Thursday, March 1, 2012



Yesterday a parent at Veteran's Memorial saw something which made her sick.  She saw BISD trash hundreds of milk containers for no better reason than to defraud the government.  Breakfast in the Classroom is fraught with fraud.  We can all agree it is a good program, but as is always the case with the government it invites fraud.

The rules require that only the approved child eat the meal or drink the milk.  In Brownsville all children are approved.  If a child is hungry the cafeteria staff will tell the child - sorry only one meal or one milk.  It is very well possible the child did not eat dinner the night before and is hungry.  the child remains hungry.

Many children will not eat the breakfast because they ate at home, or simply do not like what is being served.  BISD gets paid by the government to feed the children.  If BISD were to tell the government that only half the children are eating the breakfast, the government would cut the funding in half.

This is the fraud.  Rather than tell the government its true needs, BISD every day throws out enough food to feed well over a 1000 children.  This is a clear issue for the Congressional race.  I support social programs, but I do not support fraud or waste.  There must be a mandate which requires the schools report exactly how many children are eating so the money is not wasted.

Every so often a family will call me and ask if I can buy the kids milk.  They are on a limited budget and WIC does not cover the needs for milk.  They literally tell the older children that the milk is only for the baby.  Meanwhile BISD throws out well over a thousand containers of perfectly good milk every day.

Without this fraud by BISD, the government would have more money to provide children in need the milk they need.

We saw the same fraud in the summer feeding program through the state of Texas.  Quintanilla, seen above with Presas-Garcia as it relates to Breakfast in the Classroom, in his bankruptcy proceedings has stated he intends to sue Texas to recover $30,000 they failed to pay him last summer when he used taxpayer money to feed 100,000 children as Bruce Carters table server.  He worked as a waiter for his convicted felon buddy and now wants $30,000 of your tax dollars for being a waiter.  It gets better, Bruce Carter has now officially sued the state of Texas so Quintanilla can be paid.  Carter also sued church members, parents, media, endless state officials and on and on and on.  Also let us not forget Carter is facing a $500,000 default judgment over alledgely not having paid for the milk given to the children.

No one can deny that the $30,000 Quintanilla is demanding for being convicted felon Bruce Carter's table server could fill the bellies of a lot of children.  The state needs to stop allowing people to use its tax dollars to make a profit.  100% of the money needs to go to the children.

This fraud must stop.


Hector Gonzales' con artist lawyers, Star Jones and Frank Perez, filed their lawsuit in state court, not  federal.  The lawyer hired by the insurance company sought to  remove the lawsuit to federal court.  The case was assigned to Judge Hanen.  Hector Gonzales panicked and ran from federal court.  Anyone who knows the truth knows that Judge Hanen is at his limits with Star Jones and Frank Perez.  He made it known in his order of remand back to state court.

The case was sent back to state court not on its merits, but on a technical issue.  BISD's counsel failed to timely remove the case to federal court.  Given Judge Hanen's past rulings against  Art Rendon and Antonio Juarez, one can only surmise Star Jones and Frank Perez fear Judge Hanen.  If you know the totality of the cases you know Judge Hanen had to give them one excuse after another until he finally had enough and ordered Rendon's case forward without Rendon completing his discovery on damages.  This is a key document in the states audit of the settlement.

In the Gonzales case Judge Hanen took Star Jones and Frank Perez to task for their lack of knowledge of the law, ethics, and rules of procedure.  Yes they were correct, the case was removed too late.  But when they asked for attorneys  fees as part of the remand Judge Hanen went out of his way to note the near entire blame for his involvement in the case was with Star Jones and Frank Perez - attorney fees denied.


If you remember, it was Jim Hunter of Royston who lied in an ad for Escobedo announcing his candidacy for county commissioner.  Jim Hunter stated he paid for the ad when in fact Escobedo illegally paid for the ad using BISD campaign money.  See to the left for the sanction order against Enrique Escobedo.  BUT,   Royston agreed to step up to the plate and represent BISD on a  contingency basis in its lawsuit against Healthsmart.  This means one of two things, Jim Hunter has dumped Escobedo as a friend, or Hunter is on the outs with Royston.  Escobedo voted against giving the lawsuit to Jim Hunter's law firm.


55 Ripple Creek Cir, Brownsville, TX 78521

In this picture you can see the lock on the gate which leads to my front door.  I never use it.  It leads to the east wing of the house. I go to the east side of the house once a week to mop and dust.  The only other time it is used is when company stays over.  There are two bedrooms, a bathroom and a den.  Behind the bench is the dining room which leads into the kitchen.  Even though I have a nice dining room set I never even use the dining room.  I have a large eat in kitchen.  I only enter the house through the garage.

About 2 weeks ago I noticed the above gate open.  At first I thought that maybe several days earlier my nephew left it open when he had gotten to my home before me one day when he came over to help me with something.  It was odd to me it took several days to notice the gate open.  It was also odd because earlier that day I accepted a certified mail from the post man through the gate.  It was not open.

Well the other day I ran out to HEB real quick.  When I got back the gate was open again.  No one had been through that gate since the week before.  I locked it again.

Today my nephew beat me to my house again.  We changed out the toilet in half bath.  He literally got their just ahead of me.  He was in the process of opening the gate when he noticed the key would not work.  The lock appears to have been re-keyed.

There was nothing wrong with mine or his key.

Here is the scoop to whomever is playing this game.  I am putting new locks all around the house in the morning.  While I am not happy I will be paying top dollar for new locks.

I will not say how, but in this case - when you get caught - it will be a federal crime.


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Anonymous said...

You say with that with what is thrown away would feed 1000 students.

Try tripling or quadrupling it.

This is all about $$$ for the district, I would like to see what the district is getting paid from the Government for the bag breakfasts they are serving.

BobbyWC said...

I think you are correct on the nunber, but based on what I was told and the fact I have no eye witnesses at the other schools I chose to go conservative rather than overstate the number.

Bobby WC

Anonymous said...

BISD has DALLAS written all over this....

Anonymous said...

They get reimbursed about 1.80 per breakfast

Anonymous said...

They get reimbursed about 1.80 per breakfast. Who is that other man and lady in the picture? She looks familiar.

Anonymous said...

Dora Rivas she was the Food Service Administrator for many years and did a wonderful job.

Anonymous said...

if u have $, go to sabaltech on international and have them install a camera system. if u don't have $, go to harbor freight tools and buy a wireless motion detector and/or a $29 camera that u can plug into the back of your tv.

BobbyWC said...

I will check it out - I have an older system which I never installed in the new house - it is time to make a decision

Bobby WC

Anonymous said...

I think BISD gets 5.00 for each student. I THINK!

PLEASE catch the culprits----RATAS DE DOS PATAS!!!!

Anonymous said...

Not for breakfast maybe for breakfast and lunch. adults must pay fair market and they don't pay that for breakfast.

Anonymous said...

Have cameras installed, I have!

Anonymous said...

Thanks Bobby, for all you do!!

Anonymous said...

I am sorry for then problems at your home. Hopefully you are safe and not in harms way. I hope you catch the sorry SOB's. Thanks for all your hard work and for letting people know the real truth.

Anonymous said...

Sorry guys and gals, but some teacher at Veterans doesn't care if their kids are there on an empty stomach. This is not about waste, but about a lazy ass teacher or teachers, that don't want to put up with watching over the children while they eat. All cold and hot items are delivered to the class rooms in thermal bags and left over foods that are temperature sensitive are returned and temps. are taken. Waste is minimized and kids are doing better with a nutritious breakfast in their tummies! What is wrong with that? They get $4.50 for breakfast and lunch together per child. Children are not forced to eat, so the numbers are not guaranteed. Instead of gossiping on the only good blog we have in town, why don't you make a public information request and get the facts, I did!

BobbyWC said...

So I have an eyewitness who saw the mild and food being dumped and I should not believe the parent, but my readers should believe an anony poster with no proof.

I trust my eye witness. I personally know this person and saw how upset they were over what they saw.

Bobby WC