Wednesday, April 18, 2012


I want to be very honest about this with my readers. Villalobos will do nothing. He has gone to a source of mine demanding that a complaint be filed. Here is the problem - it is a con job. Villalobos knows that if he indicts Quintanilla Daniel Cavasos will order Emma TreviƱo-Perez to do an attack piece on Villalobos. Emma being the hack journalist she aspired to be will comply. The Herald has more than enough to take down Villalobos now, but Daniel Cavasos has held the story as a form of control over Villalobos. At every level this is unethical.   As is always the case, Emma is a willing participant in Danial Cavasos' unethical use of the press.

Sheriff Lucio has authority to investigate all crimes at the court house.  Let's see if he investigates this one.  We all know how diligent he was in investigating Limas and his compadres.

The above video is obviously edited to highlight the perjury. This is a lot shorter than the original. It is only 2:57 minutes.  The watermark in the beginning is just noting I am using a free service.  Now that I know I can use this program I will pay the $59.00  for unlimited use.  The only real challenge in using this program is a lack of a steady hand.

In the interest of full disclosure here is Quintanilla's near full deposition.  It contains all the parts which were edited.

Here is a complete transcribed copy of Quintanilla's deposition.[1]

Here is the complete Mary Rey deposition

The BV will post any edited video which shows that Quintanilla did not mean to say what he said or later corrected his claims about renting the house at 1205 St.. Charles.  The BV will post the contract he claims to have with Mama Perez.  The problem is Quintanilla cannot produe anything.

Here is Quintanilla's original lawsuit seeking removal of Rick Zayas and Ruben Cortez

You will note on page 2 under venue and jurisdiction he claims only his Dallas address.  He only claimed to live in Brownsville after the BV pointed out he had no legal authority to file the lawsuit because he did not live in Brownsville.

Also of note - I reviewed the entire file.  There is only one document filed by Quintanilla directly with the court - meaning not by mail.  It is his lawsuit to remove Zayas and Cortez.  The clerk ran the $40.00 cash receipt for me.   What this means is, if Mary Rey is telling the truth about Luci Longoria going to court for Quintanilla it would mean Luci filed the counterclaim for removal of Rick Zayas and Ruben Cortez.  This would bring her square one into the criminal conspiracy to use the courts to undo a valid election.



Phone: (956) 544-0849

I know reality - maybe 3 people will call his office and demand he download all of this information and indict Quintanilla.  Thousands of you will sit at home and say - "yes someone do it, but not me."

If Daniel Cavasos does as I suspect he will do, then Villalobos needs to go public with how Daniel Cavasos has been running cover for the convicted felon Carlos Quintanilla.  This will not help the Herald's circulation.

The number 2 search which brings people to the BV is, "Villalobos indicted."  The first of course is people searching for the Brownsville Voice.  Villalobos' campaign for congress is done.  He knows this.   You would think he would want to go out as the person who took down this convicted felon and a corrupt school board - but you would be wrong.


Anonymous said...

I will call; help me out here, who do I ask for and what do I request?

BobbyWC said...

You can begin by emailing my link and then calling demanding to speak to Villalobos in regards to seeking an indictment against Carlos Quintanilla for aggravated perjury

good luck

Bobby WC

Anonymous said...

I will call- OK1 folks here is your opportunity. Stand tall and lets all do our part. We as taxpayers deserve justice. Bobby has done his share, it is our turn!!

Anonymous said...

Send your data to the Texas Rangers. That might help.
They had an investigative branch at one time.

Anonymous said...

How do you contact Texas Rangers?

BobbyWC said...

I was told to send complaint to

Criminal Investigation Division
Office of the Attorney General
PO Box 12548
Austin, TX 78711-2548

and ask that they have the Texas Rangers investigate

The key here is not just the perjury - but the felony perjury with the intent to defraud BISD

Luci is clearly a coconspirator - but that is something they will get to once they get the initial indictment

Bobby WC

Anonymous said...

Has your complaint been filed with the AG's office? Just curious as to where this is all at. What do we send to the AG's office? I have already e-mailed DA as instructed and am getting ready to call. I hope others are doing the same.

Anonymous said...

Texas Rangers are an "investigative unit". That is all they do. They exsist to investigate crimes. But they need the DA's office to say they will prosecute the investigated crime, if not they will not investigate. That is about the size of the Texas Rangers Authority... .....

Anonymous said...

Contact any Local Texas Department Of Public Safety Office in the State and they will connect you with the Texas Ranger in your area.

Anonymous said...

You would think that Villalobos would be wanting to score points with the voters of Brownsville? If the man indicts this guy and others, I will vote for him and will do my best to get him more votes! This I promise!

Anonymous said...

Come on Villalobos, what else are you waiting for??

Anonymous said...

Villalobos will not prosecute them, 'cause he's friends with CPG, remember she took all those reports to Quintanilla, then to him?