Tuesday, May 1, 2012


This is the link to the below post as it originally appeared in the BV.  I was glad to see the Herald finally won the scoop on a story.  A reader sent me this yesterday, but I was too busy to put together the story.


Here is the story related to the indicted Linebarger lawyer related to the the Arlington ISD trustee race as it originally appeared in the Fort Worth Star Telegram


Below BV original post.

"Item 11 on Wednesdays agenda is putting out bids for tax collection. The item was put on the agenda by Presas-Garcia.

Linebarger owns the corrupt 4. The TEA can do a study of these corrupt 4 and use the results to justify changing the laws to give Region One greater control over BISD. Of course nothing will happen because when it comes to corruption in the LRGV nothing ever happens.

... ... ... .


Saavedra accepted $3,000 from Linebarger either directly or through their local advocates. She was not even on the Board at the time. Why would Linebarger be willing to give her $3,000 either directly or indirectly? How could she know in advance before bids and review of the bids that Linebarger would be better than the current company collecting taxes for BISD. Why does Linebarger seem to think Saavedra can be influenced with money? If Saavedra has a problem with Linebarner’s perception of her then she needs to denounce them.


12/13/2010 $500 from Rene Oliviera
12/13/2010 $1,000 from ERD International - http://www.eroarchitects.com/
12/14/2010 $1,000 from Linebarger (tax collection company)
12/13/2010 $500 From Esparza & Garza (they promote Linebarger)
no date $250 from Mullen Pension & Benefits Group http://www.mullenpbg.com/educatorbenefits.html

12/13/2010 $1,000 from Gilbert Hinojosa (lobbies locally for Linebarger)
11/01/2010 $500 from Rene Oliviera
10/05/2010 $1,000 from Linebarger
10/06/2010 $600.00 from Sylvia Atkinson
There are clearly more donations, but these stand out. $1,000 from Rene Oliviera. If you remember the BV broke the story a week in advance that Escobedo wanted to give Oliveira the interim contract for legal counsel. When the vote came because the BV broke the story Longoria and Saavedsra sat silent and refused to second.

Why would Linebarger who wants the tax collection contract donate $2,000 to Saavedra. She is not a board member - she would not have the information to know which company is best for the taxpayers - but Linebarger seems to think she is worth $2,000. Think about it


10/08/2010 $1,000 Linebarger - We now have Linebarger donating $3,000 to candidates who are not even sitting Trustees - neither Saavedra nor Longoria would have the information needed to know if Linebarger is a better option than BISD's current tax collecting firm. Why is Linebarger so certain these two will vote them the contract.


11/15/2010 $1,000 Linebarger - Now Linebarger is at $4,000 - are they trying to buy the contract?
10/04/2010 $500 Rene Oliviera
10/04/2010 $500 Rene Olivera (2 donations in one day - and who did Escobedo name for interim counsel? Rene Oliveira
10/19/2010 $500 Linebarger We are now at $4500 from Linebarger - who wants the contract.
10/04/2010 $750 Esparza & Garza (promotes Linebarger)

For good measure I am adding the money Escobedo received in his Cameron County Commissioner's race

The tax collection firm of Linebarger Goggan Blair & Sampson LLP donated $500 to Escobedo’s campaign.


Anonymous said...

Renecito - I thought you were supposed to represent the citizens of your district. Sounds like you are representing and thus benefiting yourself. You are just as guilty of the mess BISD is in as the corrupt $4. You are a smart man so don't tell us you didn't know the kind of people you were throwing money at. Shame on you...

BobbyWC said...

You are right about Rene and BISD, but you fail to mention that it is in fact Alex Domninguez who is funding the corrupt 4's propaganda machine. Which is worse - I think Alex Dominguez between the two is the bigger scumbag.

Trust me not working 24/7 to defeat Rene Oliviera is killing me.

It take a lot in my eyes to be worse than Rene Oliviera - but Alex Domingues has met that challenge

Bobby WC

Anonymous said...

I was not aware of Alex Dominquez' connection. There are so many players here it is hard to keep up. What is Dominquez' connection to the $4?

Anonymous said...

Can you please tell us more about the Dominguez/Oliveira connection?

Anonymous said...

And do not forget the 1000.00 Lucy received from these same group, which she was trying to disperse among some people, 'cause she did not get "to use it in her campaign"

Anonymous said...

Bobby some of us requested the records (FOIA)of one specific person this board majority opened a position for, and the response from BISD was that there were not records of her ....WHY?? Are they destroying records? It's a federal offense...no?

BobbyWC said...

if you believe they did not respond to the open records request simply send a complaint letter to

Texas Attorney General
Open Records Division
PO Box 12548
Austin, TX 78711-2548

you need to provide them with a copy of your request and BISD's response

Then tell them what proof you have they are hiding documents

Bobby WC

BobbyWC said...

Dominguez along with Yolanda Begum finance the BISD's propagandist - they pay good money for campaign ads. They believe BISD's propagandist is a good person and truthful. They in fact worked together to get BISD's propagandist out of jail so he could continue the propaganda

Bobby WC

Anonymous said...