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Today they obviously paid Montoya for more lies and deception.  It appears this Board is going to pay both of the con artists off at tonight's meeting.

Montoya claims Judge Hanen never took Frank Perez and Star Jones to task over their request for attorneys fees in the Motion to Remand (or as Judge Hanen notes, the non-existed Motion to Remand)

Not that reality matters - go to first full paragraph of page 3.

http://www.docstoc.com/docs/115568667/Remand.  Judge Hanen makes clear that these turkeys did not even know enough about the law to file a proper Motion to Remand.  What ever it is they filed they did not include a certificate of conference, which is both a legal and ethical violation.  In the end Judge Hanen notes that had Perez and Star simply followed the law and rules of ethics the court never would have had to get involved other than signing an agreed order of remand.

Update:  At the bottom I am posting the video/document timeline created by Chris Davis.  This is very important evidence.  Brownsville owes a thank -you to Chris  for creating this timeline and posting it to the Herald.

Chris has now posted a timeline.


If you are subscribing to the Herald you are 100% the problem with Brownsville. You need to cancel your subscription today. Circulation Manager (956) 982-6660. You must also ask everyone you know to call the Herald and cancel.

Today’s articles on BISD are both filled with lies the Herald knew were lies. The Herald prints the lies because they have nothing but contempt for the people of Brownsville.

The Herald continues with its cover for Presas-Garcia - why?

Why did the Herald not challenge Presas-Garcia on her claim she did not know Defenbaugh was working for her?

Here is the billing document they refer to.


Notice, the bill was sent to her home address. Why? Because John Barr was representing her since before the Board approved him as her counsel. How can Presas-Garcia receive this letter at home and not know it was for billing by Defenbaugh? Defenbaugh knew if he helped her he would get the $250,000 contract from BISD. This is a black and white case for indictment.

I will fax the documents to FBI Director Mueller by Friday. I have the fax number to his personal desk. The local FBI is run by the biggest group of back water inbreeds the FBI could have brought to Brownsville. It took these idiots three years to bring a rape indictment. They simply do not have the skills to see a bank robbery in progress as a crime.

If you believe Presas-Garcia, then she is saying Defenbaugh stood there before the Board and allowed everyone to believe he was not her investigator when in fact he knew he was. Effectively Presas-Garcia accuses Defenbaugh of fraud. When she said he was not her investigator he had a legal duty to inform the board she was mistaken. He did not. He was promised the $250,000, if he helped so he remained silent. This is an indictable office.

On the Joe Rodriguez case BISD paid Joe Rod $90,000 for Presa-Garcia’s conduct. The dismissal referenced in the other article in the Herald was a formality. Presas-Garcia was not included in the original dismissal when BISD paid Joe Rod $90,000. The lawyers decided it was illegal to not include Presas-Garcia in the dismissal after BISD paid Joe Rod $90,000.

The hard core facts are, BISD paid Joe Rod $90,000 for Presas-Garcia turning over his file to Montoya and Quintanilla.

My question to Presas-Garcia, are you going to go to the DA and demand a criminal investigation against Art Rendon for when he allowed Dolores and Sergio Zarate to use BISD property for there non-BISD events? The answer is no. To Dolores and Sergio Zarate - you have no political future in this town. We have the documents to show Dolores and Sergio Zarate worked with Art Rendon to use BISD property for non-BISD functions. Sergio is being protected because Dolores and Sergio have agreed to run Sergio for BISD to insure the corruption of the 4 continues. It should shock no one Dolores wants to be a Cameron County District Court judge. She feels right at home with Abel Limas and company.

Dolores Zarate - you better start thinking of your lies now before we publish your financial support for the criminal enterprise which is the current BISD majority. You have one week to denounce what is happening or be prepared to defend them.

As to Brownsville Cheezmeh, Erasmos Castro has already agreed to back his friend Sergio Zarate. Cheezhem is already on board to back the candidates supported by the corrupt majority. Sergio Zarate is the first of the candidates which will find the full backing of Brownsville Cheezmeh. He and his wife Dolores will also know the wrath of a people at their limits.


"I did not know (Defenbaugh) did work for the law firm," Presas-Garcia said... I did not know who they hired and I did not hire the man to work for me."


Link to Defenbaugh invoices dated 3/1/11 (with a 2/7/11 cover letter from her attorney) forwarded to HER ADDRESS:

Link to video of 6/21/11 BISD Trustee video where Defenbaugh presents his services and Presas-Garcia NEGLECTS to mention her relationship:

Link to (choppy) video of 7/19/11 BISD Trustee meeting item where Presas-Garcia VOTED to hire Defenbaugh firm:

Link to video of 11/15/11 BISD Trustee meeting where Presas-Garcia DENIES the relationship between Defenbaugh firm and herself:

    Posting as Bobby Wightman-Cervantes (Not you?)

  • Chris Davis · Top Commenter · St. Joseph's Academy
    C'mon, Gary, get the video link right before going to press:

    Anonymous said...

    It is unbelievable what Gary Long wrote today...he makes a feeble attempt at stating the facts but pulls back in not stating that the bills for Defenbaugh were sent to Cata by her attorney to her home address! And she had no knowledge of this???? Come on man...next she'll say she never opens her mail. Cata sticks her foot in her mouth once again when she brazenly states "I chose the lawfirm" - "The lawfirm has extensive knowledge and ability to defend this case." What lawfirm did you choose??? Hello? And she didn't know anything about this case and what the attorney SHE chose was doing? Her lies are wrapping around her like a noose. As to the BISD statement on A5, who is making the quoted statements on behalf of BISD??? Don't "" indicate a quote? Did this come from the BISD Public Information office, are these Drue Brown's statements? are these the BISD attorney's statements? are these Cata's statements? Montoya's statements? In order to digest what this statement is trying to prove, we need to know the source. And, there is an obvious lack of a reporter's name. You cannot be quoted unless you give permission to quote you. Hopefuuly at the Board meeting today the 3 honorable Board members will have the strength and courage to stand their ground for the truth. Minerva, you are in our prayers.

    Anonymous said...

    Bravo Chris Davis! Thanks Bobby for adding here.

    Chris Davis said...

    A Visual Timeline.

    Anonymous said...

    In looking at the letter from Barr to Presas sending the Defenbaugh invoices paragraph 2 states "forward payment directly to Defenbaugh & Associates remittance address indicated on the invoice." And she didn't know about Defenbaugh????? Wonder if and how she paid the bill? If paid with a check, there's the proof! She probably didn't pay them, being honest and responsible is not her style.

    Anonymous said...

    Can you please elaborate on the non-BISD activities regarding Dolores and Sergio Zarate.

    Anonymous said...

    Cata Rata...busted AGAIN!

    Anonymous said...

    what happened with the item 17 tonight?

    BobbyWC said...

    I have confirmed sources telling me Art Rendon authorized them to use BISD property for events for their children's organization.

    For the record - I have no problem with it - this is pretty standard practice in most cities.

    The problem is Presas-garcia made a federal case of it when BISD property was used by Joe Rod for the scholarship events.

    The problem is the double standard

    Bobby WC

    Anonymous said...

    Did Pena back down??? I tell you folks...same old bs, pure Pena talk, and not action.

    Anonymous said...

    Thank you for the clarification on the non-BISD acitivities. For the record, the Down by the Border Festival was a collaboration of the Down by the Border Association, BISD Special Services, and the UTB-TSC Physical Education Dept. to bring about Down Syndrome community awareness by having a festival for the children. The annual festivals have taken place before, during and after the administration of Rendon as Special Services Administrator. Not only has Special Services collaborated in the festivals but other departments like BISD Career and Technical Education (Student Organization Volunteers and Sponsors) and BISD Fine Arts Dept.

    BobbyWC said...

    Thanks for saying the good things Down by the Border is doing.

    I am a huge supporter of Down Syndrome Children - in fact I got in a real heated discussion with my Constitutional law profession. I argued it is a human rights abuse to abort down children. He was so pissed he verbally attacked a female student for not taking his side.

    I want to be clear - I support 100% the collaboration between BISD and Down by the Border.

    My issue is- it is Presas-garcia who is saying this is wrong.

    It is a double standard when she goes after Joe Rod and not Zarate.

    The reality is - by Presas-garcia's conduct it is going to make it harder for BISD to help these organizations.

    Again to be clear - I support 100% the use of taxpayer property to promote such groups - the problem is how Presas-Garcia turned it political to settle a personal score with Joe Rod.

    the other issue is, Zarate needs to decide - are they going to do the dirty work for the corrupt 4 or are they going to denounce this board?

    I will always support their organization - but I will not support their support for the corrupt 4.

    I hope they can see what they do for the community through Down on the Border is far too important to allow it to be tainted by their support for the corrupt 4.

    I would hope the new board come November would establish a formal policy to allow for BISD property to be used for such organizations

    Bobby WC

    Anonymous said...

    There is a policy for use of school facilities it is GKD.

    Anonymous said...

    Liked the timeline. It's damning evidence. You gotta hate the videotapes of board meetings...lol

    Anonymous said...

    Hey everyone get a grip! What can one board member do when everyone at the District covers their wrong doings. Everyone who works there or has ever worked there, knows how easy it is to get away with wrong doings. Just look at the evidence presented against some board members and still nothing happens. Why? Because this is the way of the county. Que te pedo decir.................

    Anonymous said...

    The way it looks at the school district (by simply reviewing the forensic reports and this blog) is the current administration will work to please the majority of the board(number one objective). If there is a change in board members, they will do the same to the new majority.

    If you want a change, you got to change the top adminstrators period. If not, you will see the same game plan play out again and again. I guess it's time for TEA to come down.

    Anonymous said...

    Disgusted at my television. No, it was the content. Really? Status Quo? After all the work that Bobby and his sources have done to clearly define the lies, corruption and deceit of the Corrupt 4, they still whitewashed it. Damn Bobby! You were right all along.

    Anonymous said...

    never trusted the Zarate's. drift from one group of lowlifes to the next for votes, Ernie Hernandez, Gilberto Hinojosa, Cheezmeh. On election night Dolores took an ass pounding from David Gonzalez III in a whopping 65% to 35% defeat. Didn't see them around until resurfacing in the hopeless Troiani campaign, probably a ruse to line up the B.U.C. and others for their own BISD race. Meh. whoe else is running

    Anonymous said...

    How many more times do we have to expose this vile and corrupted board, before the DA takes action??

    Anonymous said...

    Come on DA will not do anything to anger people who he believes will vote him into Congress.

    Anonymous said...

    DA??? which DA??? The one we currently have is more corrupt than the the 4 trustees, so how can he go after them???

    Anonymous said...

    DA??? which DA??? The one we currently have is more corrupt than the the 4 trustees, so how can he go after them???

    Anonymous said...

    Icannot believe our stupid DA is not doing anything about the $4 corrupt trustees.

    Thanks Bobby for your tireless efforts to bring these corrupt people to justice!

    Anonymous said...

    My, my, my, where are you Mr. DA??

    Anonymous said...

    THANK YOU!!! Chris Davis, great timeline!!!!

    Anonymous said...

    Unfortunately, our current DA is much more corrupt than the $4 trustees, however, they are quikcly becoming like him!