount of all the expenses that each current BISD Board member has cost the us tax payers. Costs such as trips, meals, lawsuits, airfare, lodging, payouts, contracts, family jobs...etc. I wish someone would put out these $$$ facts in the Herald when election time comes around so that the corrupt 4 get the boot and NO NEW CORRUPTION comes in!

BobbyWC said...

While your request is valid - and I would hope some candidate would work on the issue - it is way too cost prohibitive for me - it would be several hundred dollars in open records requests plus an untold number of days to compile the data

There is no getting rid of the corrupt four in the next election - only Presas-Garcia is up for reelection. As of right now no one is seeking to challenge her - in fact other than the 4 candidates the corrupt for intend to run there are no candidates interested in the race

Come November their majority will be 6 and even possibly all 7 seats in the hands of the corrupt 4

Bobby WC

Anonymous said...

Not if my friend and I, are willimg to run vs CPG, and Joe Colunga.

Anonymous said...

NOT if I can help it! ;(
Two friends of mine and I, are ready to rumble...RIGHT NOW. WHERE CAN WE GET THE PACKAGES?

BobbyWC said...

campaign packages are available at BISD's main office - see information office on 1st floor

Bobby WC

Anonymous said...

I will be there tomorrow, and of course, before I even get back in my car, the WHOLE ADMINISTRATION AND CORRUPT $4 WOULD KNOW....it's ok.