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Escobedo is playing Michonne from AMC's Walking Dead - she figured out that the walking dead will not notice her if she is around other walking dead - so she chopped off the arms and lower jaws of these men so they could not attack her and then leads them around as protection - Sounds to me this is exactly what Escobedo has done to Villalobos and FBI Director Mueller.

I have someone working on the video.  I hope by late Thursday or Friday to have the Quintanilla movie up.  I  remain working on the PowerPoint criminal complaint for DA Villalobos and the FBI.

Recap from Tuesday's BISD meeting - I know people do not like when I go after Colunga, Aguilar, and Peña - but  facts are facts.  They knew that in their packet there was no name listed for employee FAF who was being terminated.  Knowing this they still allowed it to be a consent item.  Yes it is true they later went on record that they were mislead - which is good for Tony Fuller and his federal case - but the fact remains they were willing to vote for the firing of a BISD employee without so much as asking why or who.  This my friends is why it has been so easy  for Escobedo and Presas-Garcia to destroy BISD.  After last night you cannot claim Aguilar, Colunga or Peña are competent.

Let me say - to the lawyers representing the BISD bus drivers - good show - you proved to everyone watching Arturo Michel is a scumbag with no regard for the First Amendment.

Tony Fuller's lawsuit will cost BISD $50,000 as part of their deductible.  If you will note - last night no one bothered to bring up the fact Ismael Garcia authorized a check to go to the wrong vendor.  I will bet that the insurance company will settle with Tony sooner than later.

Acacia Ameel is way on her way to filing suit.  Peña did do a great job of putting into the record that Montoya pushed for the STAMP program before all of the problems were ironed out.  If anyone is to blame for the confusion with the parents it is Carl Montoya.


I suspect Luci Goosey will be demanding she be fired for pointing out last night for the millionth time that BISD does not control which attorneys are hired by the insurance company.  This has been explained to Luci a million times and she simply does not appear to have the capacity to understand.  Maybe someone put a curse on her to make her stupid.


I do not know the vote but last night (Wednesday) American Security was poised to receive a $220,000 contract from the BND.   My advice to the BND you better have that  contract and bidding process reviewed because it you do not it could end up costing the BND being part of the Escobedo investigation. Update:  A source told me the following "According to my source, the item failed 3-2. Reed, Cowen and Lopez voted against. Masso and Arambula for."  I need confirmation of this.  If Masso did in fact vote For then the people of Cameron County need to know this.

On Friday I will be sending an open letter to Commissioners Court.  It was quite clear last night that Jimmy Haynes intended to say BISD was in negotiations with the county over the BISD buildings which need remodelling.  This is the deal - someone at the county already agreed to move the demolition remodelling contract to American Security.  This was nothing more than Enrique Escobedo using his BISD position to throw more business to his brother, via Cameron County.  Carlos Casco - the people are tired of you running interference for Lehmann and Escobedo. 

Now here is the scoop - Jimmy Haynes the assistant superintendent of operations will testify to the FBI that it was Enrique Escobedo who order the change orders on the BAC contracts which eventually went to Jaime Escobedo's company.

Commissioners court better note - if a new school board is voted in come November the county could find itself being sued by BISD for conspiracy to defraud BISD.  Just something to thing about.  It is best the county not negotiate on these buildings.

Below is the BV's previous post on the contract rigging involving BAC, and how Jimmy Haynes came to get his job as assistant superintendent over operations and Chavez lost his job as AD.

My advice to Jimmy Haynes - get an attorney who will march you into the FBI with an agreement for transactional immunity.  I am not saying Jimmy has done anything wrong from a criminal point of view but it is always best to secure transactional immunity before you talk to the FBI.

FINALLY, on Tuesday the corrupt 4 were cool as cucumbers - you know why?  They are 100% confident that Enrique Escobedo has DA Villalobos and FBI Director Mueller on chain leashes like impotent zombies.


Anonymous said...

Wow!! Thank you Bobby for your work! Did BISD hire their own in-house attorney but still have that Mr. Michelle, or whatever his name is, on its payroll??? Do you know the in-house attorney that BISD hired? Man, all the high $$$ paying positions only exist for the select the big promotion Jimmy Haynes got ( AA of Operations) since he is Dr. A's bff. Unfortunately, Jimmy Boy is now in the mix with the corrupt....problems, problems, problems. More money=more problems!!!

Anonymous said...

The in-house counsel is Leandra Ortiz,sounds like she is right out of law school. One more innocent gopher that the Board can dictate to. Someone to do their dirty work and or clean up after all of their Bull----.

FOLKS get involved! Plz spread the word. This is far from over, It has just begun...Enough is enough.
AND...yes Kudos to Mr. Shergold and Mr. Galvan. How dare they! try to intimidate the community from coming forward and being heard. You guys were awesome!!! I know you had a group cheering you on at our place.

BobbyWC said...

Ms. Ortiz actually gets an A+ for her job the other night. She explained the costs associated with switching attorneys and the fact the insurance company is calling the shots.

Between Ms. Ortiz and Arturo Michel - she was the only one representing the interests of the people - Arturo as always was only representing the corrupt interests.

My hats are off to Ms. Ortiz for an A+ job in protecting the interests of the people

Bobby WC

BobbyWC said...

I have been asked to explain the artwork - All of the artwork is my creation in terms of the substance - I come up with the idea and then send everything to someone who puts together.

So what is my interest in the "Walking Dead" on AMC. Initially I thought after 40 years of the "Night of the Living Dead" do we really need a series.

Well - yes - this is not the night of living dead. It is well written and deals with the complex issues of survival and need to create a new ordered liberty.

It deals with ignorant presumptions - bigotry - strong conflicting views on social justice - team work - empathy

If you missed the first 2 seasons go to

and check out season one - if the link is too long go to

Bobby WC

Anonymous said...


Don't compare these demons to my favorite characters, Bobby.
Remember that walking dead can't think like these RATAS.

No bribes
No favortism
No brujeria
No vendettas
No bankruptsy
No overtime abuse
And on and on

I'll take the walkers any day over these rateros. At least with the walkers I KNOW who to look out for.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Escobedo and Pat L think they are muy muy, but just wait and see when one of their own starts to sing like a pajarito.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Bobby! Btw, Hector Gonzalez was in Tuesday's board agenda. Do you know what happened with him afterall? Is he getting what he wants.....$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$?

BobbyWC said...

he got nothing

BobbyWC said...

I am running a test - on my side posting new story appears to have several error codes for which blogspot has no solution

I am testing to see if posts can go through

Bobby WC

Anonymous said...

Mr. Shergold is very correct about the board not being able to require a closed hearing when the employee requests an open hearing. They had two attorneys there for BISD and neither stopped this illegal action.

Anonymous said...

Their time is coming!!

Anonymous said...

Haynes is a whimp and is controlled. That's why he is where he is. Only those willing to carry out orders whether legal or illegal, right or wrong, are secure in their positions under the current administration. His day is coming - he made some serious errors in judgement and they will come out.

Anonymous said...

The current board removed good people, to give the jobs to their friends, and this Quintanilla guy talks about nepotism. Hummm

This guy also talks about the Ins carrier BISD had selected at the time, but then adds that his friend, the owner of Healthsmart Ins was a better choice. Hummm

It just keeps on adding up...I need to keep on watching. I will point out my findings.

Thank you, and thank this courageous Mary Rey lady for me. GBU

Anonymous said...

Bobby, how and why was this guy informed about many issues RE: BISD? Who the f*ck does he thinks he is to "like, or dislike" the way BISD runs, or which Ins contract is given to who??? I think I'm getting the picture now...

Anonymous said...

to the 5:14PM post

This Q guy was very well informed 'cause CPG and Luci were taking the reports to him, and do not forget the list of people who "invited" him to come here. Pat Lehman, Hector Gonzalez, Chris Valadez, Cata Presas, Lucy Longoria, Enrique Escobedo, Christina Saavedra, Juanita Rodriguez, BEN NEECE AND ART RENDON

BobbyWC said...

I am developing a strong case against Carlos Cascos and Chris Valadez - Cascos met with Quintanilla at Pat Lehmann's command. Valadez helped with the meeting.

Cascos threw to Lehmann a bogus garbage consulted contract - the meeting with Quitanilla was to move the commissary contract from Zayas to a Lehmann or someone tied to Lehmann - the end result was it cost the County over $7,000 when the bogus audit found Zayas company was underpaid.

Then there is Cascos support of valadez use of the word niggar as a joke - no joke just Valadez showing his true colors- in any normal city Valadez would have been fired - but now Brownsville Cascos probably recommended him for a commendation

Cascos has no possibility for a 3rd term. He will leave office with a very tainted reputation - association with a convicted felon at a cost of over $7,000 to the taxpayers and support of his employees using the word niggar.

Bobby WC

Anonymous said...

Wonderfull job Bobby. Chris Valadez and Rodrigo Moreno are two BIG pieces of this puzzle, which will come out soon, very soon!

Anonymous said...

Yes Bobby, Chris Valadez told me sometime in October, 2009, that Lehman had gotten in touch with Quintanilla and that was the reason he was here.

Anonymous said...

Let's go get 'em!!!

People, DO NOT give up. Everything will come out soon.

Anonymous said...

God is great!!