Saturday, April 28, 2012


I am the family archivist. I continue to collect as many documents as possible, related to the family. Maybe some 15 years ago I found a book at SMU in the archives safe which contained an original narration of the charges against Edward Wightman, my grandfather 13 generations removed.

Edward was an Anabaptist.  Under King James this made him a heretic.  He was the last heretic burned at  the stake under King James.  Several of his sons eventually landed in Massachusetts only to go on to Rhode Island for greater religious freedom.

Over the years I have learned that much of what is stated is not true.  In actuality King James had a spin put on much of what Edward was preaching.  Edward was tried in 1611, and died at the stake in 1612.

Edward was the son of Richard Burbage - Richard was one of several financiers who helped to finance Shakespeare's first theater.  One might say Edward may have been influenced by a bit too much Shakespeare and chose to created his own tragedy through his death.

If you would like to read the short narrative and sentence you can click below.  Remember language and even how we form our letters change.  What appears to be a small "f" without the cross in the middle is in fact an "s"


Every two years I go through old law files and decide what I can have shredded.  I did this other day and then took about 20 boxes to Lone Star Shredding in Mercedes.  It is in my nature to help load and unload my truck.  I think it is rude and inhumane to not help the workers.  We are all equal.  We were down to two boxes in my back seat.  The top box spilled into the parking lot.  A folder opened and what did I see? - "The Narrative History of King James for the first fourteen years."

I have no idea how a document which should have been in the safe came to be in an old law file.  I also do not know how I did not notice the specially marked folder when I was going through the old files.


About 12 years ago I penned by hand about 300 book pages of a suspense novel.  I thought it was in the safe.  Every year I say I will type it into computer and then finish it.  It was an odd experience.  When I stopped I knew how I wanted it to end, but for the last 200 pages I hit a block.  So I wrote the last three chapters in the event I would forget how I wanted it to end.  So I have the first 300 pages and the last three chapters.

Maybe this summer I will  finish it.  Oh, these hand written pages were also in the same box as the Edward document.

Of all the boxes what were the odds that the one with these documents would fall over into the parking lot forcing me to see the documents. 

I believe in a higher force.  I cannot explain it.  It may be more than one force - such as angles serving God - I do not know.

Here is the introduction to my book.

"Daniel, while  trying to maintain his sense of focus knew that his life was in an out of control tail spin. His life had become like the descending elevator.  For Daniel, neither had any apparent sense of direction.  Both appeared to be descending into the bowels of human deception.

The elevator  finally came to a stand still.  The guard - a man who appeared insecure and looking for affirmation for his sins - ordered Daniel out of the elevator and into the  corridor to the right.  Daniel made a mental note of the guard.  This was Daniel's habit - taking note of his potential adversary or  friend.  Daniel knew every one of  God's creations were potential saviors, if they only knew of their potential.

Such as the elevator, the walls of the corridor were stainless steel so as to reflect the cold harsh world into which Daniel had descended."



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I believe that the Barmes and Noble website allows yoo to publish on line for Nook readers. They pay a percentage per sale. Check them out.

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Awesome finds..

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No wonder you have so many issues and resort to cyber-voodoo.