Friday, March 2, 2012


The Republicans are scrambling to deal with Limbaugh's endless attacks on a woman who testified before Congress on the health benefits of birth control, which go beyond mere birth control.  When the law student testified that when used for non-birth control purposes it can cost $3,000.00 a year.  Limbaugh intentionally took this statement and used it to claim this student is buying $3,000 a year worth of condoms and therefore means she is engaging in endless sex.  Nothing could be further from the truth.

"An affidavit sworn three days later by Limbaugh was also released. In that document, Limbaugh explains that the Viagra "was intended for my exclusive use" and that the drug had been prescribed in the name of his drug treatment doctor, Steven Strumwasser, "to further maintain and protect my privacy."


Anonymous said...

Susan Flu@k is 30 yrs. old attending the prestigious Georgetown U as a law student who spends over $40,000.00 per semester asking NO DEMANDING the government to yet again pay for another welfare "chichi" handout to cover her birth control pills in order to FU@K HER BRAINS OUT. As far as I'm concern if FLU@K is spending $3,000. for pills that officially make her a FU@KING SLUT but a very DUMB FU@KING SLUT-WHY because she can either get them FOR FREE @ PLAN PARENTHOOD the abortion or Walmart sells BC PILLS FOR $4.OO!!! Rush is absolutely right to call out this WHORE and the absurdity if this issue.
And another thing if Rush was caught buyING his "viagra" via another name 1-fame makes u do crazy things & 2- HE PAID FOR HIS DAMN PILLS NO GOVERNMENT HANDOUTS!!!!!

Anonymous said...

right wing propaganda at its best