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The revelations will continue today. I am working on the post. For now see the Acacia Ameel story. Today will be the final post on BISD's contract rigging problems. It is my opinion Rosario Peña is not running the Purchasing Department. What is clear from the emails and letters is, Rosario Peña is trying to do the right thing, but someone is pressuring Texas Descon. The story is coming.

A call for information -  We all know the corrupt 4 were gunning for Robert Fisher in Technology Services.  The audit showed Robert Fisher's only problem was an inability to effectively communicate with the board.  I would submit the real problem was trying to  communicate to idiots like Presas-Garcia and Longoria.

But here is my concern - I am starting to see evidence there may have actually been problems with Technology Services.  If anyone would have all the emails related to the E-Rate problem and Pat Lehmann it would have been Robert Fisher.   Which other trustees were pushing to give the E-Rate contract to "Integrity"? I am now convinced Robert Fisher knew too much so Defenbaugh dropped what he learned about Technology Services from his bogus audit.  Of course Pat Lehmann was left holding the bag on the E-Rate mess as the only former trustee being  referred for possible illegal conduct.


To understand the context of today's post my readers must remember according to ROFA, BISD requested Circle Industries be dumped in favor of American Security (Jaime Escobedo).  Also remember Texas Descon lied about no bids from Circle Industries.  They can play all of the games they want, but the bottom line is the contractor has a duty to insure all subs and all subs to the subs are in compliance with state and federal law and terms of contract.

In both the links below the first document is the same.  In the first it seems to read better.  On Friday I showed how Texas Descon on August 29, 2011, informed BISD of its intent to give the contract to American Security.  This was before BISD approved the changes to the specs or the Board even approved the contract.  What I will show today is BISD had to order American Security off of the construction sight because Texas Descon had them working on the contract without BISD approval or approval of the changes in the specs. (see page 2)

In the first letter below you have Rosario Peña informing everyone concerned BISD is not going with the changes.  She also informs everyone concerned that the changes were not cost effective in terms of the standardized equipment guideslines as put out by the TEA.

Rosario Peña also makes clear that Texas Descon understood the terms of the contract, which included a no substitution clause.  It is clear that Rosario Peña is doing the right thing, but somehow Texas Descon seems to think someone else at BISD has greateer say in this contract.

In the second link the second letter is  from Texas Descon's attorney.  Think about this, why does a contractor need to pay a lawyer to write a letter to explain engineering and cost savings principles.  It was a cover.  Remember, I previously established that their lawyer told them to not write a letter stating Circle Industries never submitted a bid. (see last page)

In the letter from Texas Descon's attorney, Stephanie O'Rourke states, "does not change the contract itself."  This is a bold face lie. The letter is dated September 23, 2011.  On August 30, 2011 Rosario Peña stated why BISD would not change the contract to accommodate Texas Descon's request that they be allowed to hire BISD Trustee Enrique Escobedo's brother, Jaime Escobedo (American Security).


See page 2 below

In the first email you have the contractor Texas Descon playing the plausible deniability game.  We as the contractor do not receive bids from subs to the subs.  This email is dated September 17, 2011 to Cesar Garza at BISD.  The day before is the exchange wherein Texas Descon is asked to produce a letter from Circle Industries verifying they never submitted a bid.  As noted Friday, a bid was made, and as noted in this email Circle Industries refuses to write such a letter. 

Also as noted Friday and above Texas Descon's own lawyer told them to not write such a letter.  Also established Friday was Rosario Peña's finding that while Texas Descon was saying no bid was received it was nonetheless comparing Circle Industries non-existent bid to American Securities.

Here again is Circle Industries' bid and Rosario Peña's letter asking if there was no bid how then is Circle Industries non-existent bid being compared to American Securties?


From the Brownsville Herald concerning Enrique Escobedo's campaign contributions for County Commission.

"Escobedo’s largest contributor is the Austin law firm of Rosenthal & Watson PC that contributed $3,000 plus another $3,000 that attorney Marc Rosenthal contributed for a combined total of $6,000.

The tax collection firm of Linebarger Goggan Blair & Sampson LLP donated $500 to Escobedo’s campaign.

Escobedo also received $2,000 from Joe Salazar III, and $1,000 each from Bill Bowen and the architectural firm Gignac & Associates LLP.

Escobedo’s brother Jaime Escobedo contributed $2,000. Jaime Escobedo also loaned the candidate $4,000. Candidate Escobedo also injected $2,000 of his personal funds into the campaign."


Rosenthal - indicted pending trial in the Limas case.

Linebarger - awarded BISD tax collections contract - Escobedo voting yes

Joe Salazar III - insurance agent  - clients awarded millions of dollars in insurance contracts.  Escobedo voted yes

Jaime Escobedo - need I say more.
Editors note:  I have a massive headache - this is the cause for the delay - This post reads accurately on the substance - it just may be a bit wordy because of the headache - sorry.  I proofed it 4 times.

Sunday, April 29, 2012


I have no idea what the lawsuit is about.  I will try and get out this week to read the lawsuit and report on it.  To remind my readers - Acacia Ameel was a scapegoat for the Veteran's Memorial High School mess over the STAMP program.  Carl Montoya being the eunuch he is blamed Acacia Ameel for a parent revolt after he Carl Montoya was unprepared to answer the questions for the parents.

The suit was filed on April 5, 2012.  To the taxpayers this means another $50,000 to be paid to lawyers to meet BISD's deductible.  The bigger problem the taxpayers face is the carrier dropping BISD, or raising the deductible to an amount which BISD cannot afford.

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I am the family archivist. I continue to collect as many documents as possible, related to the family. Maybe some 15 years ago I found a book at SMU in the archives safe which contained an original narration of the charges against Edward Wightman, my grandfather 13 generations removed.

Edward was an Anabaptist.  Under King James this made him a heretic.  He was the last heretic burned at  the stake under King James.  Several of his sons eventually landed in Massachusetts only to go on to Rhode Island for greater religious freedom.

Over the years I have learned that much of what is stated is not true.  In actuality King James had a spin put on much of what Edward was preaching.  Edward was tried in 1611, and died at the stake in 1612.

Edward was the son of Richard Burbage - Richard was one of several financiers who helped to finance Shakespeare's first theater.  One might say Edward may have been influenced by a bit too much Shakespeare and chose to created his own tragedy through his death.

If you would like to read the short narrative and sentence you can click below.  Remember language and even how we form our letters change.  What appears to be a small "f" without the cross in the middle is in fact an "s"


Every two years I go through old law files and decide what I can have shredded.  I did this other day and then took about 20 boxes to Lone Star Shredding in Mercedes.  It is in my nature to help load and unload my truck.  I think it is rude and inhumane to not help the workers.  We are all equal.  We were down to two boxes in my back seat.  The top box spilled into the parking lot.  A folder opened and what did I see? - "The Narrative History of King James for the first fourteen years."

I have no idea how a document which should have been in the safe came to be in an old law file.  I also do not know how I did not notice the specially marked folder when I was going through the old files.


About 12 years ago I penned by hand about 300 book pages of a suspense novel.  I thought it was in the safe.  Every year I say I will type it into computer and then finish it.  It was an odd experience.  When I stopped I knew how I wanted it to end, but for the last 200 pages I hit a block.  So I wrote the last three chapters in the event I would forget how I wanted it to end.  So I have the first 300 pages and the last three chapters.

Maybe this summer I will  finish it.  Oh, these hand written pages were also in the same box as the Edward document.

Of all the boxes what were the odds that the one with these documents would fall over into the parking lot forcing me to see the documents. 

I believe in a higher force.  I cannot explain it.  It may be more than one force - such as angles serving God - I do not know.

Here is the introduction to my book.

"Daniel, while  trying to maintain his sense of focus knew that his life was in an out of control tail spin. His life had become like the descending elevator.  For Daniel, neither had any apparent sense of direction.  Both appeared to be descending into the bowels of human deception.

The elevator  finally came to a stand still.  The guard - a man who appeared insecure and looking for affirmation for his sins - ordered Daniel out of the elevator and into the  corridor to the right.  Daniel made a mental note of the guard.  This was Daniel's habit - taking note of his potential adversary or  friend.  Daniel knew every one of  God's creations were potential saviors, if they only knew of their potential.

Such as the elevator, the walls of the corridor were stainless steel so as to reflect the cold harsh world into which Daniel had descended."


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Recap - we now know that Rosario Peña after seeking advice from the TEA ordered that the spec changes not be done to favor American Surveillance - Jaime Escobedo. We know that the architectural firm stated in writing that the request that Circle Industries be dumped in favor of American Surveillance came from BISD. We know that Carlos Guerra sent the Board a letter threatening to expose Enrique Escobedo's conduct related to BISD contracts. We know that Jimmy Haynes has told everyone who will listen that Enrique Escobedo ordered changes to bid requests so that his brothers company American Surveillance could win the contract.

Some further background:

After Art Rendon, then a Board Member at the Brownsville Housing Authority, voted to give Jaime Escobedo a million plus dollar contract, just 15 days later on April 6, 2010, Enrique Escobedo voted to restore Art Rendon to his job at BISD.

He did this just 15 days after the BHA authority voted a $1,057,156.90, contract to Jaime Escobedo’s company Valley American Contractors. In the attached documents who seconded the motion to approve the contract? Art Rendon. Both Enrique Escobedo and Jaime Escobedo claim 55 Galonsky as a business address.

THE FULL POST BY 10 A.M. - I am working on it - I just got some more documents and seeing how they relate - be patient


But first some background on how these contracts work.  For the record I stayed out of the T-Mobile bullshit blog mess because I know how contracts work, and I knew the city would be getting money back from T-Mobile.  If you are going to comment on this nonsense, you better make sure you have actual knowledge as to how these things work.  I will always support the blogosphere - with all of its flaws - but it is up to the people to demand that bloggers are actually qualified to comment on the stories they report.  In the case of T-Mobile they either were not qualified or simply chose to ignore reality.  Trust me - I a not a fan of T-Mobile - they went from number one in customer service to second from the bottom.  When my contract is up I will be dumping T-Mobile/
WHAT WE LEARN IN CIRCLE INDUSTRIES  is how easy it is for an elected official to manipulate the process.  A contract begins with the top vendors - contractors.  In this case the top contractors were Texas Descon and ROFA architects.  These are the people who actually win the bids.  They then subcontract to companies like Southern Mechanical Air Conditioning.  SMAC can then hire a subcontractor to their status as a subcontractor.  But contrary to a statement you will see tomorrow from ROFA, the contractors are required insure every subcontractor hired complies with both federal and state law requirements. 

This is the danger area - any elected official can go a subcontractor like SMAC and say if you want to get future contracts you better hire the following subcontractors.  There will be a very small paper trail to prove this.  In this case - there is a paper trail.  But this is a key area where contract rigging occurs.

Some futher background - we need to begin with the concept of "plausible deniability"

You can check out a variety of definitions at this link.

This is how it works - you use words which do not commit to the truth one way or the other.  Then you can plausibly deny the truth.  More on this below.


The first 2 pages of the above link are the fax transmittal sheet and bid by Circle Industries to SMAC, the subcontractor hired by Texas Descon.

The third page is an email from Rosario Peña pointing out conflicting statements from SMAC as related to Circle Industries bid.  You will note Peña notes how is it that American Securities bid is being compared to Circle Industries if Circle Industries did not respond?  As the attached proof shows Circle Industries did send a bid to SMAC.  Below see SMAC's BS claims and how the time line proves they are playing games.


I have now established that back in December 2010, Circle Industries in fact submitted a bid to Southern Mechanical.  Look at the first document in the attached linked and carefully read the words from David Alanis of Southern Mechanical.  The letter is addressed to Doug with ROFA. 

"Doug, during our Electrical bidding process the only complete qualified quotation  we received at the time was from  American Surveillance."  Key here in the letter is "only complete qualified quotation."

With other documents I can prove this is BS.  The time line proves there was no new bidding process.  Besides why was there a new bidding process?  Remember they had to change the specs so American Surveillance could even make a bid.

In the same above post is a series of emails between ROFA and Cesar Garza at BISD.  Cesar Garza with BISD is demanding that ROFA get a letter from Circle Industries

The last page tells the truth about Southern Mechanical and Texas Descon.  Cesar Garza with BISD sends an email dated September 19, 2011, to Michael Smith of Texas Descon demanding that they put into writing "Circle Industries did not at any time communicate in  written form or verbally any pricing, quote or bid for this job."

The next email from Cesar Garza to Jimmy Haynes is very telling.  Doug Smith (Texas Descon) "said that his lawyers had advised him not to write such a letter."

To go backwards - remember Rosario Peña just days earlier (August 30, 2011) told everyone involved BISD would not change the specs to accomodate American Surveillance.  The bids were closed.  Think about this - and you will see this in tomorrow post.  By September 7, 2011, documents show Jaime Escobedo at Tescon's authority was already on site working before the BISD Board approved the changes.

If on August 30, 2011, Rosario Peña said there would be no changes to the specs, how is it possible that SMAC and Texas Descon put out bids and had then back by September 7, 2011, to award the contract to American Surveillance (Jaime Escobedo)?  It is all BS - Think about the impossibility of this time line. 

Further, if you look at SMAC's letter, on August 29, 2011, even before BISD agreed to the spec changes SMAC announced its intent to give the contract to American Surveillance.   How is SMAC seeking subs for material not even authorized by the BISD contract?

More documents  tomorrow.  I do not want to flood my readers with too many documents at once.

Thursday, April 26, 2012

Another fun post:  I have been all smiles today since a mircle happened this morning.  I will tell that story on Saturday.  It involves an indictment from 1611

This guy is too much - if he speaks he makes a fool of himself - what follows is an exchange between Eramos and a reader who asks the question - what about the other candidates - what dirt do we have on them.

Jose Elizardi Question why only post dirt on Luis Saenz??? I'm sure theirs other candidates running for different offices with plenty of dirt on them but haven't seen anything on anyone else Brownsville

Brownsville Cheezmeh: Jose, because Luis Saenz campaign people called us out publicly as to WHY we would not promote Saenz propaganda on the page... they were not content with us privately answering the why, they came on the page and asked us to post... we are only complying to their request Jose...

Brownsville Cheezmeh: and Jose, it is not DIRT... they are FACTS... confirmed, unadulterated FACTS... there is a difference

Jose Elizardi Very true Cheez but would still like to know some facts on other candidates as well... keep it up

Brownsville Cheezmeh ‎... sabes Jose... I promise you my friend, we had no intention of getting involved in the primaries man... but his people came on here and tried to bully, intimidate and throw their weight around, and that shit just don't fly.... His campaign team wanted us to get involved in Saenz race, they got us... with that said... anything that is confirmed, proven and FACTS of any candidate I promise we will gladly post as well...

Michelle Villarreal I'm with Chuck!!! does he have a background??? pls...

Brownsville Cheezmeh nothing in the likes of Saenz, thank goodness

End Exchange

Let's go backwards:

Eramsos says Chuck Mattingly has nothing like Saenz in his background.

Erasmos has a wild hair up his butt because Saenz mishandled some DWI's.  For the record Cameron County's policy on DWI's has been a joke under Villalobos also.  I take such claims seriously.

BUT, Chuck Mattingly did nothing when Judge Limas allowed a confessed murderer to walk out of  court without a bond.  As we all know Amit Livingston cut and ran, and Villalobos' former law partner Eddie Lucio (not the politician) got the $500,000 bond money for the  children - minus his fee.

Chuck Mattingly doing nothing about a confessed murderer walking out of court with no bond is not as bad as Saenz messing up some DWI's - according to Erasmos Castro.

To top it off Mattingly then mislead the people by claiming he did object to Livingston's release, but that Judge Limas overruled his objection.  Of course there is no record of this in the official record.  Also, any  first year lawyer would have known to ask for a stay of  Amit Livingston's release pending an emergency Mandamus to the Court of Appeals.  No such request was made.

To be clear - Erasmos Castro calls this no big deal.

Erasmos actually stated Cheezmeh the big community watchdog group never intended to get involved in the primaries.  Really? - who then was to educate the Walkers who post on his page.  How is that being a community watchdog group? 

Erasmos own words show he did not care one bit about informing Cameron County about Saenz until Saenz made him mad.  This is Eramsos standard as a community watchdog.

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Before I get into BISD contract problems, I want to address the elephant in the room.  Carlos Masso met with Dannenbaum and then agreed to vote for dismissal of the $21.4 million dollar contract against Dannenbaum.  Armando Villalobos then agreed to dismiss his criminal investigation against Dannenbaum if Dannenbaum paid a forfeiture fee to Villalobos' office, as opposed to the million dollars being refunded to the BND for paying down the bonds.  Carlos Masso said nothing about Villalobos keeping the million dollars which belonged to the BND taxpayers.

Now Carlos Masso seeks to give a very large contract to Jaime Escobedo.  How can we expect Carlos Masso as the new DA to investigate the Escobedo brothers when he is the one voting to give the Escobedo brothers contracts.  Masso defended his failed voted on the claim [1] he did not know, and [2] there were no other bids.  Well here is a newsflash No Más Masso, when there is only one bid, you ask questions of your staff to make sure everything was done on the up and up.  When Melissa Zamora did this at the city commission, the truth came out and all of a sudden Jaime Escobedo was no longer bidding on the contract.

Now in the interest of full disclosure, Erasmos Castro wants my readers to know none of the above is true and the Herald printed all lies about Masso because they hate him, but the Herald's claims against Saenz are true.  Because Erasmos Castro knows all of the above to be lies, his watchdog group decided to take money from Masso.  Of course in Erasmos' world of facts, these are not facts and will not appear for review by his brain dead Walkers.  Erasmos wants everyone to know his opinion is not based on the size of Masso's check.


I will not  repeat the original story.  But the smoking gun document shows how a threat to go public about Enrique Escobedo trying to force changes to a contract for his brother's company ended up in Carlos Guerra getting the AD job.  You should also know Jimmy Haynes has verified Enrique Escobedo's interference with the BAC  contract so it would go to his brother Jaime Escobedo at American Security.

Here is the original story.

The first document which follows is a letter from Rosario Pena, Purchasing Administrator, to Jimmy Haynes.  The issue is substituting the original equipment in the bid for equipment Jaime Escobedo's company wants to sell to BISD.  Prior to this time Circle Industries had already met the requirements of the contract, and in fact submitted a bid which had been accepted by all parties concerned.

Ms. Pena after discussing the matter with the TEA made it clear to Jimmy Haynes that BISD would not agree to change the specs to accommodate American Surveillance (Jaime Escobedo.)  She was acting based on her conversation with the TEA.

The second document is a series of back and forth emails.

The first email from Cesar Garza informs the contractor Texas Descon, and the architects, ROFA, that BISD will not accept the changes in the specs to accommodate changing the contract to American Surveillance from Circle Industries.

Under this email, about a week earlier, Mike Allex of ROFA sent Cesar Garza an email agreeing to BISD's request to substitute in American Surveillance for Circle Industries.  Key in this email is Mike Allex making clear the request to dump Circle Industries in  favor of American Surveillance came from BISD, not the vendor.  This is BISD choosing subs to subcontractors. 

As a backdrop to this, remember numerous sources have verified that Jimmy Haynes is telling people he made the changes at the request of Enrique Escobedo.

Why is Enrique Escobedo demanding the contract be changed to his brother's company? - American Surveillance. 

Here is the deal, DA Villalobos by next week can have Jimmy Haynes before one of his investigators and then before a grand jury under oath.  DA Villalobos will not act.  I can assure everyone, nothing will come of this post.  The FBI is not interested, and Villalobos is in his office cowering from reality.

The last document is from Corpus Zorola, Senior Buyer BISD.  In it he explains the TEA policy about the cost savings of using standardized  equipment and the cost savings to BISD.  This document is important in terms of Friday's post and the letter from Texas Descon's lawyer wherein she alleges by changing vendors it would be cost effective and in fact not a change to the original contract with their client.  All lies.

I have learned if I flood my readers with too much information, they stop reading.  To be fair, I would face the same problem anywhere in the US.  People generally only want so much information at one time.

Tomorrow - more  documents - documents which show how BISD and vendors tried to get Circle Industries to walk away from the contract, and internal BISD emails which show Jaime Escobedo working on the project even before the contract was approved.


All I can say is, thank God this is not yet an option in Texas.


There are a lot of documents to upload. This is going to take a while. What  I can tell you now that I have personally read all of the documents is, BISD against the advice of the TEA changed the specs on the BAC contracts so that the contract would be changed from Circle Industries to American Security (Jaime Escobedo). I can tell you Jaime Escobedo was on site at the BAC performing on the contract even before the contract was approved.

I can tell you the contractor ran cover for itself by writing misleading emails claiming to have no knowledge of Circle Industries bids.  I have the bid By Circle Industries.  ROFA, the architect firm ran cover for the corrupt forces at BISD to protect its interests in the contract. 

Another company by the name of Texas Descon, LP hired an unethical lawyer by the name of Stephanie O'Rourke with Cokinos Bosien & Young to write a letter  to BISD stating that by changing the specs in the original bid requests that her client was not changing the contract.  This lawyer who is so devoid of a conscience actually stated this would be more cost effective for BISD. 

The problem is, the TEA had already noted that by using none standardized equipment BISD wouild be raising its costs in the long run.  Stephanie O'Rourke with Cokinos Bosien & Young lied when she said the method for selection of American Security by her client Texas Descon LP did not change the contract.  It did.  It took BISD from using standardized equipment which was known to all of its employees to using equipment which required new training in use and maintenance, at an increased cost to BISD.

Tomorrow I will have a longer post with the documents available for review by anyone who wants to see them.

Here is my take, Circle Industries has a slam dunk case against ROFA, Texas Descon, Southern Mechanical, American Security (Jaime Escobedo), BISD, and the law firm of Cokinos Bosien & Young.  There is more than enough evidence for the FBI to open an investigation against this entire lot.  They will not.  What is clear to me is, to do the bidding of Enrique Escobedo a lot of people were willing to lie and break the law.  BISD hands out a lot of contracts.  These companies need to be exposed so that they never again receive public contracts.

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Fundraiser with Message Header


FIRST THE UPDATE: On Monday night I received a phone call that the newest documents related to contract rigging at BISD will be made available to me late Tuesday or early Wednesday. I could have gotten them Monday night, but I was at my first bingo night since 1976. You know what, I had a good time. I will probably go once a month. I am serious enough about this that I bought two Troll dolls on line tonight. It is a scientific fact you cannot win without Troll dolls watching over your cards. I did have a good time. The table I sat at had a lot of really funny and very nice people. The only thing is they play bingo funny. There are two rounds where the rules are so complex the second time it took a group of the workers several minutes to decide if the person had actually one.


My Lucky Troll SPARTICUS Troll Doll (Red Hair)
My Lucky Troll FISHERMAN Troll DollI chose the gladiator Troll because we all know how much of a  contact sport bingo is. He will take down all of the other players as he scurries around the tables mixing up their cards. I also chose the fisherman because he will cast his line and catch the winning cards before the owner can call bingo. To win at bingo you must be prepared to win at all cost.

FREE SPEECH - Yea it has meaning  - It is not a denial of Free Speech for elected officials to go around telling private citizens they are in the wrong place for what they are doing.  It is a denial of Free Speech if the police or security hired by a governmental body removes the person from an event where they are speaking their mind.  There is no constitutional or inherent right for anyone to force their views on another person.  This means I  can demand anyone speaking in a way I do not like to go away.  Free speech is a two-way street.  Of course, I would look like a fool for doing so, and of course I would have no remedy to enforce my demand, unless they are on my private property.

At most John Villarreal is guilty of being a poorly educated twit - but he certainly did not violate any one's right to free speech.  I would submit anyone who thinks John Villarreal violated any one's right to Free Speech would also be a poorly educated twit.

Everyday since the first politician was hatched from a spoiled egg they have spoken publicly against anyone and everyone they dislike. Accusing an elected official of a free speech violation because they express a negative opinion about a group you support is evidence of extreme ignorance.  It also raises questions about the political motivation and pettiness of the accuser.  The petty denouncing the petty - how trite.

The BV has taken the lead for years against politiqueras.  But I do not have a wild hair up my ass over the Hernandez family because Yolanda Begum, the least qualified candidate for JP threw a bunch of  colorful beads at me and impressed me.   My standards are a bit higher than being bought with "the colors man, the colors."  Well unless they are Troll dolls.

Cookie Covarrubias, in terms of real experience in interpreting rules and regulations and applying them when compared to Yolanda Begum leaves Yolanda Begum in the dust as a cave dweller next to a nuclear scientist.  No one who has actually studied the qualifications of the candidates supports Yolanda Begum.  But this is Brownsville where colorful trinkets handed out to fools will get you elected.


To understand how stupid these people are - just look to their post about a Burger King sexual harassment settlement.  Erasmos is so stupid that he then posts a picture of Wendy's.  But to further prove the ignorance of these Walkers, one of his supporters who also does not seem to know the difference between Burger King and Wendy's then references "no wonder Wendy's lost their lease."  These people are so stupid they cannot even read.

ON THE LUIS SAENZ debacle - long, long ago - First Montoya and then the BV pointed out Luis Saenz's major problems with the ACLU and unethical conduct.  In the case of the BV, I provided a link to the appellate brief which outlines Luis Saenz' unethical conduct.  Cheezmeh's response was to continue to take his money while giving him exclusive access to their Tumblr account.  Why?  Saenz was still giving them money.

Now like a bunch of 5th graders fighting on the playground Cheezmeh goes back nearly 20 years to find dirt on Saenz - once the money stopped rolling in.  Erasmos is so ignorant and  devoid of any research skills, he did not even bother to point out Saenz's problems with the ACLU which is a very current and live issue.

Cheezmeh is nothing more than a con job organization.  Where has it performed any watchdog investigations in this election?  He attacks CAVA - which is the only public forum trying to inform people against ballot harvesting.  But then he must attack them because he is a Hernandez supporter.

Any watchdog group with access to the internet could write endless pages about Carlos Masso and his history of unethical and questionable conduct.  You will not find this in Cheezmeh's writings.  Why?  Carlos Masso paid for silence and Eramsos was all too willing to  take the money.

This next thing is what got me to do this "Let's have fun post"  Erasmos and his pathetic sister Linda are using their mother as a pawn to gain sympathy.  I would be insulting scumbags to call both of them scumbags.  It is their argument that by someone calling Erasmos Castro a fat bastard the person was implying Erasmos' mother gave birth to Erasmos out of wedlock.  This is beyond pathetic.  I will say I am never comfortable with calling someone fat or thin because I know enough to know sometimes it could be 100% medically induced.  But come on - the only person who owes Erasmos' mother an apology is Erasmos for being a failure as a human being.  It is truly low when you use your mother as a pawn, especially in this context. This is beyond low and reprehensible.  Everyone who read the comment knows the writer was using the slang definition.  But Erasmos is pathetic so he brought his mother into it as a pawn. 


The BV  covered the Peña/Hernandez election contest.

Here are some links

Here is the post with the actual trial transcripts

In this post I took my readers through the evidence and outlined why the witness statements raised serious  concerns about ballot harvesting or the illegal use of mail ballots  for non-disabled persons.

What you did not get from the BV was endless tripe and conclusory statements without reference to one witness.  You people who follow blogs with endless conclusory statements without evidence get what you deserve - bad and terribly misinformed government.  But to be fair I would say the same thing about MSNBC, Fox news and nealy all newspapers.  I still most of the time basically trust the NYT, the WSJ, and the WP.  Journalism across the board has become like the National Enquirer, except they actually get the story right sometimes - as opposed to MSNBC and Fox News.  Ah, a confession - I do like my Joe so I watch "Morning Joe" on MSNBC.

Tripe: because I know certain people are challenged check out its slang def.  Yes you  fat bastard (earned because of your vile use of your mother as a pawn) people do speak in slang.


Monday, April 23, 2012


I have no idea why my source did not bring me the documents. We discussed the details of the documents on the phone so I know what is in them. But because it goes to the highest level of BISD's machine of corruption, I will not run the story without also posting the documents for my readers reviews. if an when the source brings me the documents I will post the documents and story.

Sunday, April 22, 2012


The thing I love about all the constitutional law experts and their claims of original intent is - nothing.  Here is a radical communist idea - try reading the constitutional minutes and maybe, just maybe - you will learn something.

I have read the constitutional minutes for the federal constitution and just about all 13 colonies.  The above link provides a great opportunity for my readers to learn what the Founding Fathers actually thought, as opposed to having an idiot tell them on the radio.

This will be my summer read, after I finish the two books currently on my desk.  A goal of mine this summer is to write a free on line American Government textbook.  I will incorporate entire sections of the Constitutional Minutes into the book.

Nancy Pelosi and other Democrats have proposed the People's Rights Amendment

"Section 1. We the people who ordain and establish this Constitution intend the rights protected by this Constitution to be the rights of natural persons.

Section 2. People, person, or persons as used in this Constitution does not include corporations, limited liability companies or other corporate entities established by the laws of any state, the United States, or any foreign state, and such corporate entities are subject to such regulation as the people, through their elected state and federal representatives, deem reasonable and are otherwise consistent with the powers of Congress and the States under this Constitution.

Section 3. Nothing contained herein shall be construed to limit the people's rights of freedom of speech, freedom of the press, free exercise of religion, and such other rights of the people, which rights are inalienable."

Perhaps it is time people who want to be elected officials be required to pass a test on the Constitutional Minutes with a score of 80 or higher.

Just when I think the Republicans are in a free fall of complete and total lunacy here comes Nancy Pelosi and company and prove to me the faux left in the Democratic Party is full of lunatics similar to those on the faux right.

The most interesting thing about this Amendment is, in terms of the Ninth Amendment it changes nothing.  The true left and true right both believe our rights are not those enumerated in the constitutional, but inherent in human rights.  This has been a big part of the Second Amendment debate related to weapons.  My right to self defense, hence own a gun, is inherent in my human rights and does not come from the constitution.  It is reserved to me through the Ninth Amendment. The Ninth Amendment substantively says, unless expressly stated in the constitution nothing is the constitution is to be construed as  taking away the inherent rights of the people.

The government cannot grant rights.  The government is a legal fiction created by the people.  It grants nothing.  The government exercises its powers as granted by the people, and nothing more.
Again, if the faux left and faux right knew anything about the constitution they would know this.

One of the few things nearly every Founding Father agreed on was the Bill of Rights was not a grant of rights but a reminder of the rights inherent in our human rights.  The great debate of the Ninth Amendment was a fear people like those on the faux left and faux right would use the Bill of Rights to make moronic statements like "where in the Bill of Rights does it say you have the right to sex in the privacy of your home?"  It does not have to make such a statement because the Bill of Rights is nothing more than a reminder of certain rights, albeit not inclusive of all rights."  The question should always be, "where in the constitution does it say the government has the right to regulate marriage, intimacy, or speech." 

There is no grant in the constitution by the federal government to regulate speech - period.  This is what makes this constitutional amendment so dangerous.  By its implication it gives the federal government unbridled authority to regulate speech, albeit no such power exists in the  constitution.

Friday, April 20, 2012


I feel bad for all the people who are actually spending money to investigate what is happening at BISD.  I think it is great they  care enough to fight.  My hat is off to each and everyone of these people.  But I must be honest - the BV can break a story every day concerning corruption at BISD from now until the election and the current majority will still go from a majority of 4 to 6.  To the best of my knowledge there is only one candidate interested in running for BISD Trustee.  The few people interested in working on the election plan on sending out fliers come October.  This is their game plan.  This worked so well last time, they intend to repeat the plan again.

We need a PAC, along with a web page and mass advertising to educate the people.  I know of no one interested in such a plan.  Oh, they may say yes, but then they realize they have to work at it and they go back to doing nothing.

The Brownsville business community deserves what it gets. They need to take the lead in leading Brownsville out of its quagmire.  They will not - they are happy with chump change and their children leaving Brownsville for a better life anywhere but Brownsville.  Brownsville will never be a modern city such as McAllen.  I think it is great that the COB is building a parking garage and extra parking next to the Cueta building.  You will never hear me say anything bad about more parking  downtown.  But please, a parking garage is the best this city commission can come up with.  The mayor is off in Washington begging for federal tax dollars to restore a handful of buildings downtown, all the while veterans are unemployed and homeless because there are no real jobs available for the 10 of thousands of veterans coming home.

The most Tony Martinez has to offer these veterans is nothing.  he has no vision for a  better Brownsville.  The remodeling jobs - the handful which exist are already awarded.  They all will be under $35,000 so no open bidding will be required.  Pay attention people - the mayor along with his corrupt compadres on the city  commission can insist that Cabler makes sure all of the contracts go to their compadres without any bidding.  They can give endless  contracts to a handful of people so long as they are all under $35,000.  This is not a vision for progress.  It is a policy of handing out masa y grasa to friends and family, while ignoring any possible vision for Brownsville.

BISD had an opportunity to hire a veteran with logistics experience in transportation.  But no,  the job went to a teacher who has sworn fealty to the masters of corruption.

Brownsville will never be anything more than a back water swamp city on the Rio Grande so long as the people remain in the buffets killing their children with a diet high in fat and salt. 

What does it say about a city which does not even have bookstore?  It means we are illiterate. 

Brownsville is happy on a diet of masa y grasa, and salt.  It aspires to nothing. 

God gave Brownsville everything it needs to aspire to be a major tourist and retirement community.  But no, Brownsville has rebuffed God's gifts as requiring too much participation by the people.  Brownsville should be the gateway to Latin American in terms of cargo.  But no, this requires too much work so the mayor instead pushes for a few jobs doing brick work restoring old buildings.

On that note, Brownsville is heading  down a path of lower tax revenues.  I take pride in the fact I live with the people and constantly associate with the people.  I have no use for manic depressive people who define their self worth in terms of hanging in bars appearing to be relevant because they talk to other manic depressive drunks with vile moronic politic views.

Here is a news flash for the mayor and Brownsville city commission - the retirement parks are looking a financial problems.  There are record number of empty retirement homes.  I realize the concept of planning (like a 5 year plan) is considered communist, but it is not.

The generation which retired on pensions is dying off real fast.  This fact has been in the news for years.  There are no longer enough such retirees to support the retirement trailer parks in Brownsville and Cameron county.  Many parks are struggling financially.  The empty lots mean lower property tax revenues.  The lower number of permanent and temporary winter Texans means  lower sales tax revenues.  The new generation of retirees will be dependent on 401k's or similar retirement plans.  These plans mean a finite amount of money which make living in two places at once impossible.  It also means it will be harder for people who live up north to just retire elsewhere.  Those with money - real money - are retiring outside the US where the cost of retirement is significantly lower in terms of being able to live a comfortable life.

Where is our esteemed mayor and city commissioners on planning for this issue?  Nowhere - because this information cannot be found in the bars where the self designated elite go to  pretend to be relevant.

It blows my mind that our incompetent mayor and city commission at a time money is cheap could not put together a plan to borrow the money along with federal and state grants to build a new airport on 511 along with a 12,000 foot runway.  This would have meant major job creation along with long term future job growth.  It would have told the business world Brownsville is serious.  It would make Brownsville the gateway to Latin America in terms of cargo.  It would have expanded the port, rail and trucking.  But no, the mayor's vision is brick work to restore a handful of buildings.

But no, what we have is Iowa road remaining as a bombed out road and as the first impression visitors have of Brownsville.  Seven and a half years I have lobbied for the repair of Iowa, and nothing.  This mayor and city commission to a person are too backwater ignorant to understand how important a first impression is on potential business persons who come to Brownsville.

I love Brownsville's climate, its proximity to Mexico (that issue will get better sooner than later), and its cost of living.  But you can love someone while still feeling disappointed in them.  Brownsville is like having a son who has been given every opportunity to succeed, but instead chooses to sit in bars drinking beer and eating peanuts.  While you still love your son, it does not mean you have to love the fact he has walked away from a better life.  This is how I feel about Brownsville.  I love it, while also being disappointed.

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Campaign Fundraiser April 26, 2012

Wednesday, April 18, 2012


I want to be very honest about this with my readers. Villalobos will do nothing. He has gone to a source of mine demanding that a complaint be filed. Here is the problem - it is a con job. Villalobos knows that if he indicts Quintanilla Daniel Cavasos will order Emma Treviño-Perez to do an attack piece on Villalobos. Emma being the hack journalist she aspired to be will comply. The Herald has more than enough to take down Villalobos now, but Daniel Cavasos has held the story as a form of control over Villalobos. At every level this is unethical.   As is always the case, Emma is a willing participant in Danial Cavasos' unethical use of the press.

Sheriff Lucio has authority to investigate all crimes at the court house.  Let's see if he investigates this one.  We all know how diligent he was in investigating Limas and his compadres.

The above video is obviously edited to highlight the perjury. This is a lot shorter than the original. It is only 2:57 minutes.  The watermark in the beginning is just noting I am using a free service.  Now that I know I can use this program I will pay the $59.00  for unlimited use.  The only real challenge in using this program is a lack of a steady hand.

In the interest of full disclosure here is Quintanilla's near full deposition.  It contains all the parts which were edited.

Here is a complete transcribed copy of Quintanilla's deposition.[1]

Here is the complete Mary Rey deposition

The BV will post any edited video which shows that Quintanilla did not mean to say what he said or later corrected his claims about renting the house at 1205 St.. Charles.  The BV will post the contract he claims to have with Mama Perez.  The problem is Quintanilla cannot produe anything.

Here is Quintanilla's original lawsuit seeking removal of Rick Zayas and Ruben Cortez

You will note on page 2 under venue and jurisdiction he claims only his Dallas address.  He only claimed to live in Brownsville after the BV pointed out he had no legal authority to file the lawsuit because he did not live in Brownsville.

Also of note - I reviewed the entire file.  There is only one document filed by Quintanilla directly with the court - meaning not by mail.  It is his lawsuit to remove Zayas and Cortez.  The clerk ran the $40.00 cash receipt for me.   What this means is, if Mary Rey is telling the truth about Luci Longoria going to court for Quintanilla it would mean Luci filed the counterclaim for removal of Rick Zayas and Ruben Cortez.  This would bring her square one into the criminal conspiracy to use the courts to undo a valid election.



Phone: (956) 544-0849

I know reality - maybe 3 people will call his office and demand he download all of this information and indict Quintanilla.  Thousands of you will sit at home and say - "yes someone do it, but not me."

If Daniel Cavasos does as I suspect he will do, then Villalobos needs to go public with how Daniel Cavasos has been running cover for the convicted felon Carlos Quintanilla.  This will not help the Herald's circulation.

The number 2 search which brings people to the BV is, "Villalobos indicted."  The first of course is people searching for the Brownsville Voice.  Villalobos' campaign for congress is done.  He knows this.   You would think he would want to go out as the person who took down this convicted felon and a corrupt school board - but you would be wrong.

Tuesday, April 17, 2012


Tonight's BISD meeting will have Luci Goosey Longoria trying to dupe the people into thinking that by not settling the Juarez and Gonzales lawsuits it is needlessly costing the school district money. What she will not tell the people that in the case of the Juarez case, it is costing the people of Brownsville nothing. 100% of the costs are now on the insurance company. As to Gonzales, to whom Luci Longoria is financially indebted, she seeks to lie to the people by not disclosing the TEA's findings against Hector Gonzales. Below is the link to the findings

In any city other than Brownsville, the attorneys would have filed motions to bar all of the communication between Luci Longoria and all of her friends who are suing BISD. But this is Brownsville wherein near every lawyer is one way or the other is tied to the corruption within the local government. In Dallas a lawsuit enjoining the actions of the corrupt four in terms of conspiring against BISD would have been filed a long time ago. The lawyers hired by ACE Insurance to a person are so devoid of knowledge of the law and ethics it boggles my mind. One can only hope that if we secure a new board come November the new board will agree to sue ACE to recover all of the money needlessly spent by BISD in defense of these frivolous lawsuits. ACE insures BISD - not the trustees individually. Its duty is to BISD and not the trustees. The lawyers hired by ACE should have long ago filed a motion for sanctions against Juarez, and Gonzales and previously Rendon for all of the communications with the trustees. It is simply too surreal for me to comprehend just how unethical and incompetent the lawyers on both sides really are.

This will not end until there is a mass education of the people of Brownsville as to the truth. This will not happened. I have been pushing this idea for 2 years and there is zero support for starting a web page designed to educate the people of Brownsville as to the truth. This simple fact is weighing on me heavily. What is the point of my work if those who use me to push their contempt for the current BISD majority clearly want to keep the people in the dark? The answer is simple. The entire truth will come out sooner than later. This will note bode well well for a lot of former trustees.

I am working on the criminal complaint. But my view is nothing will come of it. Villalobos has everything he needs to indict Quintanilla on felony perjury. He does not because Villalobos himself is a con man. Until the business community is willing to take the lead on this, nothing will change. The question is - does the business community care? I suspect not. I will continue to work on this criminal complaint. But rest assured it is an exercise in futility. What you have are former trustees playing the system while also obstructing the process. What is really happening behind the scenes is a war between two corrupt sides trying to control the half billion dollar budget of BISD.

But also be sure, there is a small army of people working behind the scenes to get me information who are not part of the past or current corruption. But they are not enough. Until the business community steps up to the plate and fund the education of the public as to the truth, this is all one big exercise in futility.

Friday, April 13, 2012

R Garza_Important Information

The most important thing I have on my agenda is completing this power point criminal complaint. I will say this to two BISD people - either Carl Montoya or Jimmy Haynes better be the first to seek transactional immunity or they could find they are screwed. Numerous sources have told me Carl Montoya is crying his eyes out to everyone who will listen. He insists no rational person could have known what the corrupt 4 were capable of doing.    Carl, call me - bring your documents and I will walk you into the FBI

Just this week we saw Enrique Escobedo go into a free fall panic. Only the Board President can call a special meeting. Apparently the con man Arturo Michel would not take orders so Enrique called an emergency meeting to fire him. Arturo Michel being the con man must have caved because Enrique then cancelled the meeting. It is beyond surreal that Enrique and Arturo are so far gone into their world of delusions and con jobs that they actually believe no one noticed their "lover's quarrel." In this lover's quarrel Enrique finished on top - that must have taken an instructional video.

Thursday, April 12, 2012


I looked into airfares from NY to Brownsville in mid May. Some family wants to come down before the full season begins. I was not shocked by what I learned. Continental is always the cheapest and Southwest is always the most expensive.

United/Continental $508
American Airlines    $603
Southwest                 $614


Wednesday, April 11, 2012



I am still buried with BISD and other matters.  I have nearly 3 feet of documents which have been provided to me over the past week.  I am doing my best to get through the documents.

The below link is wonderful.  In part it was created by former Supreme Court Justice Sandra Day O'Conner.  It is designed  for middle school civics class, but having reviewed it high school teachers would find it very helpful.  Kids like it because they can learn through games.

Tuesday, April 10, 2012


On Saturday morning a 17 year old girl on SPI HWY at 3 a.m. while texting ran a red light and nearly killed a man on a motorcycle.    The police officer decided it was no big deal and let her walk while failing to charge her with texting and reckless driving.  See Texas Transportation Code § 545.424, and 545.401.

"Distracted driving is a dangerous epidemic on America's roadways. In 2010 alone, over 3,000 people were killed in distracted driving crashes"

Texas has gone out of its way to regulate young adults on this issue.  What is the point of these laws to protect teenagers and their futire victims if the Brownsville police will not enforce them?

This is not some joke.  The man was knocked off his motorcycle, which may be totaled.  It appears his injuries were limited to bruising.  Would the story be more dramatic had he died.

He has asked that I file a complaint with the mayor and city commissioners demanding to know why the Brownsville police do not seem to think this law is worth enforcing.  If the chief wants his officers to be babysat by the city commission because they cannot be trusted to enforce the law, then so be it.


I am working on a lot of BISD things, plus my own work. If a source can prove a claim I will post that story immediately - otherewise I will be very busy until Thursday. I have to finish the criminal complaint.

Monday, April 9, 2012



Could Carl Montoya now face criminal charges?

"Sep. 8, 2003 -- A Texas school superintendent was convicted Aug. 29 of criminal violation of the state's Public Information Act after refusing to produce school credit card records requested by a local newspaper. It was the first time anyone has been convicted on a criminal charge of violating Texas' Public Records Act, which is normally enforced through civil or administrative processes."

The correction is:  BISD did not produce the report.  They sent a letter to the AG's office saying "sorry for not filing any objections to the original request."  They then  filed a false response - by this I mean - they lied about a material issue.  Until I am sure the AG has the complaint  (reply to BISD's Response) from the parent I will say no more.  I will ask that the father file a formal criminal complaint against Carl Montoya.  I will not play our hand until everything is before the AG's office.

Carl Montoya knows no honor.


The TEA complaint remains pending in this case.  The facts have been laid out by the parent to Mark Sossi - city attorney.  He is adament that this child is going down not withstanding the facts.  Mark Sossi and Ben Neece have about as much knowledge of the law as Carlos Quintanilla.  Here is a tidbit for these two idiots - you cannot list a child's name in court pleadings.  You must reference the child by initials.  How is it possible that Ben Neece can be in charge of the municipal courts and Mark Sossi be the city attorney and not know that it is illegal to list the child by name in he pleadings?

A similar  complaint against the City of Brownsville remains pending with the AG - same issue - refused to respond to an Open Records Request related to this issue.

This is Brownsville where actual knowledge of the law is not required.  In any jurisdiction wherein the law actually matters both Mark Sossi and Ben Neece would be  fired.  But now Brownsville - this is the city where we celebrate the police motto when dealing with children - "Take Him Down." 

Disability INC has assigned an attorney for this child.  Now that we have the reports BISD refused to release, it is clear BISD has no case against this child and Mark Sossi and Ben Neece are just running cover for BISD - there is a shocker.

The Attorney General intervened in BISD's game playing over not responding to valid open records requests.  This issue relates to the discipline of a child.  What we have now learned is the principal acted as both the key material witness and hearing officer.  BISD in an open records request refused to disclose the incident report to the parent so the parent could defend the child.  BISD twice made it clear it would not comply with the law.

The parent filed a complaint with the Attorney General Open Records Section.  Based on this complaint BISD has now released the records. 

This case has the principal falsifying claims the parent was barred from going near his child because of a protective order - false - never happened - this was the principal's defense for refusing to provide the child with a Special ARD related to the child's emotional disabilities.

I can assure you that the principal's statements are inconsistent with the incident report prepared by the the BISD police.  I can assure you BISD and the principal both violated this child's rights.  Under the recent Supreme Court decision when dealing with mentally ill children the mere reading of Miranda rights is not sufficient. Further the records are not conclusive the child was read her Miranda rights

I can assure you that the incident report verifies the fact the child was helping her friend who was under another child - the child who is the alleged victim.  None of this is in the principal's report.


It is clear when you have the protection of the corrupt 4 you are free to violate the rights of children.  BISD will run cover for you by refusing to comply with valid Open Record's requests.

The children won this one - but will BISD comply with the law next time?  I doubt it.  Most parents simply do not have a family advocate to guide them through the process.

Shame on BISD, and Carl Montoya.  Long ago for this principal's conduct he would have been suspended.   But this is BISD - were the guilty are protected and the honest people are reassigned.

Friday, April 6, 2012


It should shock no one the Brownsville Herald has declared this not newsworthy.  A complete press release is going out to every TV station and newspaper in Dallas.  The perjury complaint is being filed in both Cameron and Hidalgo county.  Hidalgo county may have jurisdiction because the deposition was done in McAllen.

At this point other than choosing to not do his job Armando Villalobos has no  choice but to seek an indictment of this convicted felon.  The question is, will he?

The consensus among my readers is, Quintanilla lied about having a residence in Brownsville for the sole purpose of having standing to sue Rick Zayas and Ruben Cortez in a lawsuit to have them removed from office. This makes the lie aggravated perjury - a felony - if convicted. This was part of a greater scheme to defraud BISD out of $14.3 million dollars related to Healthamart.

The reference to Luci Longoria is to the current BISD board member - at the time she was a candidate - she won based on all of the lies. She along with the new majority then voted to dismiss the lawsuit against Healthsmart even though Royston Rayzor, agreed to represent BISD on a contingency basis.
Armando Villalobos based on the testimoney in the above video has more then enough to include Luci Longoria in the indictment as a coconspirator.
This story is very complex but 100% verifiable - the Brownsville Herald has declared it not newsworthy.
In the interest of full disclosure here are the complete copies of deposition
Quintanilla depo:
Here is the transcript of the Quintanilla depo

In the interest of full disclosure here is the entire Mary Rey Deposition.


This is not just me - there is now a small army of very determined people to make this happen.  Thank you comments should be directed the army of justice seekers and not me

Bobby WC

Thursday, April 5, 2012


First a warning and some help for the next sap. Someone recommended a program for downloading video.  I am  certain the program is good, but today it had adware and viruses attached.  I am not mentioning the program because it came highly recommended.  It is the only thing I downloaded today. I almost never, ever download anything free because of a virus or adware concern. When I downloaded it it added a ton or stuff to my computer I did not want. It changed my home page to grabber.  It also added an adware or something similar called text-enhancer. It shut down my ability to post on blogspot. I went to the control panel and found "I Want This" I then removed it along with everything which was downloaded today. I now have my blogspot back.  On blogspot when I tried to post I got a form of bX error message.


Commonsense tells me the answer to this question, but I also know just when you think commonsense should dictate the rule it does not.  Can a principal in a disciplinary hearing which leads to removal to BAC be both the Hearing Officer and key Material Witness?  I  can assure you this is a black and white violation of due process - but then again we are dealing with BISD.


This is what I need - If you do this wait at least until Saturday to see if people add more names to this list.

I need help in preparing short clips based on each person Quintanilla mentions he works with. 

I need people to watch the depositions and each time they hear one of these names to note the minute and second.  It does not have to be exact.  This will allow me to then begin to make small clips of every reference to  a particular person.

Quintanilla depo:

For example on a piece of paper write each name leaving plenty of space - I do not need to know what is said - I just need to know where to look for this person's name

Presas-Garcia:  min xx sec. xx; min yy sec.dd and on and on

Other people may add other names I am not familiar with.  If you do this tell me who this person is so I know why they are important.  The names I am looking for are:

Luci Longoria; Enrique Escobedo; Cata Presas-Garcia; Cristina Saavedra; Hector Gonzales; Antonio Juarez; Art Rendon; Pat Lehmann; Ted Parker; Healthsmart; Arge Miller; Juanita Rodriguez; Ben Neece; Juan Montoya -

Please feel free to add more names with a short explanation of who they are.  you must also give one example of min. sec.

If anyone wants to post to this post as a comment something they hear - you must include which disk and the min and sec so I can verify what was said.  Otherwise I will not approve the comment.

Thanks people - there is now a small army of people working on this BISD mess project.  This is by no means only me.  I am exhausted and cannot do this without help.  I am grateful for the large number of people offering to help in so many ways.  Again, if you want to post a thanks make sure you say to all the many soldiers in this  army for justice.


Bobby WC

Wednesday, April 4, 2012


Escobedo is playing Michonne from AMC's Walking Dead - she figured out that the walking dead will not notice her if she is around other walking dead - so she chopped off the arms and lower jaws of these men so they could not attack her and then leads them around as protection - Sounds to me this is exactly what Escobedo has done to Villalobos and FBI Director Mueller.

I have someone working on the video.  I hope by late Thursday or Friday to have the Quintanilla movie up.  I  remain working on the PowerPoint criminal complaint for DA Villalobos and the FBI.

Recap from Tuesday's BISD meeting - I know people do not like when I go after Colunga, Aguilar, and Peña - but  facts are facts.  They knew that in their packet there was no name listed for employee FAF who was being terminated.  Knowing this they still allowed it to be a consent item.  Yes it is true they later went on record that they were mislead - which is good for Tony Fuller and his federal case - but the fact remains they were willing to vote for the firing of a BISD employee without so much as asking why or who.  This my friends is why it has been so easy  for Escobedo and Presas-Garcia to destroy BISD.  After last night you cannot claim Aguilar, Colunga or Peña are competent.

Let me say - to the lawyers representing the BISD bus drivers - good show - you proved to everyone watching Arturo Michel is a scumbag with no regard for the First Amendment.

Tony Fuller's lawsuit will cost BISD $50,000 as part of their deductible.  If you will note - last night no one bothered to bring up the fact Ismael Garcia authorized a check to go to the wrong vendor.  I will bet that the insurance company will settle with Tony sooner than later.

Acacia Ameel is way on her way to filing suit.  Peña did do a great job of putting into the record that Montoya pushed for the STAMP program before all of the problems were ironed out.  If anyone is to blame for the confusion with the parents it is Carl Montoya.


I suspect Luci Goosey will be demanding she be fired for pointing out last night for the millionth time that BISD does not control which attorneys are hired by the insurance company.  This has been explained to Luci a million times and she simply does not appear to have the capacity to understand.  Maybe someone put a curse on her to make her stupid.


I do not know the vote but last night (Wednesday) American Security was poised to receive a $220,000 contract from the BND.   My advice to the BND you better have that  contract and bidding process reviewed because it you do not it could end up costing the BND being part of the Escobedo investigation. Update:  A source told me the following "According to my source, the item failed 3-2. Reed, Cowen and Lopez voted against. Masso and Arambula for."  I need confirmation of this.  If Masso did in fact vote For then the people of Cameron County need to know this.

On Friday I will be sending an open letter to Commissioners Court.  It was quite clear last night that Jimmy Haynes intended to say BISD was in negotiations with the county over the BISD buildings which need remodelling.  This is the deal - someone at the county already agreed to move the demolition remodelling contract to American Security.  This was nothing more than Enrique Escobedo using his BISD position to throw more business to his brother, via Cameron County.  Carlos Casco - the people are tired of you running interference for Lehmann and Escobedo. 

Now here is the scoop - Jimmy Haynes the assistant superintendent of operations will testify to the FBI that it was Enrique Escobedo who order the change orders on the BAC contracts which eventually went to Jaime Escobedo's company.

Commissioners court better note - if a new school board is voted in come November the county could find itself being sued by BISD for conspiracy to defraud BISD.  Just something to thing about.  It is best the county not negotiate on these buildings.

Below is the BV's previous post on the contract rigging involving BAC, and how Jimmy Haynes came to get his job as assistant superintendent over operations and Chavez lost his job as AD.

My advice to Jimmy Haynes - get an attorney who will march you into the FBI with an agreement for transactional immunity.  I am not saying Jimmy has done anything wrong from a criminal point of view but it is always best to secure transactional immunity before you talk to the FBI.

FINALLY, on Tuesday the corrupt 4 were cool as cucumbers - you know why?  They are 100% confident that Enrique Escobedo has DA Villalobos and FBI Director Mueller on chain leashes like impotent zombies.