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Several months ago I was told about a conversation between Rick Zayas and Juan Montoya.  Apparently they ran into each other at  the court house.  Montoya allegedly said to Rick that he was glad the circus had left town, referring to Carlos Quintanilla.  No shocker  there - what is relevant here was Montoya's statement to Rick that he should have paid Montoya before the last election and his blogging would have gone the other way.   Rick, Ruben, Joe and Aguilar all need to direct their attorney to file a motion for sanctions against Juarez over Montoya's last piece.  For the piece Montoya cannot be touched, and rightfully so, but Juarez  and his attorneys could face sanctions.  Depending on the testimony Montoya could face sanctions, but not for his speech.

I decided to ad this part to the original post because it is clear the former trustees, which are more than Zayas and Cortez have given in to what is happening at BISD.  They were equal partners in creating the mess.  For this reason alone Ruben Cortez should be defeated in his run for the State Board of Education.  I am beyond bored with elected officials who think they can create a mess and then just walk away from it. 

Let's remember Pat Lehman's threat:

"If you must pass judgment, then we are all guilty, sir."

Every current and most former trustees are running scared.  Pat Lehmann has won.

For Montoya's post, Judge Hanen has independent authority to call in Juarez's attorneys and issue a gag order on them - but not before cross examining them.  In the hands of competent attorneys (do not exist in the LRGV) this case is over.  I expect no great lawyering from BISD's new counsel.  Finding the court house for me would make them competent by LRGV standards. 

Just read Thursday's BH article on the Marchan case to see just how determine Judge Hanen is to reign in the attorneys.

The right motion filed with the court will result in Juarez leaving the court in tears- no fret Antonito - none of the new attorneys for the defense are smart enough to understand the law on this issue - you're safe.


I do not judge Montoya for his endless lies - if scum like Antonio Juarez or his lawyers want to pay Montoya for lies and deception - good for Montoya and his children - business is business.

There is nearly not an ounce of truth in Montoya's claims about some damning order By Judge Hanen against BISD and the trustees.

Montoya knows I am going to post the order so why lie? - money is money.  But Judge Hanen is going to be pissed.  The Trustees' lawyer need to take the post and seek sanctions against Juarez for intentionally trying to poison the jury pool.  Judge Hanen will personally cross examine Montoya and issue sanctions with possible contempt charges if he believes Montoya is lying.

The above order is a fixed order in every judge's computer.  The order is defined by statute not some anger by a judge.  As a matter of course, every case which comes back down from an interim appeal has a new scheduling order entered.  That is all this is.

Look to B(3) of the rule - content of scheduling order.

As to the forensic audit there is a reason Judge Hanen wants it - it is a fraud.  Judge Hanen is all too aware of what has happened.  He does not live in a bubble.

Nothing in this order states Antonio Juarez is free to go out and depose anyone in particular.  It simply sets a new date for the cut off of discovery.  Any discovery sought is still subject to a motion to quash and review by the court.  No carte blanche order allowing any and all discovery demanded by Antonio Juarez has been issued.

So why does Antonio Juarez have his paid mouth piece lie?  Because he is desperate.

Federal judges are particular when scumbags like Antonio Juarez seek to mislead the public through the press or blogs.  It is called trying to poison the jury pool.  I do not doubt the post will get back to Judge Hanen and Judge Hanen will take note of Antonio Juarez's conduct when considering Juarez's future motions or testimony.

A big hurdle Juarez must still face before a jury is allowed to consider his claims is, did he present a prima facie case on the FBI complaint?  BISD and the Trustees have new attorneys.  These attorneys will demand that the prima facie standard be met. [I hope, but am not sure] Judge Hanen will uphold the law on this issue.  Juarez will have no evidence to prove any wrongdoing which merited going to the FBI.


Additional discovery goes two ways.  The 4 trustees being sued can demand additional depositions of Ted Parker, Luci Longoria, Cata Presas-Garcia and others to show the  conspiracy headed up by Ted Parker, John Barr, and the 4 corrupt trustees.  This is relevant because it shows the Healthsmart claims  by BISD had merit.  Watching the end of this battle should get interesting.


My sources are telling me Tony Martinez has now seen enough evidence of misconduct at the Brownsville Housing Authority to want a forensic audit.  The Escobedo brothers influence over Tony Juarez has been well established.  My source is telling me all but one city commissioner is on board.


Anonymous said...

Rick Longoria is not on board.....why am I not surprised??

Anonymous said...

I don't understand this whole Juarez thing. Is there a brief summary on it and what the impact on the current BISD mess it might have?

Anonymous said...

Remember, BISD is providing him with his living money, not the city commission. He is scared shitless of Cata and co.

BobbyWC said...

this is just false - Juarez is the Director over the BHA - the board hired him when Rendon and Lehmann were on the board. he is 100% salaried by the BHA - BISD pays him nothing

Bobby WC

Anonymous said...

Aren't they talking about Rick Longoria being paid by BISD

BobbyWC said...

maybe, but Rick Longoria is 100% protected - under the law BISD would have to prove something really, really, really bad to get rid of him - teachers who have been teaching for a long time really have nothing to fear - they are the one group nearly impossible to touch

Bobby WC

Anonymous said...

Yes, I was talking about Rick and if they are protected, why is my wife with 26 years as an educator,recognized, excellent evals, scared shitless?

BobbyWC said...

Well I am 100% certain your wife is scared - the mood at BISD is difficult for everyone - but BISD cannot afford going one on one with the lawyers hired to represent the teachers

But I do not doubt your wife's fear is real

bobby WC

Anonymous said...

They are scared because you might not loose your job but they can make you miserable. They can do many things that are not right but that are hard to fight.

Anonymous said...

Today at 11:45 a.m. while having lunch at Red Lobster, I saw the Brownsville Early College High School Principal and the Assistant Principal walk into the restaurant for lunch. My daughter attends BEACH; therefore, it made me wonder who is supervising the welfare of my child and the other students while the administration is out for lunch. Especially this week that the students were taking the state test assessment.

Anonymous said...

Very true @10:56pm post. The enviromnment must be horrible over at BISD, where corruption covers corruption. Bobby, If you were to survey all of the Administrators at the Main Office, they are all comadres/compadres! They run the departments like crap because the comadres/compadres do whatever they want. If there are problems, they just cover each other up. The Internal Auditor is everyones comadre!!!

Anonymous said...

Yes! this is beyond pathetic, but it'll stay this way 'till YOU ALL MAKE UP YOUR MINDS AND SPEAK UP!!

Anonymous said...

They are a bunch of pathetic people, if you do not speak up, then do not complaint...