Tuesday, March 27, 2012


In terms of the real number of people who know what is happening at BISD, when compared to the total population of Brownsville, is nonexistent. The good news is, the business community in large measure follow the BV. I am fairly certain Presas-Garcia will have a hard time raising money for her campaign, unless it is from a vendor who is looking for contracts.

I can tell you, to the best of my knowledge, there is no organized effort to run a plate of candidates for BISD who will oppose the corrupt 4. Remember all it takes is for one win and they continue to control the Board.

I will tell you the local office of the FBI is run by a group of racists who see Brownsville as nothing more than an extension of Mexico. Of course only a racist pure in heart would see the corruption as being tied to our heritage. Corruption in government is as old as time and is not unique to any group, country or region within a country. Brownsville knows nothing about corruption when compared to Dallas.

Armando Villalobos can be provided signed confessions and he would still block the grand jury from doing its job.

I have spoken until I am blue in the face about the problem. The corrupt 4 control the narrative because they have the Herald as their mouth piece. Everything the BV is doing is tantamount to a tree falling in the forest begetting the question, does it make a sound if no one is there.

The BV’s policy of no sacred cows has resulted in lots of division among the groups opposing the corrupt 4. No vale la pena Peña supporters have threatened to destroy me for speaking the truth about Peña. At this moment no one is working harder to insure the corruption continues than no vale la pena Peña. She cannot win. The candidate they intend to run against her will destroy her, and rightfully so. Peña has made it clear - God has commanded her to fight on - how is this any different in substance than Luci Goosey’s belief in witchcraft? Billions of children are hungry and God is speaking with no vale la pena Peña. You got the level of lunacy going on with no vale la pena Peña? This woman is like a 100 and she is still reliving her days in high school. How is this not pathetic?

To the best of my knowledge at this time there is only one for sure candidate willing to run for BISD Board of Trustees. There is no organized group. The few people involved are going to run the same campaign as Rick Zayas and Ruben Cortez ran - hope for the best. It does not work. Now think about it - if a repeat of Rick Zayas and Ruben Cortez campaign is their game plan, do you really want these people running BISD?

These people really believe that any day now the Herald is going to run the truth and Villalobos will be sending out the paddy wagons to arrest the corrupt 4 and their supporters. It is not going to happen.

I would love to make my readers believe indictments are coming. They are not. There are no investigations as it relates to the corrupt 4. Now, there are investigations - but those are not for public disclosure at this time.

The majority of the teachers do not even know about the blogs - any of them. They really do not.

I thought long and hard about what I wanted to say in today’s post. The reality is I said it.

I did get a call from someone on Tuesday telling me a story which is a bomb shell. They then passed the phone to the eyewitness who denied the entire story. Far too many people are demanding that their friends be declared sacred cows - not going to happen - move on I do not want to hear your bullshit stories.

I have a few stories related to BISD on my desk, but they require additional verification. The verification is not forthcoming because I refuse to play the sacred cow game.

Finally, all 7 current school board members are guilty of malfeasance. The corruption goes to a long line of previous school board members. In my view all 7 current school board members and a large number of past school members are running scared. Pat Lehmann is not going down without taking down everyone in his path.


Lehmann made a very telling statement to shut down Ruben Cortez when Ruben sought to open the door on the La Pampa affair.

"We are a body corporate, Lehmann said, addressing Cortez directly. We are a team of eight, sir. We work as a team, but this is conspiracy. If you must pass judgment, then we are all guilty, sir."


In effect Pat Lehmann has won - current and former board members are running for cover in fear of the truth coming out - expect nothing from Aguilar, Colunga, or Peña.

The only hope for BISD is for a group of citizens not tied to any current of former trustees to form a group and run candidates. It will take money - lots of money. It will take the reeducation of all of Brownsville. I am fairly convinced the time for such an organization has passed. The corrupt 4 have been delivered at least another 2 years for no better reason than compromised current and former trustees obstructing the process and reeducation of the people.

If any sources provide the BV with the quality of information the BV has published of late, the BV will verify it and publish it. There may be days where the BV publishes every day and there may be days the BV does not publish at all. Like I have said before I have no interest in blogging about the elections or anything else. I will continue to blog on BISD when I have verifiable information. But I will not lie to my readers. There is no one working to organize a campaign to stop the corruption. The current and former trustees have taken heed to Lehmann’s words -

"If you must pass judgment, then we are all guilty, sir."

I am off to finish a good book.


BobbyWC said...

Comment rejected: I am standing by my prediction - the current majority will go from 4 to 6 in November - there is no campaign or organization to stop them

The best I understand is sometime in October some mailers will be sent out telling people the 4 are corrupt - until then week after week the Herald will run the propaganda of the corrupt 4 with no meaningful response of teh truth to the community at large

Bobby WC

Anonymous said...

Bobby, some people are and will continue to work very hard. You will get the documents for verification.

There are still some of us, who still believe we can take our district back.
In any case, we are very thankful to you, for all you do!!

Anonymous said...

Wow! By the way, I visited the main building last week and what a joke of a place, very unprofessional!!! Also, the ladies restroom in the third floor does not even have a working soap dispenser, so grossed out. Instead, they had some old bottle of Fabreeze filled with what looked like watered down soap. C'mon BISD, at least use my TAX Dollars to good use. I bet that when there is a board meeting, all of the board members get to order as much food, snacks and beverages as they want!

Its so sad to see how BISD is going down the drain in corruption!

Thanks Bobby for your info.

Anonymous said...

Do you have a copy of the letter provided to the BISD bus drivers from A. Rendon in which he used the word holgazanes in reference to the bus drivers?

BobbyWC said...

No, but until I see the letter I will presume it does not exist - it seems kind of extreme even for Rendon

Bobby WC

Anonymous said...

KVEO Channel 23 news (Matthew Searcy) showed a section of the letter in their coverage of the BISD bus drivers protest walk yesterday. Go to KVEO Channel 23 website and search BISD Bus Drivers.

Anonymous said...

It is on the letter the word is "holgazanear"

I have a copy of it!!

BobbyWC said...

I saw the NBC 23 tape so I know the word is in the letter - bad call on Rendon's part - I do want to comment on it, but cannot until I read the entire letter.

Once I read the entire letter I think a strong argument can me made about Rendon's incompetence - but I do not think he intended the word to be translated as a "No body."

Anyone who has the letter just email it to me


I have said many times - words by themselves mean nothing - language is to be read substantively and not word for word - this is my problem with chiming in - I what to read the entire letter for subtance

A simple example - people from all over the Spanish speaking world find it odd Mexicans in this part of Mexico say regadera for shower - until I moved to Brownsville I had never heard use of the word for shower - most people know the word to mean watering can - I have travelled all over the Spanish speaking world and the most common word is ducha

Words mean nothing when they stand alone - but I do have a theory which I can argue if I can read the entire letter

But no matter how you spin it - Rendon comes out the fool again.

I think the bus drivers should file a racial discrimination complaint with EEOC/Texas Human Rights Commission -

Bobby WC

Anonymous said...

This word has been mentioned by a school board member from another district when discussing the actions of the current BISD board.

 …the performance by a public official of an act that is legally unjustified, harmful, or contrary to law; wrongdoing (used especially of an act in violation of a public trust).

Anonymous said...

The offending clause said in English: "BISD school buses are not to be used by employees to loiter in once they have finished their routes Employees may not use a bus to visit with coworkers."

Anonymous said...

The front page of the Brownsville Herald (Wed. March 28, 2012) has a picture of a BISD Bus Driver holding a green sign that reads, “Queremos conocer al Sr. Rendon.”

As Administrator of Special Services, Rendon spend the majority of his time away from the Office of Special Services. Nobody knew where he was. When he was at Special Services, the door to his office was always closed. He was always in conference with one of his Special Services Supervisor.

It is obvious that his style of management has not change if the Bus Driver quiren conocer al administrador de transportacion del districto escolar de Brownsville.

Anonymous said...

This board majority has done much more than malfeasance, and/or wrongdoing.