Monday, May 28, 2012


This is another holiday lost to form over substance. The politicos will go out and proclaim gratitude to those how have given their lives for our freedom.  What have they done to prove they care about our freedoms? Until the Brownsville City Commission restores our right to Freedom of Speech - here is a new rule - they do not get to participate in Memorial Day celebrations.


A reader turned me on to an interesting Civil War battle - right here on our own Boca Chica Beach

scroll down for the story Save Boca Chica and Clarksville


Anonymous said...

Bobby I an soooooo confused!!!!!!!!
I thought Memorial Day was for our fallen soldiers!
And Veteran's Day was for those who served and came back alive!

Now I see where so many people are using these two days to toot their horns!

What is going on?

I lost my uncle in WW11 and my husband was wounded in Vietnam.

We acknowledge my uncle on Memorial Day and my husband on Veteran's Day.

Do we have it wrong?

We are very low key on Memorial Day.

So many politicians----uuuuhhhgggg!

BobbyWC said...

You have it right my dear - people today simply do not care - it is about a day off, getting drunk at the beach, or looking for a good sale.

For me, it is a day of great pride to know so many of my fellow Americans died in service for our freedoms. I do not take freedom lightly- the politicians who pay convicts to run propaganda have nothing but contempt for those who have fallen in defense of our freedoms.

It amazes me how politicians can have so little respect for Freedom of Speech, but on days like today can be found pushing their con jobs.

Bobby WC

Anonymous said...

Getting the day off,getting drunk,looking for sales AND posting baloney on FB trying to rip off the deserved recognition from our fallen heroes!!!!!!!!!!

All FB pages full of lies and propoganda to make themselves look good!!!!!!

Blessings and have a beautiful evening.

BobbyWC said...

Something just occurred to me, going back to my father's uncles and aunts - and then forward - no family member has either been wounded or died in service to this nation. We have been very fortunate.

My father was a lonely child - having been born in 1906 he was too young for WWI and too old for WWII - in the early days of WWII (before the US entered and when we were basically arming the UK) he did work as a merchant marine (radio operator. he made a few transatlantic trips during the time the Nazi's were sinking supply ships to the UK.

His father and uncles were during a time the US was at peace - post civil war - his father was born in 1868.

I have one brother who did 3 tours of Nam. back then only one brother could go to Nam at a time - so when brother 2 got orders brother 1 went a second time. His first tour was running supplies in the war zones. His second and third was in Saigon a lot safer) during his first tour - one night after one of the trucks broke down he along with several other members of the convoy stayed the night in the jungle with the supplies. They thought they were about to be attacked and opened fire - the next morning there were a lot of dead water buffalo in the fields.

So while I have three brothers and a nephew who served during Nam - we made it out okay - then after Nam myself and another brother served.

I have a brotherinlaw who served in Nam in the fighting zone - this is how I know the claims made by John Kerry are true about the abuses - he could have sold his pictures of the abuses during that Presidential campaign - but Nam in many ways sent home a lot of young men who never recovered. Nam such as made by the swift boat veterans is not to be a place where you make money off the suffering of others.

Now I have endless neices and nephews who have served - some with several tours in Vietnam, Iraq and Afghanistan - how strange how lucky our family has been.

We will continue to serve because Freedom is not free - and the war does not end on foreign soil - it is eternal and must be faught at home against the opportunist who use our ignorance and fears to keep us divided

example - photo shopped pictures - check the eyes

Bobby WC