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Here is the kicker - all 14 were quick picks.  Days before the drawing there was an article with a recommendation to not use quick picks.  These 14 people were pretty smart in not listening to the advice of this so called expert.  Oh, at least one of the big winners was a quick pick.

Where Sold:
Retailer City
5 of 5 P & J FOOD STORE BEAUMONT Yes / Yes
5 of 5 FOOD FAST #1096 PARIS Yes / Yes
5 of 5 VALERO CORNER STORE #14450 AUSTIN Yes / Yes
5 of 5 FINA MART IRVING Yes / Yes
5 of 5 7-ELEVEN CONV STORE#12705 AUSTIN Yes / Yes
5 of 5 BIG DIAMOND #990 SAN ANTONIO Yes / Yes
5 of 5 QUIKTRIP #869 EULESS Yes / Yes
5 of 5 STRIPES NO 247 MIDLAND Yes / Yes


"On one hand, the public has an important interest in the enjoyment of the public beaches. But on the other hand, the right to exclude others from privately owned realty is among the most valuable and fundamental of rights possessed by private property owners," Wainwright wrote.

I am basically happy with this ruling.  I am a very big advocate of private property.  It is about more than property - it is about privacy.

This ruling basically means if SPI gets hit with a hurricane and the tide washes away the public easement part of the beach to the property line of the private land owner, then the private land owner has a right to ban people from entering on their beach.

This is not a complex problem.  Texas needs to establish a public beach policy which includes shoring up our beaches against erosion and restoration of our beaches.  But of course this might mean higher taxes.  So rather than raise taxes to protect our beaches Texas would rather just take the land away from the private owners. 

Oh no!!!!! Texas protecting its beaches might result in an accusation of Texas being pro environment. 


"A government statement said New Zealand, Australia, the Netherlands, Norway, Finland, Sweden and others "have made smooth transitions to a penny-free economy."

"As of 2012, it cost the U.S. Mint 2.41 cents to make a cent because of the cost of materials and production.  The loss in profitability due to producing the one cent coin in the United States for the year of 2011 has been officially released. The cost is a loss of $60,200,000. This is an increase from the 2010, the year before, which had a production loss of $27,400,000."

I realize someone will allege this is a communist conspiracy - yes it is true Karl Marx came up with this idea.

Here is how it works - $1.97 means you pay $1.95, $1.98 means you pay $2.00

The savings to the American taxpayers is more than $60 million.  $60 million here and $60 million there ads up to real money.

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Mega Millions Logo


After federal income tax the prize drops to $300 million plus change. It only takes one ticket to win.  I am very concern people, particularly poor, who are desperate and playing all of the money they have in hopes of getting the big one.

Yes it is fun to play - I have 5 tickets - but please play responsibly - it only takes one ticket.  Think about this - how many millions of dollars where played through the last drawing and no one won.  You can play $150 million dollars worth of tickets and still win nothing. 

It is okay to play, but please play responsibly.

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Several months ago I was told about a conversation between Rick Zayas and Juan Montoya.  Apparently they ran into each other at  the court house.  Montoya allegedly said to Rick that he was glad the circus had left town, referring to Carlos Quintanilla.  No shocker  there - what is relevant here was Montoya's statement to Rick that he should have paid Montoya before the last election and his blogging would have gone the other way.   Rick, Ruben, Joe and Aguilar all need to direct their attorney to file a motion for sanctions against Juarez over Montoya's last piece.  For the piece Montoya cannot be touched, and rightfully so, but Juarez  and his attorneys could face sanctions.  Depending on the testimony Montoya could face sanctions, but not for his speech.

I decided to ad this part to the original post because it is clear the former trustees, which are more than Zayas and Cortez have given in to what is happening at BISD.  They were equal partners in creating the mess.  For this reason alone Ruben Cortez should be defeated in his run for the State Board of Education.  I am beyond bored with elected officials who think they can create a mess and then just walk away from it. 

Let's remember Pat Lehman's threat:

"If you must pass judgment, then we are all guilty, sir."

Every current and most former trustees are running scared.  Pat Lehmann has won.

For Montoya's post, Judge Hanen has independent authority to call in Juarez's attorneys and issue a gag order on them - but not before cross examining them.  In the hands of competent attorneys (do not exist in the LRGV) this case is over.  I expect no great lawyering from BISD's new counsel.  Finding the court house for me would make them competent by LRGV standards. 

Just read Thursday's BH article on the Marchan case to see just how determine Judge Hanen is to reign in the attorneys.

The right motion filed with the court will result in Juarez leaving the court in tears- no fret Antonito - none of the new attorneys for the defense are smart enough to understand the law on this issue - you're safe.


I do not judge Montoya for his endless lies - if scum like Antonio Juarez or his lawyers want to pay Montoya for lies and deception - good for Montoya and his children - business is business.

There is nearly not an ounce of truth in Montoya's claims about some damning order By Judge Hanen against BISD and the trustees.

Montoya knows I am going to post the order so why lie? - money is money.  But Judge Hanen is going to be pissed.  The Trustees' lawyer need to take the post and seek sanctions against Juarez for intentionally trying to poison the jury pool.  Judge Hanen will personally cross examine Montoya and issue sanctions with possible contempt charges if he believes Montoya is lying.

The above order is a fixed order in every judge's computer.  The order is defined by statute not some anger by a judge.  As a matter of course, every case which comes back down from an interim appeal has a new scheduling order entered.  That is all this is.

Look to B(3) of the rule - content of scheduling order.

As to the forensic audit there is a reason Judge Hanen wants it - it is a fraud.  Judge Hanen is all too aware of what has happened.  He does not live in a bubble.

Nothing in this order states Antonio Juarez is free to go out and depose anyone in particular.  It simply sets a new date for the cut off of discovery.  Any discovery sought is still subject to a motion to quash and review by the court.  No carte blanche order allowing any and all discovery demanded by Antonio Juarez has been issued.

So why does Antonio Juarez have his paid mouth piece lie?  Because he is desperate.

Federal judges are particular when scumbags like Antonio Juarez seek to mislead the public through the press or blogs.  It is called trying to poison the jury pool.  I do not doubt the post will get back to Judge Hanen and Judge Hanen will take note of Antonio Juarez's conduct when considering Juarez's future motions or testimony.

A big hurdle Juarez must still face before a jury is allowed to consider his claims is, did he present a prima facie case on the FBI complaint?  BISD and the Trustees have new attorneys.  These attorneys will demand that the prima facie standard be met. [I hope, but am not sure] Judge Hanen will uphold the law on this issue.  Juarez will have no evidence to prove any wrongdoing which merited going to the FBI.


Additional discovery goes two ways.  The 4 trustees being sued can demand additional depositions of Ted Parker, Luci Longoria, Cata Presas-Garcia and others to show the  conspiracy headed up by Ted Parker, John Barr, and the 4 corrupt trustees.  This is relevant because it shows the Healthsmart claims  by BISD had merit.  Watching the end of this battle should get interesting.


My sources are telling me Tony Martinez has now seen enough evidence of misconduct at the Brownsville Housing Authority to want a forensic audit.  The Escobedo brothers influence over Tony Juarez has been well established.  My source is telling me all but one city commissioner is on board.


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In terms of the real number of people who know what is happening at BISD, when compared to the total population of Brownsville, is nonexistent. The good news is, the business community in large measure follow the BV. I am fairly certain Presas-Garcia will have a hard time raising money for her campaign, unless it is from a vendor who is looking for contracts.

I can tell you, to the best of my knowledge, there is no organized effort to run a plate of candidates for BISD who will oppose the corrupt 4. Remember all it takes is for one win and they continue to control the Board.

I will tell you the local office of the FBI is run by a group of racists who see Brownsville as nothing more than an extension of Mexico. Of course only a racist pure in heart would see the corruption as being tied to our heritage. Corruption in government is as old as time and is not unique to any group, country or region within a country. Brownsville knows nothing about corruption when compared to Dallas.

Armando Villalobos can be provided signed confessions and he would still block the grand jury from doing its job.

I have spoken until I am blue in the face about the problem. The corrupt 4 control the narrative because they have the Herald as their mouth piece. Everything the BV is doing is tantamount to a tree falling in the forest begetting the question, does it make a sound if no one is there.

The BV’s policy of no sacred cows has resulted in lots of division among the groups opposing the corrupt 4. No vale la pena Peña supporters have threatened to destroy me for speaking the truth about Peña. At this moment no one is working harder to insure the corruption continues than no vale la pena Peña. She cannot win. The candidate they intend to run against her will destroy her, and rightfully so. Peña has made it clear - God has commanded her to fight on - how is this any different in substance than Luci Goosey’s belief in witchcraft? Billions of children are hungry and God is speaking with no vale la pena Peña. You got the level of lunacy going on with no vale la pena Peña? This woman is like a 100 and she is still reliving her days in high school. How is this not pathetic?

To the best of my knowledge at this time there is only one for sure candidate willing to run for BISD Board of Trustees. There is no organized group. The few people involved are going to run the same campaign as Rick Zayas and Ruben Cortez ran - hope for the best. It does not work. Now think about it - if a repeat of Rick Zayas and Ruben Cortez campaign is their game plan, do you really want these people running BISD?

These people really believe that any day now the Herald is going to run the truth and Villalobos will be sending out the paddy wagons to arrest the corrupt 4 and their supporters. It is not going to happen.

I would love to make my readers believe indictments are coming. They are not. There are no investigations as it relates to the corrupt 4. Now, there are investigations - but those are not for public disclosure at this time.

The majority of the teachers do not even know about the blogs - any of them. They really do not.

I thought long and hard about what I wanted to say in today’s post. The reality is I said it.

I did get a call from someone on Tuesday telling me a story which is a bomb shell. They then passed the phone to the eyewitness who denied the entire story. Far too many people are demanding that their friends be declared sacred cows - not going to happen - move on I do not want to hear your bullshit stories.

I have a few stories related to BISD on my desk, but they require additional verification. The verification is not forthcoming because I refuse to play the sacred cow game.

Finally, all 7 current school board members are guilty of malfeasance. The corruption goes to a long line of previous school board members. In my view all 7 current school board members and a large number of past school members are running scared. Pat Lehmann is not going down without taking down everyone in his path.


Lehmann made a very telling statement to shut down Ruben Cortez when Ruben sought to open the door on the La Pampa affair.

"We are a body corporate, Lehmann said, addressing Cortez directly. We are a team of eight, sir. We work as a team, but this is conspiracy. If you must pass judgment, then we are all guilty, sir."

In effect Pat Lehmann has won - current and former board members are running for cover in fear of the truth coming out - expect nothing from Aguilar, Colunga, or Peña.

The only hope for BISD is for a group of citizens not tied to any current of former trustees to form a group and run candidates. It will take money - lots of money. It will take the reeducation of all of Brownsville. I am fairly convinced the time for such an organization has passed. The corrupt 4 have been delivered at least another 2 years for no better reason than compromised current and former trustees obstructing the process and reeducation of the people.

If any sources provide the BV with the quality of information the BV has published of late, the BV will verify it and publish it. There may be days where the BV publishes every day and there may be days the BV does not publish at all. Like I have said before I have no interest in blogging about the elections or anything else. I will continue to blog on BISD when I have verifiable information. But I will not lie to my readers. There is no one working to organize a campaign to stop the corruption. The current and former trustees have taken heed to Lehmann’s words -

"If you must pass judgment, then we are all guilty, sir."

I am off to finish a good book.
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Let's begin with a fun story which I have verified to be true.  When Luci Goosey joined Hector Gonzales as his secretary during his tenure as superintendent, she called maintenance and informed the supervisor that Hector Gonzales had ordered the removal and burning of the door to his office.  Luci was insistent that another BISD employee who she claimed practices voodoo/witchcraft had put a curse on the door.  Not only did she order the door removed, she ordered that maintenance burn the door so as to kill the curse.  My source is telling me the supervisor refused the request unless Hector Gonzales put it writing.  The demand that the maintenance department receive the request in writing from Hectot Gonzales came from Rey Arteaga.  Luci was now mad and ready to take down Rey for not destroying BISD property based on her religious believe in voodoo/witchcraft. 

Luci would later have another run in with Rey Arteaga when he refused to hire her son, Little Eddie Munster Leandro.  The position was later cancelled so Mr. Arteaga could not hire the most qualified person.  Then a position was created in food services where Little Eddie Munster Leandro went to work.  This is just further proof of the control Luci Goosey had over Hector Gonzales.  As they say "and the rest of the story" Luci settled her personal score with Rey Arteaga by authorizing the fabricated claims in the Defenbaugh audit.  I cannot wait to see Luci's deposition when she and the other 3 corrupt Trustees are sued over this mess.

Little Eddie Munster Leandro, you must be so proud to have caused so much suffering simply because you could not get a job as an asswipe without Mommy Dearest pulling Hector's "string."


When Luci first became Hector's secretary she was earning $38,949.04 a year - 2006-2007.  During fiscal year 2007-2008 her salary went to $44,481.52.  During Gonzales' final year as superintendent her salary went to $47,524.72.  Hector Gonzales gave his favorite secretary a near $9,000 raise over a 3 year period.

Hector's money flow to Luci Goosey does not end there.  During this same time frame Hector authorized Luci $18,175.52 in overtime.  Why was this not in the audit?  Remember the big brouhaha Defenbaugh made over Springston's secretary's overtime. 

Oh, folks not done yet.    The month after Luci Goosey went to New York with Hector Gonzales for the Broad Award she claimed $706.68 in overtime.  This is in addition to the $2,055.67 BISD paid for Luci Goosey's hotel, flight, and other expenses.  Defenbaugh as part of his bogus audit went after Springston's secretary while ignoring these blatant abuses under Hector Gonzales.


Luci Goosey had so much control over Hector she was able to get him to authorize the burning of the door to his office to undo a curse, to cancel a job opening in maintenance so that BISD had the money to hire Luci Goosey's son Little Eddie Munster Leandro in food services, to authorize a near $9,000 raise in three years, to authorize $18,175.52 in overtime over three years, and $2,055.67 of taxpayer money for a near all expense paid trip to NYC. 




What did Defenbaugh really think of Rey Arteaga?  Why did Defenbaugh run cover for Chief Oscar Garcia for abuse of overtime?  Could it be the corrupt 4 need to keep their chief of police happy?

Below is the Defenbaugh Audit of BISD.  It is a $250,000 fraud and Defenbaugh's own email recommending Commendation for Rey Arteaga proves it.
On page 9 within the Executive Summary Defenbaugh outlines accusations of criminal wrongdoing against Rey Arteaga.  After finding the claims to be unfounded Defenbaugh, so as to not offend Presas-Garcia then finds "multiple deficiencies and significant shortcomings."  On this issue Defenbaugh could not list one thing to support his findings.

Unfortunately for Defenbaugh there is his email with his true findings.

In the email Defenbaugh states Rey Arteaga should be commended for how he runs the Maintenance Department.  This is a smoking gun which I believe to be powerful enough that BISD's insurance company would settle with Rey Arteaga for $250,000 without so much as a fight.  Of course they would also immediately demand BISD sue Defenbaught to recover the money paid to Rey Arteaga.  pay attention people, so long as Escobedo, Longoria, Presas-Garcia, and Saavedra are named in the lawsuit, as trustees they would be barred from voting on whether or not BISD should sue Defenbaugh for malpractice and contribution.  BISD's insurance company will insist on this.


On page 47 of the report Defenbaugh runs cover for Chief Oscar Garcia on the abuse of overtime. Defenbaugh provides excuses for the overtime. At no time when dealing with the same issue in the Department of Transportation does Defenbaugh ever state the overtime was never justified based on the demands on the department. He simply makes a conclusory statement that it is too much, while highlighting a handful of egregious abuses. A true and honest audit would have looked at the work which was being done during the overtime. There is nothing professional about this audit. Presas-Garcia hired Defenbaugh to settle scores - as the email in the Rey Arteaga case shows - Defenbaugh was all too willing to be the hit man for Presas-Garcia, John Barr, and Healthsmart.

Compare Chief Garcia's overtime problem with that of Transportation:

Security 07-08  $309,000
Security 08-09  $302,000
Security 09-10  $906,000
Security 10-11   $609,000

Exactly how is going from $302,000 in 08-09 to $609,000 in 10-11, an improvement?

I do not doubt that abuse existed in Transportation.  I also do not doubt past and current Board Members put pressure on Transportation to keep the abuse going.  But here is the thing, Defenbaugh in his own report admits he cannot prove anything beyond a handful of examples.  To push his point in a dramatic way he states if we assume 70% abused the process by one hour a day over 6 years the loss to BISD would be $2.5 million.  Proof for his assumption - none

Compare this to 4 fiscal years of overtime within the police department.  In 4 fiscal years, not 6, security used $2.1 million in overtime.  If you use Defenbaugh's hypothetical formula, during the same 4 fiscal years, Transportation had about $1.6 million in "alleged" overtime abuse.  Alleged based on no evidence because Defenbaugh cannot justify his hypothetical 70% estimate.

When you carefully read Defenbaugh's report on transportation you can see he misleads because it is what he was ordered to do.  Really, Chirinos gave in to the abuses because he was afraid of a strike?  According to Defenbaugh Chirones was  firing everyone who complained about the overtime abuse, and none of these people reported Chirones conduct to any superintendent or board member over 6 years?  No one believes a word of Defenbaugh's report.

So why did he run cover for Chief Oscar Garcia?  Could it be the Chief has the ability to investigate the Escobedo brothers for contract rigging.

Again I submit, there was overtime abuse.  My issue is, why did Defenbaugh makes excuses for Chief Garcia, when the numbers show his office had significantly hirer overtime costs than the transportation department?



Thursday, March 22, 2012


I want to be up front with my readers - none of the 7 Trustees come out smelling good in this one.  The incontrovertible evidence shows all 7 Trustees - this means including no vale la pena Peña, Colunga, and Aguilar in addition to the regular suspects Escobedo, Presas-Garcia, Longoria and Saavedra were all party to this cover-up.  If Peña had an ounce of integrity in her body she will immediately announce she is not seeking reelection.  Prospective candidates need to know her seat is open.

And yes, based on what I just said - some sources will dry up.  On numerous occasions it has been made clear to me that I better stop telling the truth about Colunga, Aguilar and Peña - I will try again on the only rule that matters - "No sacred cows."

If you want a blog which is run by a paid hack which is nothing more than lies and deception - have ad it - but the BV will stand its ground - "No Sacred Cows."

Let's begin with the definition of extortion -


The practice of obtaining something, esp. money, through force or threats.


According to this letter sent by Carlos Guerra to the Board and Carl Montoya, on or about July 20, 2011, he was removed as the Assistant Superintendent for Operations.  He was reassigned to the non-existent position of Assistant Superintendent for Support Services.  After only 2 work days he was then assigned to the position of Administrator for Guidance and Counseling. The letter is dated February 14, 2012.

¶ 3 is a killer - Carlos Guerra goes on to detail that he was removed as the Assistant Superintendent for Operations because in the past he had refused to sign off on change orders to accommodate specific vendors.  You see Carlos Guerra could not be relied on to do the dirty work for the Escobedo brothers so he was removed - so he alleges.


According to Carlos Guerra a few weeks after July 20, 2011, the change orders were made to accommodate the vendor of choice - Jaime Escobedo.  The last paragraph makes clear - if Carlos Guerra's claims go  forward Enrique Escobedo and others are going down over the change orders to accommodate Jaime Escobedo's company.  This my friends is more than enough to bring extortion claims against Carlos Guerra - of course it would be for a jury to decide if there was criminal intent.  I admit this sometimes can be a fine line. 

I always tell people - if you are reporting criminal conduct, never include anything which can be construed as a threat.  Carlos Guerra should have taken his claims and evidence directly to the FBI.  He then should have sent his letter informing the board of his actions and his theory as to why he was removed.  This would have avoided an extortion claim.  He got what he wanted, while failing to report the claim to law enforcement.

The change orders were for BAC.  The original vendor was approved as the lowest bidder in the amount of $398,200.

According to BH archives Carlos Guerra stated he was offered the job of Athletic Director on February 28, 2012 - just 14 days after his letter to the Board.

Why is it that this letter was not put on the agenda until March 6, 2012?  See item 18

Rosario Peña has put into writing that the contract which eventually went to Jaime Escobedo was not put out for bids.  Rosario Peña, Purchasing Administrator, in  fact has verified that the contract went to Jaime Escobedo's company. Ms. Peña, my advice to you - grab your documents and run to the FBI this morning.

Of note, the contract was originally set to go to Circle Industries - which had the lowest bid.  My source is telling me Jaime Escobedo's company was not an authorized vendor for the original equipment requested by BISD.  This is why change orders had to be done.  According to Mr. Bishop of Circle Industries, lies were put out by BISD that he no longer wanted the contract.  In fact he was asked to put same into a written statement.  He refused. 

About the same time Mr. Bishop received the phone call from ROFA Architects in McAllen alleging that Circle Industries was no longer interested in the contract, BISD Board of Trustees were approving another contract which involved the Escobedo brothers.

Mr. Bishop was then informed by Juan Estrada of Southern Mechanical (the contractor under which Circle Industries was working) that he had received a directive to not use Circle Industries and that in fact BISD had decided to give the contract to Jaime Escobedo, brother to BISD trustee Enrique Escobedo.  Remember, I have the document signed off by Rosario Peña, Purchasing Administrator, verifying that the contract was never sent out for bids.


Here is BV's original post on the issue.

Recommend awarding Bid #11-094 Security Equipment Installation and Repairs for Alarm
and CCTV District-wide to several vendors. (Annual Bid)

Click below on item 11-094, and then click on paragraph 23 - Bidder is barred from communicating with the Board Members. Who believes Jaime Escobedo and Enrique Escobedo did not communicate?

On April 5, 2011, Chief Garcia's department got behind the new recommendations for item 11-094.  Next week I will document the evidence which proves the protection being provided to Chief Garcia, in exchange for his cooperation with the corrupt 4.

I have done extensive research on who was awarded the contract on April 5, 2011.  I cannot find anything.  If you have access to this document please forward it to me.

The day Colunga, Aguilar, and Peña got the Carlos Guerra letter they should have brought it to the attention of the FBI.  The letter is more than enough to open an investigation for extortion.  Where the investigation leads is another question. 

My sources are telling me Arturo Michel called all trustees and several BISD staff members and told them that under no circumstances was this letter to go public.  There was a clear message that BISD was to hide this  document.  This was illegal advice.  Only god knows what lies he told the Trustees on March 6, 2012, in executive session.

Heads up Colunga, Aguilar, and Peña - when your lawyer in Executive Session advises you to obstruct justice and to give into extortion to protect another trustee and his brother, you leave the meeting and call law enforcement. 

In my view, the Carlos Guerra letter forever seals Colunga, Aguilar, and Peña as willing participants in this mess.  Please, I do not want to hear they have a duty to cooperate - if you believe this you are as corrupt as the corrupt 4.

No Trustee in their right mind would even consider the legal advice of Arturo Michel.

I am very close to saying - "I'm done." Done in terms of waiting for local action. It is clear to me Armando Villalobos will not act.  I am convinced that the local FBI office is incapable of law enforcement unless it is politically motivated.  They have no political motivation in this case. 

I do believe it is time I bring my documentation to Washington and drop it on Director Mueller's desk with a request the entire FBI management team in Brownsville be reassigned.

Today Villalobos can go to a grand jury and get the key documents from BISD - he will not - this boy is in his office hiding, hoping to wait this out until he goes to Congress as a member of the House of Representatives - hey Mando - never, ever going to happen.

Wednesday, March 21, 2012


This  time of year Brownsville hotels could be  full with Spring Breakers, Mexican Nationals, and Winter Texans accessing Boca Chica's nude beach.  My regular readers know I previously proposed making the area around the mouth of the river a clothing optional beach.

Americans travel in the 10's of thousands all over the world in search of nude beaches.  Spain is a major destination for the pleasure of vacationing on a nude beach.  Millions of US dollars flow out of the US over the lack or beautiful nude beaches in the US.

It is sad the prude attitude of our county leaders has cost Brownsville a small fortune in hotel profits, tax revenues, airport revenues, and car rentals.

Some day this city and county will be lead by people with a vision.  Brownsville will never move beyond being more than a border wasteland, until its leaders enter the 21st  century.

The other day I had to go to McAllen's airport.  I was blown away to learn McAllen has a major bookstore and Brownsville is without a bookstore, period.  Sorry small Christan bookstores are not community book stores.  I guess when you live in a city without so much as a book store it is asking far too much for a nude beach where intelligent uninhibited people can congregate and discuss the issues of the day.


While drinking my coffee before getting to work - I need a bit of relief.    In all of the political races, Brownsville Cheezmeh has yet to post anything which shows it is a watchdog group.  Erasmos claims to have made promises to BISD Administrators, parents and teachers, but yet none of these so called supporters have provided him any information about the corruption and malfeasance at BISD.  Why?  He has no sources

The BV has previously documented Erasmos pronouncement he intends to go after all trustees up for reelection, which include the three who have been fighting the corruption.  The BV has documented that Erasmos has an unhealthy relationship with Rodrigo Moreno, an ally of Carlos Quintanilla, Enrique Escobedo, and Pat Lehmann - all of whom are at the heart of the BISD mess. 

Erasmos will never be anything more than a Quintanilla wannabee.  Like Quintanilla he is already using a bogus PAC for his own benefit.  It also reeks of money laundering in form, not substance.  He has people give money to Cheezmeh, which does not have to be reported by name or source, and then he puts the money into the PAC account as a donation from Cheezmeh.  Erasmos calls this transparency.  The PAC reports show most of the money was used for travel.  Was this  for travel back and forth between Brownsville and Austin?  Another con job flim flam man.

By his own admission (this is why you should not write Erasmos - you are an idiot) Erasmos announced he will stand by those who have stood with him.  In evidence analysis there is a rule that you look to the first statements as the most credible, unless they can be dissected as not credible. 

What Erasmos did not say in his post is - as a watchdog group they will vet out the bad and unethical - no what he said was - his support will go to people who worship him.  He is mad that Sergio Zarate, his friend, and compadre of the BISD corrupt 4, has been outed.  Erasmos wanted to send a message to Sergio Zarate that he will stand with him, even though Sergio stands with the corrupt 4.  Like I  said and the evidence to date shows, Erasmos is only watching his pocket, and not the community.


Our students are broke and need every bit of help they can get from TSC.  While in terms of the big picture, the cost of the election is chump change.   But you know what, chump change adds up. 

Tad Hasse and Robert Uresti both need to withdraw  from the race so that TSC need not incur the cost of the election.  Yes, I agree this will not happen.

My bias - no hidden agenda - I do not like Tad Hasse - I think he is dishonest and has no problem defending his dishonesty.  This is not a person you want to trust with the future of TSC.  A couple of weeks ago he tried to make his fellow Walkers at Cheezmeh believe Obama has been weak on illegal immigration.  This was a classic Tad Hasse lie.  I documented that in fact Obama's administration has deported more people in 3 years than Bush II did in 8.  This is hardly evidence of being soft on illegal immigration.  Do you really want someone who is so willing to deceive helping to lead TSC?

All of that aside - when Tad Hasse posted to the internet that he met with Erasmos Castro and Eramsos was convinced he has all the right answers to be a good TSC trustee, I nearly pissed my pants laughing my ass off.

This was just another example of Tad Hasse playing the  consummate role of con artist with the voters.  What exactly qualifies Erasmos Castro to know anything about managing a community college,  educational needs of our students and work force, work force needs of our community, and on and on and on?  The answer is nothing.  The fact Tad Hasse would bow down to someone with zero knowledge of the issue, speaks volumes about his character or lack of character.  He did it for the benefit of Cheezmeh's three Walkers to help with his campaign.

Robert Uresti is simply not qualified.  This guy fails to understand simple tax policy.  He has stood before the city commission  demanding the city spray for mosquitoes at his place of employment, while chastising the city commission for taxing the people.  He speaks out against liqueur licences which require a variance, unless it is Troy Aikmen wanting a liqueur license and then he is all for serving liqueur in restaurants next to our homes.

Sources claim TSC meeting archives show he opposed the separation of UTB/TSC until he favored it.  Really, Erasmos - this is who you think is best qualified to lead TSC through these difficult times.  I personally think as a community we owe it to Lily Tercero, TSC President, to deliver her the best qualified and educated trustees Brownsville can find.

But like Erasmos said in his own words - he will stand with his friends and those who worship him.

Tad Hasse loves to say he is about protecting the taxpayer.  Well Tad, here is your chance - withdraw from the race and save the taxpayers the money, and the horror of Cheezmeh walkers knocking on our doors.  During the next local election cycle you can claim you did the right thing.  You can claim when it came time to put the taxpayers first, you walked the walk.

No fret, Erasmos - your boys will not do the right thing - so get your Walkers ready - all three of them.


Again, there are several things waiting to be verified. People are running real scared at BISD. Carl Montoya is under pressure to find the leaks. There may be news later today, tomorrow, or Friday - I am holding the front page until I can confirm what I was told last night.

Tuesday, March 20, 2012



Presas-Garcia cannot keep quite.  She needs a fall guy in order to deflect from her own conduct.  As soon as she has a majority vote, she will dump Arturo Michel.  Her campaign montra will be "The Devil Made me Do It."


Poor Enrique, he thought he had it all under control.  As it now comes tumbling down, he finally realizes through her insanity Cadillac Cata was always in control.  Now to be honest, Enrique was never too subtle.  The thing with Cadillac Cata, she truly has no idea what she has done wrong.  In the end though, through her actions the effect has been to chemically castrate Enrique.  He is powerless against her - why?  because such as her con job lover - she is "unsupervisable."

Monday, March 19, 2012


Today I was informed that the Texas Attorney General opened an investigation over BISD's game playing with Open Record's Request. Their attorney Arturo Michel has them flaunting the rules. A complaint was filed against BISD, and the AG has ordered BISD has to explain why they refused to answer the request or file the proper objections. I told my readers I had to work on a lot of things behind the scenes. This is why for weeks I was not able to publish. For now I am really only publishing on BISD. If you noticed, I have stayed out of the election for the most part. There is a ton of things going on behind the scenes. My time is better spent working behind the scenes. I promise my readers more investigations will be opened against BISD. Very soon  BISD is going to get hit with a state audit over the Rendon lawsuit. This could be what finally brings them down.  I am very happy with how the complaint was prepared.


Yes, we will see a tirade of a manic depressive 5 year old.  McHale is like the spoiled 5 year old in the playground - accusing everyone of wrongdoing and then running to Mommy Dearest in protest yelling, "But Mommy don't they know I'm special?"  "Yes" Mommy Dearest retorts, "everyone knows you're special."

For the privilege of defiling our daughters with words, McHale agreed to chemical castration as performed by Cadillac Cata. But this should shock no one from the Queen of Homophobia.  As previously documented by the BV Presas-Garcia egged her son on in a homophobic tirade against former trustee Rick Zayas. 

There is something profoundly wrong with these people.  BISD is under scrutiny for McHale's endless promoting of pornography, human feces, scat as a sexual alternative among lesbians, and the endless defiling with words of our women and daughters.

McHale calls this free speech.  But as the Texas constitution says - while we are free to speak our peace, we are then equally responsible for those words when they cross the line.

The Texas Constitution: "Every person shall be at liberty to speak, write or publish his opinions on any subject, being responsible for the abuse of that privilege; and no law shall ever be passed curtailing the liberty of speech or of the press."

When Pat Lehmann's cowardly bullying wife Rose  sued McHale he ran to Presas-Garcia and begged for his job.  He agreed to chemical castration in exchange for his job, while remaining silent about Lehmann's dealings..

Then the flim flam man convicted felon Carlos Quintanilla threatened him with a lawsuit and he responded by demanding Presas-Garcia perform a second chemical castration if that is what it would take to keep his job..

I have no idea about the merits of Zeke Silva's complaint against McHale.  But I do know if a judge, a lawyer, a doctor, accountant, nurse or any other state licensed or state certified worker  responded the same way with a public attack, the state would respond with an immediate suspension of their license or certification.

Now, no fret Jerry - Presas-Garcia being the homophobic nightmare on humanity she is will run cover for you.  We all know she has called you in on Monday  for a third chemical castration to insure your continued silence and in fact cover-up of her corrupting of BISD, in exchange for your job.  To understand just how sick Presas-Garcia, Longoria and Saavedra are as women one only need look to their complacency with McHale's contempt for women and our daughters. 

These are women with multiple divorces, claims of adultery against them, or claims of  husbands with wondering eyes.  There is not an ounce of self respect among them.   It is an indictment on Brownsville these three women hold public office.  Again Jerry, no  fret - these are the very women you can count on to protect you from accountability for your defiling with words of our daughters and women.

McHale is not about free speech or creative writing.  He is about violating everyone and anyone who does not worship his contempt for humanity and women.  Cadillac Cata and McHale were made for one another.  He was all too willing to allow her to use him as a puppet to the point of sticking her hand out of his mouth while giving Brownsville the finger.

Sunday, March 18, 2012


Zynthia Cazares outside her home in Texas. Five of her family members remain missing from a kidnapping last July that has drawn little notice from Mexican officials.
"MATAMOROS, Mexico — They have spotted their stolen vehicles at stoplights, driven by the same gunmen who used them to take their entire family captive last July. They have reported the brazen abduction to every branch of Mexican law enforcement, only to be ignored, or directed someplace else."

Saturday, March 17, 2012


Well Easter is around the corner, and a news event about the Pope reminded me of this old post.  You see, while children all over the world die of starvation every day, the Pope decided that God wanted him to have a personalized cologne.  I guess he feels god will have a greater attraction to him if he smells good.

Here is the original post, with a few edits of clarification.

It blows my mind every time someone turns to the Bible for morality. Yes, stoning your children to death as punishment is something we can all agree to be moral.

My long term readers know I live by the teachings of Joshua (Jesus). He was moral and imperfect. Being moral means being imperfect at times. Sometimes it is not about the result as much as it is about the motivation behind your actions.

I have zero tolerance for many of the teachings of Christianity and Catholicism, but I accept their right to exist. I do not believe they are remotely based on any of the teachings of Joshua. The heart of the problem is a lack of affirmative morality. Moral to these groups is control and not acting in an affirmative way to give meaning to the teachings of Joshua. Salvation is not based on giving meaning to the teachings of Joshua, but on pledging allegiance in a mystical way to a belief salvation is only though Jesus. Joshua is not Jesus. There is no duty to live the teachings of Joshua as a condition of salvation. You simply say the magical words and you are saved. Catholics go one better and allow you to overcome your deficiencies through confession. There is no affirmative tenet in Christianity or Catholicism that salvation comes through giving meaning to the teachings of Joshua. Most actually believe that regardless of how you live your life and how hard you work at giving meaning to the teachings of Joshua, you will not be saved because you have not said the magical words. Christianity and Catholicism are faiths of form not substance and therefore are the fertilizer which feeds our amoral society.  (A mean amoral, not immoral)

So long as we are guided by the mysticism of Christianity and Catholicism morality will have no place in our society. I cannot call them immoral because they have no concept of morality - good or bad.

When you consider how much time these groups spend on genitalia how can they possibly know anything about morality. Every year they glorify themselves by spending over $14 billion dollars on Easter related merchandise. But yet, millions of children are dying of hunger and disease. You cannot be moral as a group when you spend in excess of $14 billion for Easter while children go hungry.

In the end, with a society obsessed with genitalia, Easter Lilies, and themselves - how exactly can we come to expect even the semblance of moral leadership from our elected officials. After all they are only a reflection of the society at large.

Morality is knowing how to help your fellow man without enslaving them into dependency. This dependency is the essence of American Liberalism, which is why I reject it as amoral. Morality is acting in aid of your community because it is simply the right thing to do. Capitalism is amoral because it has as it impetus acting for yourself.

When politicians come to believe constructing a chapel in their own backyard is moral, we are screwed. "Hey God look at me, I built a chapel to celebrate your existence." "But my son, Joshua had no chapel but the purity of his faith, are you better than Joshua? He worshiped and walked among the people, while you seek to worship in your backyard. Joshua's chapel was the free air among the people. I can see my son, at Lola's you sat with the moneychangers and not the workers."

Friday, March 16, 2012


Olivia Cisneros Marks

Olivia passed away Friday March 16, 2012 at Park Manor in The Woodlands, Texas.

Olivia was born on July 16, 1922, in Brownsville, Texas, daughter of Rafael Longoria Cisneros and Santos Saenz Cisneros. She was orphaned at age 5.

Since 1949, she worked tirelessly all her life to give her children a better life.  Marks Interiors was a fixture in Brownsville.   Old time residents remember the old  shop on Boca Chica Blvd and  the new store on Price Road.

She also was the founder and pastor of “Iglesia Dios Es Amor”.  She loved counseling and helping many friends and families.  Her favorite bible verse was: Psalm 23; “surely goodness and kindness will follow me all the days of my life; and I will live in the House of the Lord forever”.

Olivia was married to the  late Jose Angel Marks, May 10, 1941 at Immaculate Conception Cathedral in Brownsville, Texas.

She was preceded in death by her husband Jose Angel Marks and son, Rudy (Rodolfo) Marks.

She is survived by her sons, Joe Marks (Jose Angel Marks, Jr. Brownsville),  Alex Marks (Alejandro, Calgary Alberta Canada), Juan Antonio Marks (John Marks, Dallas, Texas), and daughters Gracie Fernandez (Graciela Marks The Woodlands, Texas), and Marti Brooks (Martha Marks, Dallas, Texas).  She also was graced with endless number of grandchildren and great grandchildren.

Funeral Arrangement are under the direction of Darling-Mouser Funeral Home at 945 Palm Blvd, Brownsville, Texas.  Visitation Service on Monday March 19, 2012  , 6-8pm.

Tuesday service at 10am following to Rose Lawn Cemetery, Brownsville, Texas.

Pallbearers will be Joe Marks, Jr, Rudy Marks, Jr.(grandson), Juan Antonio Marks, Jose Antonio Fernandez (son-in-law), Randy Brooks (son-in-law),  Joe A. Cisneros (nephew), Joe Marks III (great grandson),  Rudy Marks III (great grandson), and David Marks (great grandson).

Honorary Pallbearers will be  Alex Marks,  Arturo Cisneros Jr.(great-nephew), Michael  Cisneros (great nephew).

Wednesday, March 14, 2012


Several sources are now telling me Delta Dental has stopped seeing BISD employees over non-payment. If you are a BISD employee who this has happened to please contact the BV so I can confirm the story. I am trying to get confirmation from an inside source. Could this be a question of another miss-sent check?

It never ceases to amaze me how spineless cowards who never served this country are experts on our military personnel. This post will deal in reality and not the fiction of cowards.

I held on this comment because I wanted to check with a medic who did two tours in Iraq. He confirmed the story for my of the reservist who was brought in after a roll-over. At the time he was only a few days in country. Upon examining the soldier he saw the soldier still had sutures in his chest from bi-pass surgery which occurred just days before his deployment.

This apparently was not uncommon. Doctors and medics were under pressure from top level commanders to clear everyone for deployment - no excuses.

I asked this medic what he thought about the soldier who was redeployed after being diagnoses with a traumatic brain injury. His answer was 100% what I suspected to be the truth. The man was a trained sniper. This means he was in high demand. His skill set was unique.

This medic told me in no uncertain terms commanders would order the regulations ignored if necessary to insure the deployment of soldiers with unique skills. Think about it - they deployed a man with sutures in his chest after open heart surgery. They certainly would not think twice about redeploying a sniper with a traumatic brain injury.

There is no doubt in my mind this soldier is a victim - a victim of a command determined to keep him in combat even when he was not medically capable of performing his duties in a safe manner.

Today while listening to the news I was boggled to hear so called experts certain as the day is long that this soldier would not be moved out of Afghanistan. I am thinking to myself - really? If parts of LA nearly burned to the ground over the Rodney King trial what do they thing would happen in Kabul if a military jury were to find this soldier not guilty?

I was glad to hear he was removed from Afghanistan. If there is justice - which I doubt there will be - the commander who ordered the regulations ignored will face court martial. While I know reality, nonetheless I hope this soldier is given an honorable medical discharge with an apology from his commanders for what they have done to him and the dead Afghani villagers.

But we all know how military justice works - at most they will blame some low level medic while running cover for all the commanders who chose to ignore the regulations.

I would hope the American people choose to stand in unity with this soldier - but I know better. His only mistake was trusting in the American people and his commanders.


What  follows below is from an anony poster.  I have heard rumor of employees being turned away from the insurance department when they demand to see their Cafeteria Plan.  A question has emerged whether or not there was robo signing for BISD employees.  I am being told when employees seek out this information they go silent after meeting with staff in the insurance department.  I am following this story.  I really need a person with a name willing to meet with me before I can do the entire story.

"Just so you know how real this problem is, just ask Judy C. in the Ins. Dept. for a copy of your personal cafeteria plan paperwork. If you get anything, it will be a surprise. If you do get a chance to see your paperwork, check out the signatures. Did you authorize anyone to sign for you or was yours signed (forged) without you knowing. Several of us have already filed complaints with the Tex Dept of Insurance @"

Tuesday, March 13, 2012


It took a lot for the insider to provide me this information. I am certain as soon as Presas-Garcia reads this the email will go out to Carl Montoya to find the leak and fire them. Hey Cata, you cannot fire all the employees. I think the dam is about to break. I did not know one human being in modern times could be as hated as Presas-Garcia. I am waiting on confirmation of evidence in more stories related to the mismanagement by Carl Montoya and Esmael Garcia.

To BISD employees, it is simple, before turning the evidence over to me file a complaint with the FBI if you believe there is criminal conduct. According to Judge Hanen this guarantees you a trial if you are fired.

An electronic" transfer" in excess of $27,000 of employees' money was sent to the wrong vendor for the employees' Flexible Spending Accounts.   

It is my understanding the vendor contacted BISD about the erroneous payment several days after receipt. The inside source is convinced more people will be moved around as a result of my post. BISD administration is adamant about moving anyone who may have inside information about wrongdoing. It is basically a warning shot.

If Carl Montoya were doing his job, which we all know he is not, Esmael Garcia would be removed from his position and eventually terminated. In the case of Tony Fuller, the bank took responsibility for the mistake and incurred all of the costs. In this case there is no one to take responsibility for Esmael Garcia's mistake, except Esmael Garcia. Of course he will be protected because he is going along with the corruption.

According to the source this mistake was only discovered because of the honesty of the vendor. Let there be no mistake, had Brett Springston been in charge the corrupt 4 would have put him on the agenda for removal.

BISD under Carl Montoya and Ismael Garcia has gone from a top notch accounting system to a free for all of free money for all. The corrupt 4 have made it known, no accountability for releasing employee social security numbers, no accountability for approving the Cafeteria Plan after its implementation date, and now no accountability for the illegal transfer of more than $27,000 of employee money to the wrong vendor.

Tony Fuller must be all smiles. With this latest mess by Esmael Garcia his lawsuit against the district grows stronger. The corrupt 4 will take no action against Esmael Garcia, and this will be the proof in the pudding it is all about corruption and not competence.

Monday, March 12, 2012


BISD's Cafeteria Plan was effective January 1, 2012.  The problem is it was not approved until January 16, 2012.  Under the tax code this could lead to fines against BISD, and possible tax problems for BISD employees.  Why is it these type mistakes are no big deal when done by those playing along with the corrupt 4, but the same mistake by anyone else would result in immediate suspension.

"Internal Revenue Code Section 125 requires that a cafeteria plan be in writing and be adopted on or before the first day of the first plan year to which it relates. This applies to amendments to the plan as well. In proposed regulations issued in 2007, the IRS stated that if a cafeteria plan does not comply with applicable requirements regarding content and timing of adoption, then the plan is not a cafeteria plan and all employees' elections of non-taxable benefits are not effective."

The penalty for non-compliance may include payment of penalties and interest for delinquent taxes and disallowance of deductions. As a result all participants and the Plan Sponsor could be subject to audit if they took pre-tax deductions in a plan found to be out of compliance with IRS Guidelines.

BISD is also looking at possible fines, and jail time for the violators.

BISD employees are running scared.  It took a while to get the proof on this story.  Apparently Carl Montoya on command is moving around BISD employees who discover screw-ups.  It is a clear message to the employees - "if you learn of a screw-up you will be moved and then fired if you speak of it."

I am waiting on proof of another story.  I hope they can produce it.  It is big, if true.  The person is convinced that they will be fired if the story is traced back to them.


"In a letter to Texas officials that was also filed in the court case in Washington, the Justice Department said Hispanic voters in Texas are more than twice as likely than non-Hispanic voters to lack a driver's license or personal state-issued photo ID. The department said that even the lowest estimates showed about half of Hispanic registered voters lack such identification."

It is sad that Texas is so determined to keep control in the hands of the Republicans that they would use disenfranchisement of minority voters to accomplish their goal.

Here is an idea - how about Texas footing the bill for voter IDs.  From here on out every time someone registers to vote they are issued a voter registration card with their picture on it.  It needs to be free.  Give the system 4 years to get everyone into the system.  With four years community groups will have enough time to bring seniors, disabled, and other people who do not drive to the elections office for their ID.  If the state is serious about the problem they can send their own people to nursing homes to help people with the process.  Hell they can set up times at community centers. 

I agree it is too easy to vote for someone else.  But the way the state went about it was all wrong.  the state chose to put into place zero safeguards to insure everyone's right to vote was protected.


No one is more antiabortion than me, but this nonsense over birth control is bizarre.  Nina Turner, is brilliant.

"If women considering abortions must face government-mandated examinations, it’s only fair that men who want drugs such as Viagra to treat impotence get the same treatment, an Ohio lawmaker says.

State Senator Nina Turner, a Cleveland Democrat, has introduced a bill to require that physicians take specific actions before prescribing such drugs, including giving a cardiac stress test and making a referral to a sex therapist for confirmation that “the patient’s symptoms are not solely attributable to one or more psychological conditions.”
“We want to make sure that men, vulnerable, fragile men, who are not capable of making decisions for themselves, understand all of the side effects and the implications of these types of drugs,” Turner said in a telephone interview."

Sunday, March 11, 2012


Right now I am looking at a thousand rumors with no supporting evidence. The campaign is on, but no one is willing to formally announce. Lawsuits are flying, but no one seems to know where or when or who is suing who. A gazillion dollars has been raised in campaign money, but no candidates have filed. Who knows if any evidence of these mind numbing rumors will ever be produced?

The BV will cover the news if and when it happens. But for now, all seems quiet on the BISD front wherein the BISD majority continue to control the narrative through their primary propaganda machine, the Brownsville Herald. My view is, time is short. The time for campaigns to start in earnest has past. I personally predict both Presas-Garcia and Peña will lose. The word incumbent next to their name will mean the political death of both trustees. I predict of the 4 open seats the current majority will win 3, thereby leaving them with a 6 member majority.

I have done an open records request for filings.  Esmael Garcia being nothing more than a puppet of Presas-Garcia continues to play games with open records requests.  The due date was Saturday.  With Spring Break, BISD will get an extra week.  This is not open and transparent government.  It is a dictatorship by a morally and  financially  bankrupt woman leading a git by the name of Esmael Garcia down a path of self destruction.  I can assure you, when Berta Peña was in charge my requests were answered in 2 days.  Now under the gitmosita, Presas-Garcia, all transparency and integrity has been abandoned.

Unless there is news, the BV will be on hold.

Friday, March 9, 2012


This is a hard post for me because I am having to find balance between my contempt for the money wasted on Easter when there are so many children in need, and the reality parents are going to do it anyway.  If parents are going to do it anyway, why not do it at least in a semi-healthy way.

Isabella will be 2 1/2 come Easter.  Everything I buy her must be educational or developmental.  Even the snacks must be at least semi-healthy.  Her basket will have an Olivia the Pig doll and book. I never use candy

Gerber Graduates Grabbers - Apple/Pear/Peach - Gerber Foods  - Babies"R"Us

I really like the Graduate products.  The fruit grabbers can be a fun way to eat fruit.  You can put one or two of these in the basket.  Instead of putting things in a plastic egg, I found these plastic containers of Sponge Bob and Dora.  Isabella really likes Sponge Bob and Dora. 

I bought two bags of the Yogurt melts.  I will fill the Sponge Bob and Dora containers with these.  Isabella really likes these and they are so much better than jelly beans.
I am also including the Graduate fruit roll ups, the strawberry puffs, and several small boxes of raisins. 

If you must do an Easter basket - try doing Graduates, instead of candy and junk.

GRADUATES® Snacks - GRADUATES® snacks provide a range of products that are appropriate for the Crawler, Toddler and Preschooler stage of your baby's development. Read the package for the developmental cues that indicate your child is ready for each product.