Thursday, March 1, 2012


While I am frustrated I am out of the loop on just about everything related to BISD, pretty reliable sources have it a Dallas law firm will be representing an entire slew of Defenbaugh's victims.  By my estimates the attorneys fees deductibles will add up to another $250,000 or more in taxpayer dollars.  I can see the ad come November, "After bankrupting her family Cata now seeks to bankrupt BISD.  Our accounting shows in the last two years Cata has personally cost BISD $1 million dollars."  Of course the accounting is estimated based on what the numbers will be come October.

Hey Cata, it will blow your mind when you learn the name of your opponent.

The thing about the Antonio Juarez case is, these defendants will not have to show a vote by Escobedo, Presas-Garcia, Longoria or Saavedra.  Montoya is just royally screwed.  If he had a half a brain he would just resign.  I know Carl Montoya, he will go down with the ship claiming ignorance.

Presas-Garcia's lie about Defenbaugh is enough to prove the conspiracy against the 4 and Montoya.  When the lawsuit comes, an I am being told it is coming, my only disappointment will be if they do not include Defenbaugh in the lawsuit.


BobbyWC said...

I forgot - one source told me Pat Lehmann in all likelihood will be included. They seem to feel they have the evidene they need to prove Lehmann was a key player in the conspiracy

Bobby WC

Anonymous said...

Perhaps its a good thing you're out of the loop with don't really want to be involved in that mess.