Thursday, February 16, 2012


Carlos Quintanilla remains relevant because he is promising to work with BISD Trustee Cata Presas-Garcia to bring to Brownsville his flim flam claims about feeding children.  The bogus nature of his claims are now part of his bankruptcy proceedings.  The entire feeding program was a con wherein at best Quintanilla was table server of food paid for by the people of Texas.  He now wants to sue Texas for failing to pay him $30,000 for being a humanitarian.   His partner in the feeding program is Bruce Carter, a fellow convicted felon.  According to court documents Carter and his organization is facing a default judgment for $508,387 for non-payment for the milk used by Carter and Quintanilla to feed the children.  Quintanilla is not a named party because like I said, Quintanilla appears to have been merely a table server for Bruce Carter.

See pages 8-9

So long as Presas-Garcia wants to bring this to Brownsville, Quintanilla remains newsworthy in Brownsville.

On the bankruptcy, the court has reset the creditors meeting for the following reasons:

Quintanilla  failed to produce business documents showing profits and losses.  Remember this is what I am looking for so we can learn just how much if anything he has been paid by Ted Parker or Jim Gallagher (Fly Frontera)

Under good faith the trustee checked "No" " The schedules are inaccurate & incomplete - unable to determine"

Under legal action the trustee checked yes because Quintanilla now claims he will change all of his filings, while in fact when he first filed he claimed everything he stated was true and correct.

The AG testified that he has not paid his child support since filing bk and in fact has not paid it in two years.  Quintanilla claims he just does not pay the AG's office as ordered,. but does pay.  The AG will check with the woman to learn the truth.  Remember this woman has filed several contempt actions on Quinanilla in the past.

Quintanilla appears to have not disclosed the child support paid to Margarita Lara.

Quintanilla is claiming both children who live equally with Margarita Lara and him.  Without an agreement as to who claims the two children neither can claim the children.

I am certain the IRS will get to the bottom of this.


Quintanilla is claiming that the taxpayers of Texas owe him $30,000.00.  The actual claim is with the Texas Department of Agriculture.  Oh Cata, do you really want to bring Quintanilla back to Brownsvlle using more taxpayer money?

Remember his claim about feeding 100,000 children - he just failed to tell you he was really just a table server for Bruce Carter another convicted felon.  he also failed to tell you how he used your tax dollars to buy the food for the children, and now demands $30,000 more from the Texas Department of Agriculture - so he claimed in his bk proceedings- humanitarian my ass.

Apparently Bruce Carter (felon) and Carlos Quintanilla (felon) have learned there are federal and state grants to buy food to feed children. E-S Foods help people such as Quintanilla and Carter to get approved for the grants. The food is then bought from E-S foods. Carter has two organizations he uses for his feed the children - MAG and OSP. Carlos Quintanilla has worked with Bruce Carter in both his organizations at MAG and OSP. I do not know if he was involved with the problems in Brownsville. I

Is it any wonder our governments are broke. This type nonsense invites abuse. No background checks to see if they are felons. What ever happened to working with true non-profits?
The Texas Department of Agriculture in a letter dated September 30, 2011 references numerous attempts by Bruce Carter's organization to seek reimbursement for meals not previously approved by the Texas Department of Agriculture, or for non-eligible children. Without the taxpayers having to pay the salaries of the auditors at TDA, Bruce Carter would have been paid for meals never approved.


Page 3. Non-Compliance No. 4.

OSP did not have approval for 128 breakfasts, 324 lunches and 144 suppers served at the Brownsville Sports Park. Who in the city approved this program with a convicted felon?

Page 3. Non-Compliance No. 5

OSP sought reimbursement for meals allegedly given to non-qualifying children. The meals were delivered to the Brownsville Sport's Park, and Brownsville Recreation Center.

How is it that the city of Brownsville got itself involved with a convicted felon as its only way to feed children in need. The programs are funded through grants. Brownsville can certainly set up its own real non-profit for such a program while getting church youth to donate their time as a community service to make this happen. Why does money have to go to convicted felons to run these programs? - the money needs to go to the children.

This program by the State of Texas Department of Agriculture is a joke in the context it has no real oversight. We need to demand the law is changed to prevent convicted felons from accessing the funds. We need to demand that the grants are only given to true non-profits.

Nothing but a lack of interest prevents Brownsville's best from organizing a non-profit to access these funds for next summer so our children do not go hungry. All of the money needs to go to the children, and not individuals using the system as a way to make money.


The presumption is OSP's claims were not fraudulent and simply a mistake or misunderstanding of the process.

The TDA letter

The kicker is Cata Presas-Garcia seeks to continue Quintanilla's use of your tax dollars to claim he is feeding the children, when in fact he was nothing more than a table server demanding Texas pay him to serve the food the taxpayers are paying for.


I warned you that so long as the felon is trying to play Brownsville your continued support for him as an elected BISD Trustee would result in further research as to your character.  There is another post coming Luci Goosey.  Apparently your husband cannot protect you - what a man, and Presas-Garcia is determined to keep Quintanilla around even if it means people knowing about all of your bad conduct.  Boy Luci you certainly know how to pick men and friends.


Anonymous said...

Is Quintanilla competing against the BISD for the food service grants? Does Cata agrees with this process?

Anonymous said...

Any news on the forensic audit?

Anonymous said...

What was discussed in the budget meeting tonight in regards to the compensation plans at the district?

Are the administrators paid too much?

BobbyWC said...

No idea on all three questions

Anonymous said...

Tuned in to the board meeting and they now want to allow Advertising to happen. Great, but does this mean they will open up a NEW HIGH PAYING POSITION to make this happen? An advertising agency?

Its scary, all these ladies are going bananas for this! Shit, why don't get excited for making sure the teachers and staff get a raise this year. Now our taxes have been raised---more funds in the pot to pay out lawyers and settlements!

Any other info Bobby from this Budget Meeting?

Anonymous said...

These $four majority need to go...Pronto!

Anonymous said...

"Is Quintanilla competing against the BISD for the food service grants? Does Cata agrees with this process?"
Cata will agree with anything Quintanilla asks of her, or the board..... I would have to agree that when Quintanilla called them "pieces of shit" he knew what he was talking about!

Anonymous said...

Hey they did speak about getting the employees a raise. The CFO said it would start from the lowest paid to the higher paid when giving raises. Yes they did mention that the administrators were paid too much. Did you not see the meeting?

BobbyWC said...

I di not see the meeting - what I can say is only idiots would encourage the best teachers to take early retirement with a lump sum payment - BISD is losing some of its best teachers because of the mismanagement of the budget and personnel office

Bobby WC

Anonymous said...

Pay raises = votes. It's that simple. Cata began to promise BISD personnel raises since last year. People in BISD were asking how are they going to pay for raises when they keep spending the balance fund in legal fees? We're not stupid CATA. We know what you are up to.

Anonymous said...

Well, unfortunately, its those close to the CFO, Sup, Dr. S. A, and a few AA's are the ones to pocket the most pay raises. BISD will never demote anyone or bring down their pay. Millions and millions of dollars have been wasted and those that contributed to the waste are still there, just in another position. Where is all this money for raises coming from when every other school district is being cautious about spending.

Anonymous said...

God protect us, from these "pieces of shit" as Quintanilla would called them....

Anonymous said...

You would think Lucy would want to recuperate her integrity as a woman wife and mother, but I guess not.

Anonymous said...

If they can't afford to give raises to everyone, then they should not give them to anyone.

This will be seen as class warfare.

In the past, raises were given without respect to meeting spedific class guidlines.

If they are able to find the money, give the raises. Everyone is hurting and giving raises will help spur the local economy.

Anonymous said...

For some reason there will no longer be any hot breakfast served at almost all of the schools in BISD. Breakfast will consist of milk or juice and some type of cold breakfast food. Hanna has been trying to avoid going this route although they have finally been pressured to comply with the district mandate. The administrators are saying that it is an accountability issue, that not enough students are eating breakfast, and if breakfast is served and eaten in first period, more students will eat breakfast and BISD will be paid more by the state. Hanna has tried this for one day and most of the food was thrown away because the kids would not eat it. No one at Hanna wants to go this route, but because the District is in need of more money we will now be serving breakfast in a bag everyday first period at Hanna.
If the students are not eating breakfast, doing away with the hot breakfast and serving a breakfast in a bag that is to be eaten during first period does not seem to be the best answer. Why not prepare something palatable for breakfast that the students would like to eat.
Or is something else going on?
Carlito in the mix?

BobbyWC said...

I do not know if a hot breakfast is the answer - I know of several kids who have complained the food is not very good.

I know one father who just bought cold breakfast food at Sams for his daughter to bring to school and eat at school with her friends -

We need to try and feed these kids - sad we have to do this because the parents will not make sure they eat before leaving for school.

In this father's case his child does not even live with him but he found out a teacher was feeding his child so he just bought what the child eats and now she will eat it at school - it would be nice if all parents took the time to care for their child in this way

Bobby WC

Anonymous said...

"No one at Hanna wants to go this route, but because the district is in need of more money"

If the district is in need of money, why in God's name did these four stupid trustees dismissed a lawsuit which was worth 14 million dollars? WHY?? How much were they paid for dismissing it??

Anonymous said...

Do you happen to know what was quintanilla referring to, when he called them "you stupid bitch, I made you"?

BobbyWC said...

I believe it was Luci Goosey

bobby WC

Anonymous said...

@ anony February 20, 2012 9:33 PM.

I was trying to be facetious, not justifying BISD’s spendthrift attitude.

By the way check out the link below and think about all of the money spent by BISD moving all of the Magnet Programs around. If Bill Bennett and Pres. Obama can agree on something that is a big deal. Pay special attention to recommendation #III and the fact that essentially Magnet Programs are discouraged.

Anonymous said...